Moving to Puerto Rico: Things you should know before you immigrate to Puerto Rico

Moving to Puerto Rico: Things you should know before you immigrate to Puerto Rico

Many people see moving to Puerto Rico as a good idea for after retirement. But nowadays not only pensioners know the way to Puerto Rico. More and more expats are finding their way to this beautiful island in the Carribean. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a delicious cocktail on a sandy beach after a long day of hard work? In Puerto Rico this is possible. So when you want to immigrate to Puerto Rico, discover all that matters to you, with our special moving guide on relocating to Puerto Rico.

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Moving to Puerto Rico from the USA is very popular not in the least due to the geographical location of Puerto Rico. Many people choose for Puerto Rico because it is actually American territory and even though Spanish is the most dominant language on the island, many people also speak English. With the cost of living being lower and the temperatures higher, Puerto Rico has everything to make for a great place of residence. When you are ready to make the big step, let Eurosender take care of your shipping. We know how to get your belongings to Puerto Rico.

When you have decided to spend the rest of your days in Puerto Rico, you should at least know the basic facts about the country.

CapitalSan Juan, with 395.000 inhabitants also the largest city.
TimezoneIn Puerto Rico, there is one time zone UTC-4.
CurrencyUS Dollar (USD) ($)
PopulationPuerto Rico has a population of little over 3 million inhabitants.
How do you call someone from Puerto Rico?Puerto Rican
Official languageThe official languages in Puerto Rico are English and Spanish.
International dialing code+1-787 and +1-939
Emergency number911
DrivingIn Puerto Rico, they drive on the right side.
TippingSame as in the USA. IN restaurants and cafes wages are not included in the bill.
Unusual factColobus was the first explorer to discover Puerto Rico in 1493.

When you are relocating from the USA to Puerto Rico, you want to feel at home in your new environment as soon as possible. At Eurosender we understand the need for smooth and seamless shipping. Possibly you just want to send a bunch of suitcases ahead but sending the whole interior to San Juan on pallets is also an option. When you think your shipping needs don’t match our standard services, then you can contact our multilingual team of logistics experts who can make you an individual offer, based on your specific needs. With Eurosender international removals to Puerto Rico becomes easier than ever before.

Living in Puerto Rico

Your new life in Puerto Rico is going to be something completely else. The tropical spirit of the island will have an effect on every expat setting foot on its soil. Let’s hear some of the things that other expats told us about life in this amazing land.

  • Puerto Rico has an impressive cultural life with influences from different other cultures such as African, Taino, and Spanish.
  • Even though many people buy bottled water or filter their water, tap water is absolutely safe to drink.
  • Due to the favorable climate, it is possible to grow fruits and vegetables all year round.
  • With the climate in Puerto Rico, you would expect everyone to have airconditioning. However, this is often not the case. So, make sure that you check the inventory when you choosing a new home.
  • San Juan is home to the largest Bacardi rum distillery on the planet. The local people are also fond of different kinds of rum, which often accompany parties with lots of music that go on till early in the morning.

Visa Regulations for Puerto Rico

When looking at the visa regulations for Puerto Rico, it is important to know that Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the USA. This means that you cannot apply for a Puerto Rican visa but that you have to apply for an American one. When you don’t have a job offer from an American company and you want to permanently settle in Puerto Rico, this can be quite a challenge. On the other hand, when you want to visit Puerto Rico as a tourist, citizens of many countries ( including the EU, Australia, New Zealand, etc) can visit Puerto Rico for up to 90 days without a visa.

Healthcare in Puerto Rico

Most people in Puerto Rico depend on the American Medicaid system but for expats, it is highly recommended to take out private insurance, as this gives you access to private clinics. Public clinics have to deal with a lack of funds and are often understaffed and underequipped. After the 2017 hurricane, this has become an even bigger problem as much of the island had to do without electricity for a long time, which also adds to the long waiting lists for treatment.

School and education

Puerto Rico is proud of its education system, which is much better than in the surrounding countries. The compulsory school life of a pupil takes 13 years, which is divided into elementary school and two stages of secondary school.
All education is given in Spanish but English is present everywhere as a second language. When you want your child to be taught mainly in English, you can turn to one of the private international schools. High quality for both public and private schools is not a given fact. When you decide to enroll your children in a school in Puerto Rico, it is best to get in touch with fellow expats to get informed about the standards of the local schools.

The job market in Puerto Rico

After the devastating hurricane Maria in 2017, unemployment soared and it is hard for expats to find employment on the island as most jobs go to locals. The best way is to find an international company that has branches in Puerto Rico. You can also start out doing voluntary work or an internship. This way you can make valuable contacts that later on could lead to permanent employment.

Property information

Property prices depend on the location and facilities, with prices in the capital San Juan being the highest. On average the prices for real estate are about 10-15% lower than in the USA. Due to the hurricane Maria in 2017, many homes were destroyed, causing a lack of living space for the inhabitants of Puerto Rico.

Cost of moving to Puerto Rico

You can drastically decrease the cost of moving house to Puerto Rico when you use the services of Eurosender. When you are struggling with the question: “How much is shipping from the USA to Puerto Rico?”, we can help. We provide you with the cheapest way to move furniture to Puerto Rico. But that is not all, a few suitcases, with your shoes and clothes, or whole pallets, with your piano or your plant collection, when using Eurosender you can be sure that you have the lowest average moving costs to Puerto Rico.

Cost of living in Puerto Rico

Although many people think that life in Puerto Rico is much cheaper, in fact, it is about 10-15% more expensive than life in mainland America. This comes due to the fact that most goods have to be imported through the USA, which makes them costly. However, you can save money by buying local products and eating at small cafeterias that offer good value for money. The cost of utility bills is about the same level as in the USA and another benefit is that you don’t have to pay property taxes in Puerto Rico, which makes investing in real estate an attractive possibility.

Driving in Puerto Rico

When you are a citizen from the USA, you can drive with your local driving license. When you are from another country, you will need an International Driving Permit (IDP), which you can obtain for around $20-30 at your local driving authority. When driving in Puerto Rico, there are several other things to keep in mind.

  • Puerto Rico is densely populated and therefore has many traffic jams. Try to avoid the rush hour unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • Children until 12 cannot sit in the front seat.
  • There loads of toll roads in Puerto Rico, which charge anywhere between $0.75 and $3 for a regular car.
  • In the countryside, your navigations system might not work. Always be sure to have a traditional map and a compass in the car.

The most popular destination from where you can move to Puerto Rico


Many pensioners are moving to Puerto Rico from Canada and who can disagree with them? With Canada being known for its long and harsh winters, it comes as no surprise that many people want to enjoy the sun when their working life ends. Puerto Rico is relatively close and a Canadian pension is more than enough to live well in this tropical gem in the Carribean. No more waiting for winter to end but instead enjoying the sun on a daily basis. The breathtaking views from the sandy beaches together with the comfortable climate and the relaxed way of life in Puerto Rico, make for an excellent retirement destination. So what are you waiting for? Get ready for your dream life and start packing today. With the help of Eurosender, you will be unpacking your belongings before you know it. So, contact us today for an individual offer.

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