Moving to Peru. Get ready to immigrate to Peru

Immigrate to Peru. Things to consider before moving to Peru

What do you imagine when you think of Peru? Machu Picchu is probably the first thing that comes into mind along with Inca civilization and the Quechua language. However, Peru is not only about that because it conceals many sightseeing spots and opportunities for both visitors and expats. Before moving to Peru from USA, Canada, or Latin American countries, you should not rely on the stereotypes only. It is a good idea to get to know more about this country and choose the most reliable services for international removals to Peru. That is why we have created this guide for those who are going to immigrate to Peru one day.

International removals to Peru with Eurosender

Before relocating from the USA to Peru or immigrating from any other country, you need to get holistically prepared for a move. Check these basic facts about Peru in order to get an idea of what this country is about.

LocationPeru is a country in the western part of Latin America with access to the Pacific Ocean.
Capital cityLima
ClimateDue to the geographical location of Peru, there is a diversity of climates in the country ranging from tropical areas to iced peaks in the Andes.
CurrencySol (PEN)
PopulationThere are about 32 million people living in Peru. The country’s population in multiethnic as local Amerindians mixed with European colonizers and African slaves long ago.
LanguageSpanish is the official language in Peru. Quechua and Aymara along with other indigenous languages are also widely spoken across the county.
TimezoneUTC -5
Surprising factAlpaca is a national animal of Peru as 75% of all alpacas live in this country

If you plan to move to Peru, it may seem a bit challenging because this country is associated with more questions than answers. However, once you have made a decision to immigrate to Peru, it is necessary to prepare all the necessary documentation and choose the appropriate services for international removals to Peru. With Eurosender, relocating from the USA to Peru or immigrating from any other country will not be that difficult. Obviously, you will need to take lots of personal belongings, furniture, household goods, and maybe even musical instruments with you. Luckily, Eurosender is there to help you and provide reliable services for international removals to Peru for moving house in a safe and fast manner.

Living in Peru

Expats moving to Peru need to get accustomed to local culture and lifestyle in order to feel comfortable in the country. The period of accommodation could be alleviated once you get a deeper insight into how local people live in Peru, what they eat, how they behave, and what traditions they keep. Expats and Peruvian nationals have shared some insights about life in this country and reported some advantages and drawbacks they have encountered.


  • Favourable climate. There are many big cities in the country, but most expats choose Lima as their place of future residence after moving to Peru. The climate is very comfortable there because it is warm at any season, while the average winter temperature is about +15 °C.
  • Food quality. Peru can be proud of its biodiversity and landscapes. There are many homegrown vegetables and fruit at affordable prices.
  • Low cost of living. Expats can enjoy low prices for food, clothes, and even apartment rental while the average monthly salary would be more than enough to support your living in Peru.


  • Low security levels. The crime rates in Peru are rather high, so it can be sometimes dangerous to carry expensive items with you. Minor crimes are common across the country and police does not want to interfere with offenders because they are often very aggressive.
  • Neglection of ecological norms. Public transport and cars, especially in Lima, are old and awfully destroyed. They contribute to air pollution and negatively influence the overall ecological situation in the country.
  • High cost of mobile communication services. The prices for mobile communication could be sometimes unreasonably high, so it is better to choose a mobile operator in advance.

Cost of living in Peru

Expats usually choose Lima as the city of their future residence in Peru. Despite being the capital of Peru, Lima offers affordable prices for accommodation and food, while the average monthly salary is $800-900. People relocating from the USA to Peru would be pleasantly surprised by affordable prices and an opportunity to save money.

Below there is a table with the average prices for food, apartment rental, and other common activities.

1-bedroom apartment rental$300-350
1 square meter$50-80
Monthly utility bills$100-150
High-speed internet$50
Kindergarten / Primary school$300-600
Meal of the day$3


Visa regulations for Peru

Travelling or moving to Peru is often associated with collecting all the necessary documents and visa application process. Some people prefer a short-stay in the country while others are going to live in Peru for long. If you choose the second option, then it is highly recommended to check immigration laws in advance to handle all the bureaucratic procedures properly.

