Immigrate to London. Things you should know before moving to London

London used to be a buzzing industrial and commercial centre for centuries, so it attracted people from all over the world. At present, expats are also moving to London from the USA, Canada, Australia, and many European countries. It provides a great number of opportunities both to fresh graduates and highly-qualified expats. If you are about to immigrate to London and feel the vibes of the modern financial centre mixed with the atmosphere of Shakespeare times, then you need to start planning your relocation. Let’s get started with the exploration of this great city and find out what expats moving to London from the USA, Canada, and other overseas states should expect there.

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Before moving to London from the USA, Canada, or other overseas countries, you also need to learn some basic facts about the capital of Great Britain. Thus, we present you a list of the characteristics some of which are already familiar to you, while others are not.

LocationLondon is the largest and most populous city in the UK. It is located in the southern part of England.
ClimateLondon has a temperate oceanic climate with mild winters and typically not very hot summers. There is no large gap between the average winter and summer temperatures.
CurrencyThe pound sterling (GBP/£)
PopulationThe population of London has grown over the last 10 years. Currently, there are about 9 million people residing in the capital of the UK.
LanguageEnglish is the official language in London.
TimezoneUTC +0
Surprising factThere are more than 300 languages spoken in London currently, which is more than in any other city in the world.

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Living in London

They say if you are tired of London, you are tired of life. It is not that difficult to get tired of London because this city moves at the speed of light. If London could generate electrical energy, it would supply the whole world. Busy and buzzy are literally the synonyms of London, and there is no way to escape from that. Expats moving to London from rural areas or smaller cities need to consider this. At the same time, this city offers an immense number of opportunities to those who decide to immigrate to London. Thus, prior to moving to London, you need to investigate both the advantages and disadvantages of living there in order to decide whether this city is a good fit for you or not.


  • Strong economy. London is proud of its competitive financial sector that has been constantly attracting investments. Workers with experience in finance and banking will find London as an attractive place for their career development.
  • English-speaking world. Those who immigrate to London will be happy to disclose the roots of the English language and a variety of its accents and dialects in Great Britain. The English language you learnt at school might be different to that you hear in the streets of London. It will take you some time to get used to multiple accents, but here you can find tips on how to understand the conversations in English with the advanced listening method.
  • A tolerant society. Those not are only English gentlemen who are very polite and elegant. Londoners are also very courteous people with good manners and high levels of tolerance to the representatives of other nations moving to London.


  • Taxation system. As everywhere in the UK, the workers in London subject to the progressive taxation system. The more you earn, the more you give away.
  • Changeable weather. What is the weather like today? This question is common to everyone from the lessons of English, but it makes no sense in London. The weather is really changeable in London as the UK is under a great influence of the Gulfstream.
  • The high cost of higher education. If you plan to immigrate to London to study at one of the British universities, be prepared to pay much for your education. Local students have an option of taking a loan, while foreigners will have to pay the whole amount at once.

Cost of living in London

London is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Even if your salary is pretty high, you will find it challenging to save some money. London is an extraordinary city where you can find practically everything you want and it would be so hard to resist.

The main item of expenditure in London for typical expats is the apartment rental cost. The rule of thumb states that it is a good practice when accommodation costs do not exceed one-third of your salary. Despite this, you will discover that the prices for food even in budget supermarkets are rather high. To plan your monthly expenses, we have prepared a table with the average prices and monthly spendings expats usually encounter.

Apartment rental1,000 - 1,500 £ (1-bedroom apartment)
Utility bills170 £
Internet30 £
A meal of the day15 £
A cup of cappuccino3 £
International school (optional)1,000 - 1,500 £

Visa regulations for London

Previously, EU citizens could easily come and work in London. However, the uncertainty associated with the Brexit deal creates the blind spot in the immigration policy. The EU and EEA citizens may still not need a visa in further, but that is not clear yet. In case you are moving to London from outside of the EU for more than 3 months, it is necessary to apply for a visa anyway.

