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Eurosender is the digital control tower you need to upgrade your business logistics – a unified solution to access multiple transportation options offered by vetted international logistics providers. A platform designed for SMEs and businesses that want to base their B2B and B2C logistics budget on data and be on top of transportation events, whenever they occur.
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How can Eurosender help you increase the efficiency of your business logistics?

Get a digital upgrade to your logistics operations – access the shipping service you need for your small business or start-up, whenever you need it.
We will always find the right courier services for your small or medium business.

Access to comprehensive logistics solutions & vetted international providers

Order data gathered in one single place for smarter & faster decisions

Customised solutions for shipments with complex requirements

End-to-end support by highly trained logistics experts


Logistics solutions for small businesses & Start-ups

One of the best ways of finding courier services for your small business or start-up to collaborate with a strong logistics partner such as Eurosender. We will provide the tools and logistics expertise so you can scale up your operations and grow your business. Our mission is to make shipping easier and faster. Delegate recurrent tasks to our experts and let us find the courier services that perfectly match your small business requirements, so you will have more time to focus on your core business.


Get insight into the performance of your
company’s logistics processes

Data management of past & current orders

Ship to multiple addresses within one order

Fully tracked service & increased predictability of deliveries

Invoice management options for simplified accounting

Bring your team on the platform without having to share financial data

Dedicated account manager for expert logistics advice


Types of business courier services available

Select which option is best for each of your requirements and take full advantage
of all the different types of business courier services we offer.
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Digitalise your business logistics

If you have a starting business, you may not have the in-house logistics capabilities you need to cater to all shipping needs. The best shipping solution for start-ups and small businesses is to outsource their logistics processes with us. As a small business owner, you will not have to get tangled in extensive binding contracts or manage the logistics paperwork yourself, saving money and time. Besides extensive shipping solutions, you will also get:

  • Warehousing solutions provided by respectable carriers
  • Distribution and fulfilment services organised upon request
  • Dedicated logistics specialists to tailor solutions for any shipping need


The one-stop platform for all your business needs


shipping companies


instant quotes


software integration


expert support

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Let go of the obsolete paper-based logistics processes and get digital B2B & B2C courier services with our free automated platform. Get shipping insights, collaborate with your team, stay updated with tracking events, and keep your logistics budget in check. Sign up completely free of charge and start optimising your logistics processes in just a few clicks.

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What kind of companies can use Eurosender?


Simple and affordable courier services for small businesses

Sole owners

Grow your business while we take care of your deliveries


Best courier services for online start-ups and e-commerce


Enjoy the flexibility of a contract-free shipping service


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FAQs – B2B & B2C Freight or courier services

Can Eurosender provide logistics services for e-commerce and online businesses?
Yes, our digital platform is fully compatible with the online business model. Don’t waste time searching for the best logistics and shipping service for your e-commerce, online start-up or small business – our system finds the right match for you within seconds. By comparing several different providers, our algorithm instantly identifies the business courier service that best fits your needs, at the most affordable rates.
Do I need to ship regularly to benefit from Eurosender affordable shipping services for companies?
No, you can join the Eurosender platform regardless of your shipping volume. Our already negotiated prices are available for small or large businesses shipping B2B or B2C. To have access to all benefits, create an account and make sure you are logged in before shipping.
Can I track the package when organising a B2C parcel delivery?
Yes, every delivery service organised with us, either by businesses or private users, is fully traceable. Every parcel or pallet receives a unique tracking number that can be used to locate your shipment at any time through our tracking tool. When organising a B2C parcel delivery, you can simply share the tracking number with your customer, and they will be able to follow its transit by themselves.
How is logistics important to a business?
Logistics is the process of managing the entire flow of goods within a company’s supply chain. It is an essential part of every business since it controls the transportation, storage, and distribution of goods, including the final delivery to the customer. Having well-established business logistics processes saves on costs & time and may even reduce environmental impact. Therefore, businesses need to invest in optimising their logistics processes.
What are the best courier services for small business and online start-ups?
The best courier service for your small business will be the one that offers not only affordable prices but also simple and automated solutions to simplify your daily operations. Having other benefits such as reliable tracking and dedicated support are also significant advantages to look for on your future partner.
At Eurosender, we offer all this and more! We understand how hard it can be for small businesses that have little negotiation power; thus, we created this platform to match each shipping request with the best logistics provider for their needs. Register your company at Eurosender and benefit from our efficient and tailored shipping solutions for companies.
How can small businesses reduce shipping costs?
Some of the most used strategies for small businesses to reduce their shipping costs are negotiating shipping rates, buying packing materials in bulk, and making sure to prepare the most compact packaging possible. Between those three, the first one is likely to have the most significant impact on the overall shipping expenses. However, we understand how time-consuming it can be to find the best deal for your needs. Save yourself the trouble and book your delivery with Eurosender instead. Our system will match you with the best courier & logistics solutions for your online start-up or small business, at the most economical prices.
What is B2B logistics and supply chain?
B2B logistics and supply chain are the solutions for transportation, storage, distribution, and delivery from one business to another. B2B logistics usually involves the transportation of goods in bulk via a B2B freight service, requiring efficient cargo transportation solutions and supply chain management. It can be seen when one business buys raw materials from another, or a producer ships a high volume of goods to its distributor or even a corporation company that ships products to their regional re-sellers.
How can I get immediate courier services for my small business?
Follow our steps to set up logistics for your small or starting business and start shipping right away. Teaming up with an online logistics platform such as Eurosender is one of the easiest ways of getting reliable courier services for your small business or start-up because you can get an instant quote and will provide your customers with a final shipping price right away.
Can I ship bulky or large loads on a truck as a small business? And express services?
Our shipping solutions for start-ups and small businesses include several options for freight and larger loads, including van delivery services as well as dedicated truck. You can book all mentioned freight services directly on our platform and get an instant quote, hassle-free. For faster deliveries, choose our Express delivery that provides global courier services for start-ups and small businesses in Europe and the world. Schedule the delivery early and benefit from same-day collection services when you book an express delivery for packages or cargo worldwide.