Immigrate to Russia: International Removals to Russia
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Immigrating to Russia: Things to know before moving to Russia

Although many Russians choose to move abroad, in recent times foreigners from all over the globe are deciding to relocate to Russia from the USA, UK, Europe and Asia. Adjusting to the lifestyle there might not be easy, but with Eurosender’s low-cost solutions for international removals to Russia, you can be sure your belongings are in excellent hands. Let us explain the easiest ways to move to Russia from the USA and other destinations, and give you a clear picture of life in Russia as a foreigner.

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Immigrate to Russia with Eurosender

Located at the top of the world map, Russia is the largest country on Earth, so the first question you should ask when thinking of migrating to Russia is, where? With its vast landscapes spanning 10 different timezones, expats choose to move to cities like St. Petersburg, Moscow or Vladivostok might have a hard time if the Cyrillic language is unfamiliar to them. Thankfully, when it comes to international removals to Russia, Eurosender speaks your language. Before moving to Russia from the USA, UK or anywhere else, you might have heard a lot of stereotypes and myths about the country, so first, give you an understanding of life in Russia for foreigners.
UTC +2 (Kaliningrad) to UTC +12 (Kamchatka)
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Russian. They use the Cyrillic alphabet.
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The cost of moving to Russia: International removals to Russia with Eurosender

An important question to ask about the average cost of moving to Russia, is how much is shipping from the USA to Russia and what is the cheapest way to move furniture to Russia? You can ship your clothes as well as larger items, like furniture with Eurosender’s range of relocation services to suit any sized shipment.

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Visa regulations for Russia

Tough bureaucratic procedures as well as a difficult language barrier when dealing with Russian immigration might make the visa application for Russia complicated and frustrating.

There are four main types of visa regulations for Russia:

  • Tourist Visa: allows you to stay in Russia for up to 30 days.
  • Business Visa: allows foreign businesses to conduct their work in Russia for a maximum of 90 days in any 180-day period. This does not include permission for those seeking employment to enter the job market in Russia.
  • Work Visa: If you plan on living and working in Russia, you will need to secure work first and ask your employer to help you obtain your work permit. The process can be quite exhausting, however, highly qualified professions such as engineers and I.T professionals are highly sought after. A work visa for Russia allows you to stay for up to 3 years and can be extended.
  • Student Visa: If you plan to relocate to Russia to enrol in University, you will need to apply for a student visa.
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The cost of moving to Russia: Property in Russia

Due to its sheer size, you have many cities and towns to choose from when deciding where to live in Russia. Here, we will outline the average rental prices for the best places to live in Russia as a foreigner.

  • Moscow: For a single bedroom apartment in the city centre, the price for rent per month can range between 50.000.00 RUB – 85.000.00 RUB (€620 – €1050). If you’re moving to Moscow with your family, a 3-bedroom apartment can range between 90.000.00 RUB – 250.000.00 RUB (€1100 – €3100) per month.
  • St. Petersburg: For a single bedroom apartment in the centre of St. Petersburg, prices range between 30.000.00 RUB – 50.000.00 RUB (€373- €622) per month. Families looking to immigrate to St. Petersburg will need a 3-bedroom apartment, costing around 50.000.00 RUB – 100.000.00 RUB (€625 – €1245) in the centre of the city.
  • Nizhny Novgorod: A single person relocating to Russia and wishing to live here, will need between 20.000.00 RUB – 30.000.00 RUB (€249 – €373) per month for a single bedroom apartment. Families who decide to immigrate to Russia and choose this city will need between 35.000.00 RUB – 70.000.00 RUB (€436 – €872) per month for a 3 bedroom in the centre of town.

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Cost of living in Russia

Depending on where in the world you are moving from, you might notice that the cost of living in Russia is quite reasonable by comparison. For expats relocating from the USA to Russia, for example, the prices of food, entertainment and everyday expenses are lower than in the west.

