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Ship worldwide with the cheapest international delivery rates

Don’t lose time comparing endless international shipping rates on multiple websites. Use Eurosender to find yourself a low-cost parcel delivery service in a matter of seconds! Our platform combines the quotes of multiple local and global courier companies to give you instant access to the best providers at the lowest shipping prices. Use the tool below to discover what is the cheapest shipping solution for your route.

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What low-cost courier services can you use?

Choose the service that best suits your needs, and we will organise the most affordable international courier service for your goods.
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Take advantage of our low-cost shipping services internationally!

It does not matter how far you want to ship your parcel, we will get it there. Our cheap parcel delivery solutions are available in European and global scales, with a wide selection of services for you to choose from. We are proud to be connecting the world through our cheap worldwide shipping solutions, helping businesses thrive and individuals to keep in touch with their loved ones.


Who can benefit from our discounted shipping rates?

At Eurosender, we offer shipping services with the cheapest international delivery rates for both private and commercial users. Due to the high volume of orders processed through our platform on a daily basis, we are able to negotiate better prices than each individual would get on their own. In return, we pass on these benefits to you by offering the cheapest international shipping services on the industry. Take advantage of our discounted shipping solutions, whether you are a:

Online shop
One-time shipper


How to get cheap international shipping services with Eurosender

When booking your shipment on our platform, our system automatically identifies the best shipping service for your needs based on the price to performance ratio. With this, we are always able to find the lowest shipping prices for every request. There are many other ways that you can save money while shipping with us:

Create an account and have full control of your logistics spending

Top-up your account and pay with user credits to unlock the cheapest delivery rates

Get tailor-made offers for complex shipping requirements

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Low-cost international courier services for companies

At Eurosender, we provide the logistics capacity you need to scale up your business, locally and globally. Join +60k companies who are already using our platform, get access to low-cost shipping services for small and medium-sized businesses and many other advantages:

  • Already negotiated prices, no minimum volume requirement.
  • Automated tools to help you eliminate tasks from repetitive logistics processes.
  • User-friendly dashboard to control all logistics operations.
  • Complete overview of past and current shipping orders & statuses.



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FAQs about our low-cost international shipping services

What is the cheapest parcel delivery service available for small packages?
The Standard Delivery Service is the solution with the most affordable international shipping rates for regular-sized packages. This service provides a cheap but reliable European parcel delivery solution, available in every country within the EU, for both local and international routes. Make sure to pack your item appropriately in a cardboard box – check our complete packing guide for dedicated packing instructions.
How can I get the cheapest freight shipping service?
Getting affordable shipping rates for international freight may be challenging for shippers without experience in the logistics field – unless you use Eurosender. We offer some of the cheapest prices for cargo shipping via our Freight Transport Service. You can get immediate quotes for shipping pallets or booking a van by inserting your route and shipment details in our booking tool. If you have special requirements, you can also request an Individual Order and our logistics experts will prepare a fully customised solution with the best international shipping rates.
What is the cheapest way of sending parcels overseas?
The Express Service is our main solution for cheap worldwide parcel shipping, through which we organise deliveries to over 220 countries and territories. With this service, your package will be transported by plane in the fastest way possible, with the delivery time estimated in up to 72h only.
On our goal to become the ultimate logistics hub, we are currently implementing new services and solutions. Global routes will soon be served by other low-cost courier solutions, widening the range of services available.
Is it possible to send suitcases abroad with Eurosender?
Yes, many of our customers use our cheap parcel delivery solutions to send their suitcases abroad when travelling or relocating. Choose the Standard Service for the cheapest parcel delivery prices within Europe or ship your suitcases globally via Express. For better protection, we recommend packing the suitcase in a cardboard box, following our detailed packing description.
If you need any assistance while booking the low-cost international shipping with us, please reach out using the chat button on the bottom right corner.
What low-cost shipping services are available for shipping in the UK?
Since the start of 2021 when the Brexit transition period has come to an end, we continue to offer low-cost delivery services within the UK and abroad via the Express Service. Soon, we will also be integrating new solutions for low-cost shipping services in the UK through our Standard and Regular Plus services.
For international shipments between the UK and Europe, please remember that the parcels have to now go through customs procedures. Read our page about shipping after Brexit to find updated information about shipping in this route.
Does Eurosender offer additional shipping discounts?
Besides getting immediate quotes for international low-cost delivery services, you can also subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with our news and campaigns. From time to time, you will also receive occasional shipping discounts that are part of our promotions.
Is there a minimum shipping volume to be able to use the low-cost international shipping services?
No, at Eurosender, every customer has access to the cheapest international shipping services we offer, regardless of how often you ship or how big is your load. Businesses can benefit from VAT-discounted quotes by registering with a business account. Private customers can benefit from additional shipping discounts when booking the Standard Service and paying with wallet credits.
Based on 42,754 reviews
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