To immigrate to London, you will have to take care of the paperwork and lots of official documentation for a successful visa application procedure. The prevalent visa types among expats are the following

  • Work visa (Tier 2). If you are employed by a UK company as a skilled worker, you should apply for this type of visa before relocation. For other types of jobs, the UK employers may have hard times to prove that non-UK or non-EU citizens are more qualified than those already residing in the country.
  • Student visa (Tier 4). If you are planning to take a long-term course at the university on the territory of the UK, apply for a student visa.
  • Family reunion visa. You can apply for a family visa to live with your spouse, fiancé, child, parent, or a relative who will provide long-term care for you.

As visa requirements are subject to change, visit the official website of the UK government or consult your local embassy to get more details regarding the visa application process.

Healthcare in London

The National Healthcare Service (NHS) is available to all nationals and residents who legally stay in London. As it is funded by the government and the taxes deducted from those who legally work in London, expats do not have to pay for the healthcare services in the UK as almost everything is covered by the NHS. However, you will have to pay additionally for dental care and some tests when required.

As a rule, a language barrier becomes a stumbling block when expats attend hospital or clinics. Given that English is the international language and your language skills are probably decent enough as you immigrate to London, then visiting public healthcare institutions won’t be a challenge for you. After you settle down in London, you have to register with a general practitioner (GP) in your area. This is a universal doctor who is in charge of further referrals to specialist care and prescriptions.

School and education

The British curriculum is a basis of other educational systems throughout the world. Expats in other countries will almost always find international schools of the British curricular. When it comes to London, all schools provide a high quality of education and teaching at its best. The same goes for higher educational institutions all over the UK, but the cost of education is usually high there.

Those expats who immigrate to London with their children need to think of their education in advance. It is recommended to visit the local municipality and register your kid in one of the schools in the neighbourhood. There is no sharp necessity for a private school in London, but it definitely has its own advantages. The class sizes are usually smaller and extracurricular courses provide opportunities to study a definite subject in detail.

The job market in London

Over the last 3 years, the average wage level has increased by 10 % in the London area. Expats moving to London need to consider that the average salary rate is directly dependant on your age and experience. There are five age categories that predefine your base national wage rate: apprentice, under 18, 18-20, 21-24, 25 and over. This is not the issue of age discrimination, but a matter of common sense. Younger people have obviously less experienced, so they get paid less.

London is a city of a dynamic economy and a strong financial sector. There are many jobs for both fresh graduates and experts in the field of banking and finance. Also, manual labour workers, technicians, IT professionals, medical specialists, and digital marketing experts are in demand. Recruiters usually find it difficult to fill such vacancies with local candidates.

Take a look at a general overview of the job market in the United Kingdom here.

Property information

Most locals in the United Kingdom, and particularly London, prefer taking a mortgage to acquire own dwelling. While this option seems attractive for Brits, most expats still fancy renting an apartment in London. There is a high demand for accommodation in London as landlords usually have to choose among dozens of lessees despite the high rental costs. You will have to pay about 1,300 £ for a 1-bedroom apartment, 1,800 £ for a 2-bedroom flat, and 2,600 £ for a 3-bedroom apartment or a small house in London. Before choosing an apartment, you also need to surf around the neighbourhood and navigate the police website to check the crime rates in different boroughs of London.

Driving in London

Before you start driving in London, think if you really need a car there. Indeed, a car is a good transportation method when you want to travel around England or if you live in the metropolitan area. Otherwise, it is highly recommended to enjoy the comprehensive transportation system of London with its famous The Tube and double-decker buses. Many Londoners also prefer black cabs and other types of taxi.

If driving in London is the only acceptable option for you, then you need to consider the following things:

  • Drive on the left side of the road.
  • Take your driver’s license, car insurance, and ID with you.
  • You must pay a “congestion charge” of 11.5 pounds if you want to drive in downtown between 7 am and 5 pm. Such means are implemented by the local authorities to minimize the traffic and reduce pollution levels in the historical centre of London.
  • Use mobile navigation apps to surf around the city. Those modern applications are regularly updated and show the actual state of the London roads. If there is heavy traffic in the city, the application will offer you an alternative route.

Cost of moving to London

When relocating to London from the USA, Canada, or any other country, you have to think of a convenient way and the cost of moving house to London. Those who are moving from overseas are probably interested in how much is shipping from the USA to London or what is the cheapest way to move furniture to London. Here comes Eurosender offering lower than the average moving costs to London along with a fast booking process on our easy-to-use online platform.

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