International envelope shipping service

Companies and individuals can now benefit from express deliveries of urgent documents and letters. Together with some of the best international shipping companies, we make sure that urgent envelopes are delivered in the shortest time possible almost anywhere in the world.

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Why use the envelope shipping service?

Deliveries in 24h within Europe and 48-72h worldwide.

Worldwide deliveries in over 220 countries for businesses and individuals.

Send passports, contracts, logistics documents, letters and much more.



Urgent documents deliveries

For companies that ship urgent documents on a daily basis, Eurosender offers an automated platform that enables businesses to always find the best match for each shipping requirement. Over 40.000 companies have already delegated their logistics processes and created their own logistics department with Eurosender.




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For time-sensitive documents, you can book a same-day collection. Please contact us if this is your case.


Depending on the selected route and time of booking, the delivery can take 24-72h.

Track and Trace
For each shipment, a tracking number is provided to follow your delivery online.



What to consider when using the International envelope shipping service

Measure the size of your documents: up to 35 x 28 cm.

Measure the weight of your documents: up to 2 Kg.

Print the shipping label that you will receive by email together with the name of the selected logistics provider.


What can be sent via International envelope shipping service?

  • Contracts, logistics and commercial documents;
  • Passports, visa applications and other personal documents;
  • Price tickets for garments, business cards, catalogues, blank forms, computer printouts and shipping schedules;
  • Photos as part of business reports, publications not for public resale;
  • Diaries, calendars and personal letters to friends and family.



More about the international shipping service for documents and letters

Document collection and delivery in any type of address including private companies, residential addresses, public institutions and even Embassies;
Proof of delivery via electronic signature;
Best option for shipping urgent documents on time between companies, individuals or companies and individuals;
Extended liability with coverage up to 400€ available at very low rates.



Frequently asked questions about International envelope deliveries

What cannot be sent with the envelope shipping service?
  • Credit cards or any kind of magnetic cards: in case a card will be detected inside the package, it will be destroyed;
  • Cash, bank checks;
  • Any items that may fit in the envelope but are not considered documents or letters.


What happens if a small item is placed inside the envelope?

When an item that is not considered as a document is placed inside the envelope, the shipment automatically will be considered as an express package and not a document. This means that the shipment will still be delivered in 24-72h, however, it will go through all the normal procedures including scanning, x-rays and, in case of global deliveries, it may go through customs procedures and even pay the applicable duties or fees.

Can envelopes or urgent documents be collected or delivered over the weekend?

For some locations, envelopes can be collected on Saturdays and delivered the next working day. However, there are no envelope deliveries over the weekend.

Is extended liability valid for any kind of envelope shipment?

The extended liability will apply for national or international envelope deliveries as long as:

  • No forbidden items are contained inside the envelope;
  • The customer can provide proof of value for the content of the envelope.


What happens if my documents don’t fit in the envelope?

The envelope service is characterized not only by its content of documents-only but also by its limited weight and dimensions. If your documents won’t fit in one single envelope, they can be placed in more envelopes and you can still benefit from our special prices up to 2 Kg. Alternatively, you can ship documents in a box using our Express shipping service and still benefit from worldwide deliveries in 24-72h.