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Place your order online for door-to-door parcel collection and delivery services and have your items picked up and delivered directly to you. Book simple and fast deliveries with Eurosender. We offer worldwide door-to-door shipping services with the best rates on the market.


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Door-to-door delivery services available

Eurosender offers a wide range of shipping solutions for businesses and individuals.
Depending on the time-sensitivity and size, you can choose the service that matches your needs.
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How to find the ideal door-to-door courier service for your needs?

Are you unsure which shipping service to use for European parcel collection and delivery?
Measure your item and insert the dimensions on the tool below to determine what is the best door-to-door delivery service for you.


Door-to-door pick-up and delivery times

  • Arrange for the courier to collect the item from Monday-Friday, from 9-18h
  • Door-to-door same-day pick-up is available for certain parcel collection services
  • Parcels are delivered directly to your door from Monday-Friday between 9-18h
  • Calculate the estimated time of delivery with our online tool
Track and trace
  • Tracking number will be sent via e-mail once the service is confirmed
  • Follow your parcel online with our dedicated tool

How to assure a successful delivery when using the international door-to-door shipping service

  • The courier driver should be able to park at least 15m away from the building, both at pick-up and delivery addresses;
  • The collection of your shipment will be done on the ground floor. When shipping big or heavy items, consider having someone to help you with the package;
  • When arranging the door-to-door courier delivery service, please inform us in advance if you require extra tools during collection, such as fork-lifts, tail-lifts etc.;
  • The courier may deliver the parcel to a neighbour if no one is present at the delivery address;
  • For international door-to-door deliveries outside the EU, the items will go through customs procedures. Make sure to provide all necessary documents;
  • Pack your items appropriately. Follow our packing recommendations whether you are organising a door-to-door express, standard or freight shipment.


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Frequently asked questions about door-to-door courier services

What is the meaning of door-to-door service in the logistics world?
Door-to-door is a shipping service where the parcel is collected at the designated address and delivered directly to the destination. The courier company is responsible for carrying out the delivery from one address to the other; there is no need for the customer to go to a shop to collect or pick-up their package. we offer package collection services and door-to-door deliveries in Europe or worldwide at the most affordable rates. Get an instant quote.
Can I book door-to-door courier services to transport luggage?
Yes, you can ship your luggage using our Standard Delivery or Express Service and avoid the airlines’ excess luggage charges when travelling abroad. To make sure your suitcase will be safely transported, we recommend packing the items directly on a cardboard box, especially when shipping to the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Poland or Austria. After booking our door-to-door luggage service, all you need to do is pack your suitcase according to our recommendations and wait for the courier to make the collection on the scheduled date.
Can I also arrange for a courier to collect an item with the door-to-door delivery service?
You can arrange for a courier to collect many items directly from your doorstep. You would have to select the most appropriate shipping service to meet the shipment requirements. You can check the dimensions with our tool, and if you are unsure which transportation service you should choose when arranging a courier collection of items, feel free to contact our friendly customer support.
With which types of transportation can I arrange a door-to-door delivery service?
We organise door-to-door courier services using road transport through the Standard Delivery and by air with the Express Service. For shipping bigger loads and door-to-door cargo shipments, you can also use the Van Service for parcel collection and delivery to the designated addresses.
What can I send using the standard door-to-door service?
You can ship almost anything using standard door-to-door shipping service, as long as it is appropriately packed and has all the necessary documents. After arranging for the courier to collect the item, refer to our recommendations on how to pack your items, check our complete packing guide.
Can I book a door-to-door removal and relocation service with Eurosender?
Yes, we offer special door-to-door services for removals and relocations. When relocating within Europe, whether it is to a different city or another country, you can book our door-to-door Van Service. This is the most recommended shipping service for relocations as you will have the entire vehicle reserved for you and the shortest transit times.
When moving overseas, you can also opt for using other shipping alternatives such as door-to-door luggage or freight service, depending on how much volume you need to send.
Is it possible to arrange door-to-door car transportation with courier services?
Yes, at Eurosender we can also organise door-to-door car transportation. As we work with some of the most trusted courier providers, you can rest assured your car will be safely transported directly to the designated address. If you wish to ship only tires or other car parts, read our dedicated pages to discover the best way of packing and shipping them.
Can I organise a door-to-door shipment to a remote area?
Yes, apart from European parcel collection and delivery, at Eurosender we also offer deliveries to islands and other remote locations. However, please consider that, due to the difficulty of access, the delivery might happen only on certain weekdays, which may influence the estimated time of delivery. Learn more about shipping to remote locations on our dedicated page.