FTL Freight Shipping – Full Truckload Shipping

FTL Shipping – Full Truckload shipping

FTL shipping or full truckload transport is the perfect solution for moving larger loads of 10 pallets or more at once, occupying the entire space in the freight truck. Have your goods delivered in the shortest time with direct transport service. At Eurosender, we provide solutions for local or international FTL transport provided by the best FTL freight companies in the industry.


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Why are our FTL shipping services right for you?

Faster freight transport: Direct full truckload transport with no stop-overs

Instant price & match with the best FTL carrier based on your shipping requirements

Additional insurance, warehousing and fulfilment services available upon request


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We cover all FTL shipping requirements

At Eurosender, we provide the tools you need to scale up your logistics operations. We will always find the right shipping solution for your business, whether you need regular FTL transport services or seasonal/occasional full truckload transport. Besides having immediate quotes for FTL transport services in Europe, registered users also benefit from a dedicated account manager who is always available to provide professional advice.
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How much does an FTL transport service cost?

The cost of FTL transport is based on the following factors. When booking the service with us, our system automatically considers all of them and identifies the best FTL carrier to perform your transport service, with the most competitive prices.

  • Dimensions of your FTL shipment
  • Distance from pick-up to delivery
  • Type of FTL shipment – standard shipments, fragile, dangerous or perishable items
  • Additional services including insurance and extra assistance


Preparing your FTL shipment for dispatch

Pack your boxes on the pallets, using stackable pallets whenever possible

Make sure your FTL shipment does not exceed the size of the pallet

Place heavier items at the bottom, and shrink-wrap each pallet

Use crates for extra protection when transporting machinery and equipment

What to consider when booking a full truck delivery (FTL)

Provide accurate dimensions of your FTL shipment, which should include the measurements of the cargo + pallets.

Complete all the required FTL shipping documentation and have the commercial or proforma invoices at hand, whenever needed.

Give preference to shipping stackable pallets, whenever possible. Some FTL carriers may impose additional surcharges for transporting non-stackable pallets.

Prepare your FTL shipment to be collected on the ground floor, whenever possible. Inform us during booking if you require any additional equipment or assistance.

Please bear in mind that the fares for using tunnels and ferries are not included in the final price, and that the cost of the service may deviate based on seasonality and capacity.


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FAQs about FTL shipping and quotes

What is FTL shipping?
FTL means Full Truckload, which refers to shipments that require an entire truck for transporting larger loads on pallets. FTL transport is the ideal solution for those who wish to transport 10 pallets or more, quickly, without sharing the space in the vehicle with other shippers. Historically, to organise a full truckload transport the shipper needed to contact several transporters to gather and compare quotes until the service could be scheduled – but not anymore. At Eurosender, we are proud to be one of the first companies to offer instant and competitive quotes for FTL shipping, directly on our platform.
Is FTL cheaper than LTL?
FTL shipping may be a cheaper solution for moving larger loads that fill up the entire space or almost all of the truck. However, if your loads only take up half or part of the truck, a shared truck (LTL) transport may be a cheaper solution, since then you will only pay for the space you require. The rest will be filled with cargo from other shippers. To find out which service will be more cost-effective for your shipment, please request a personalised offer and our logistics experts will provide you with a free quote via email, detailing which freight company will carry out your shipment and the price. You can either accept or refuse the offer – with no obligation to book.
What are the benefits of booking an FTL shipping service?
The main benefits of transporting your shipment via FTL are speed, safety and comfort. Since you will not have to share the space of the truck with anyone else, the FTL carrier will transport your load directly from collection to delivery, in the shortest time possible without unnecessary diversions. Additionally, transporting goods on pallets has been proved to be safer than in boxes, since this packaging method is sturdier and more resistant. Another great benefit of choosing the FTL transport service is the attractive cost since this is usually the most affordable solution for moving such large loads.
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When booking with Eurosender, which FTL freight company will carry out the shipping service?
We will inform you via email which freight trucking company will perform your FTL transport. At Eurosender, we only work with vetted regional and international freight companies to make sure your goods are always in safe hands. Based on the selection you made during the booking process, our algorithm will match you with the most suitable FTL carrier to complete the job.
How can Eurosender provide competitive quotes for FTL shipping?
Due to the high volume of shipments organised through our platform, we are able to negotiate special shipping rates with the transporters, which are then passed on to our customers. By choosing to book an FTL shipping service with us, you are benefiting from access to a wide range of carriers, economic FTL shipping quotes and full support from a dedicated team of specialists.
What can I send with an FTL shipment?
FTL shipping services are suitable for transporting various types of items, such as multiple boxed packages, furniture for removals, and other larger, bulky items packaged on or equal to 10 pallets or more. FTL freight companies usually prefer items packed in stackable pallets to optimise the space of the truck, but we can handle any shipping exception. If you are unsure if this is the right service for you, reach out to our team to discuss your options for FTL shipping or other services available.
Do I need a forklift for FTL shipments?
A forklift is extremely handy for loading and unloading the pallets on the truck. When scheduling the service, please bear in mind that the customer is responsible for loading and unloading the cargo. If you do not have the necessary equipment and require any extra tools or assistance, please inform us during the booking process so we can arrange everything for you together with the logistics provider.
Will the FTL carrier contact me before collection?
FTL carriers will usually contact the customer to confirm the details of the shipment, before collection and delivery. Please make sure you are available to be contacted on the phone provided, and that your shipment is ready for collection before your FTL carrier arrives.
Is transport insurance included when booking an FTL transport service?
Yes, when booking a full truck (FTL) delivery service with us, you have basic transport insurance already included in the price. For extra protection for your FTL shipment, we offer additional insurance options at extremely affordable rates, which can be purchased during the booking process. Check our how our transport insurance works for FTL shipments.