There are several types of visa which are the most popular among the expats moving to Peru:

  • Tourist visa. People who are going to visit historical sites and are planning to stay in Peru for less than 180 days can apply for a tourist visa. Citizens of about 100 countries do not need a visa to enter Peru as a tourist.
  • Business visa. This type of visa is for those who plan to come to Peru for business purposes for no longer than 90 days.
  • Work visa. If you have already found a job in Peru or have signed a work agreement, you are welcome to apply for a work visa locally in Lima and provide all the necessary documents translated into Spanish to a consulate.
  • Investor visa. This type of visa is suitable for those who want to start a business in Peru or invest at least $30,000 in a local company. You will need to present a detailed business plan and grant that you would employ Peruvian staff in case you are going to set your own company in Peru.
  • Retirement visa. It is issued to expats who can support themselves financially with at least $1000 of monthly income coming from outside of Peru.

Healthcare in Peru

Healthcare system in Peru is divided into two categories: private and public. Most medical facilities are located in big cities and urban areas, but the quality of healthcare quality there is not very high. That is why wealthy Peruvians and expats prefer private healthcare services and facilities. The pharmacy chain is also well-developed across the country, but the prices for medicines could be 2-3 times expensive than in the USA and European countries.

School and education

If you are moving to Peru with children, you need to take care of their education. The quality of education in Peru is one of the best among the Latin American countries. Children go to school starting from the age of 6 till 16 and then enrol in a college or university. There are two types of schools in Peru: public and private. While educational programs in public schools are in Spanish, those could be bilingual in international schools.

The job market in Peru

Lima is a popular hotspot among expats because it offers many job opportunities, though not too many because employers prioritize hiring locals to foreigners. Anyway, highly qualified professionals in the medical and legal fields are in demand. Professionals in mining, fishing, oil and gas industries would also find many job opportunities in Peru.

Property information

Expats usually stay in Lima, the capital of Peru, either in a rented apartment or in a private house. Residents and non-residents can also purchase real estate property, but it is highly recommended to consult with a local agent before making a deal. If you decide to buy an apartment in Peru, you will also have to pay a transfer tax, registration fee, and real estate agent’s fee. Those who want to rent an apartment in Lima or any other city in Peru can also use the services provided by real estate agencies or surf websites with the list of accommodation options and make a deal with an owner directly.

Driving in Peru

Using a car in Peru can be appropriate when you drive across the country. However, it is better to use the public transportation system, especially when you reside in Lima. If you still decide to rent a car in Peru, stick to the following set of rules and recommendations:

  • Drive on the right side of the road.
  • Purchase car insurance before you start driving in Peru.
  • Consider that the Peruvian guys could be really aggressive at some point. A typical car trip can transform into a competition on the road.
  • Learn how to use horn sounds within the context.
  • Take the car registration documents, insurance, and passport with you.

Cost of moving to Peru

Before you immigrate to Peru, discover the average moving costs, check how long does it take for a parcel to arrive in Peru, learn the cheapest way to move furniture to Peru, estimate how much is shipping from the USA to Peru, etc. We have prepared the answers to these questions along with the shipping tips to move personal belongings to Peru safely, cheaply, and fast.

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The most popular destination from where you can move to Peru

Moving to Peru from Canada

Canadians immigrate to Peru because this country has favourable climatic conditions, tasty food, relatively low cost of living, and lots of opportunities to travel and explore various landscapes within one country. Before moving to Peru from Canada consider using services for international removals to Peru powered by Eurosender. We will provide you with the most affordable cost of moving house to Peru and help you with relocation. You will not need to worry about anything as your excess baggage and packages will be transported safely. Just contact our logistics experts and they will provide necessary recommendations and answer your questions.

Other destinations?

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