With Eurosender’s low-cost solutions for international removals to Russia, you will certainly find yourself saving on the average cost of moving to Russia, so you can spend it on exploring this massive country with all it has to offer.

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Job market in Russia

To work in Russia, you will need to obtain either a work visa or business visa and organise your documents well in advance.

Job opportunities for expats in Russia are usually found in international companies and language schools, and your chances of securing work in Russia will be higher knowing the language.

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Education in Russia

Education in Russia is compulsory for children from 6-16 years old, after which time students decide to enrol in University or vocational training, depending on which area of the Russian job market they wish to pursue.

Russian Universities offer opportunities for foreign students to study in Russia, however, tuition isn’t free and there are certain quotas for admissions for international students, to give locals priority access to education in Russia.

Healthcare in Russia

Although the quality of healthcare in Russia might be lower than what foreigners are used to, access to healthcare is free for citizens. For expats thinking of moving to Russia from the USA or anywhere else, you will need to seek private health insurance for the length of your stay.

The private healthcare system in Russia offers a much higher standard of care, as places like Moscow and St. Petersburg have many specialist facilities and private hospitals. For this reason, private healthcare in Russia is a popular choice for both foreigners and citizens.

Driving in Russia

Known for its aggressive and often somewhat dangerous road conditions, if you are considering driving in Russia, it is advised to take extra care!

Once you immigrate to Russia, you will need to obtain a local license and pass both the theoretical and practical driving tests.

Driving in Russia as a tourist, you will need to bring your international driver’s license with you.

An important thing to consider when moving to Russia from the USA, UK or anywhere else, is having good car insurance, and make sure to bring all of your driving documents including registration, insurance and international license with you.

If you’ve forgotten any of these, Eurosender’s document shipping also includes delivery of drivers licenses and I.D’s and you can have them with you in no time at all, with our express shipping.

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What to expect when living in Russia

Before you move to Russia from the USA, UK or anywhere else, here are some more interesting facts about what to expect if you decide to move to Moscow, St. Petersburg or elsewhere in Russia.

  • The cost of living in Russia as an expat will be relatively low, compared to other countries, also because they have lower taxes.
  • Expats in Russia from the UK, USA or any other English-speaking country may find the language quite difficult, so it is a good idea to brush up on the language before you go.
  • Living in Russia, you will notice the mindset of locals can often seem aggressive and impolite, particularly for those migrating to Russia from the USA or Europe.
  • When you relocate to Russia, you should visit places like St. Petersburg, known as the cultural capital for its many galleries and museums.
  • Driving in Russia might be a little daunting for some, so Russia also has an extensive network of railways, so you can see the sights.

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See the most popular destinations people move from

Moving to Russia from the USA

Moving to Russia from the USA, you will notice quite a culture shock and it might take some time to grasp the language. Eurosender will take some of the stress out of moving your belongings to Russia, with our easy international relocations to Moscow, St. Petersburg, or anywhere else so you can focus on adjusting to your new life in Russia. Whether you choose to take everything or just a few reminders of home, we have a solution to suit any sized move and save you on the average cost of moving to Russia.

Moving to Russia from the UK

The cold long winters might not appeal so much to everyone, but for expats moving to Russia from the UK, it is essential to bring your whole winter wardrobe with you! Thankfully, Eurosender express and standard suitcase shipping options make it possible, arriving within the shortest possible time. Eurosender will save you on the average cost of moving to Russia, or anywhere internationally, matching your logistics needs with the best provider, at the best price. Whether you’re immigrating to Russia from the UK for work or simply seeking a change of lifestyle, trust Eurosender to transport your belongings to Russia with the utmost care.

Moving to Russia from India

Moving to Russia from India, you will absolutely experience a climate far different from home. Some of the cost of living in Russia will no doubt be spent on heating during the cold winter months. Many Indian expats immigrate to Russia to live and work in international companies, and Eurosender can help you secure your visa application and send your documents with our affordable express document shipping and low-cost international removals to Russia for your belongings.

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