Partial Truckload Shipping and Instant Quotes

PTL Transport – Partial Truckload Shipping

Save on shipping expenses for your larger freight shipments with Partial Truckload Shipping. PTL, (also known as partial truckload or ‘load to ride’) is an ideal solution for shipping larger items which don’t justify using an entire vehicle for transport and are too large for standard shipping services. Get a quote for PTL shipping in the shortest time possible, so you can book the service in just a few clicks and get your load moving in no time!

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Benefits of booking PTL transport with Eurosender – why is a partial truckload right for you?

Faster than LTL

Less time in transit and fewer stops than LTL

We match you with the best PTL carriers

Across our network of world-renowned international freight companies


Pay less for shipping by only paying for the space you need, rather than booking FTL services

Increased security

PTL shipments packed onto pallets provide added security during transport


Full tracking available on our tracking tool, so you can keep track of your PTL shipment

Dedicated logistics specialists

Providing fast, personalised quotes; expert assistance from start to finish

Extra services available

Including additional insurance, liftgates and inside pick-up and delivery


PTL shipping for businesses

Partial truckload shipping services are a fast option for businesses who regularly ship large items which are too big for LTL, but not enough for FTL. Discover how your business can benefit from Eurosender PTL shipping services, by registering as a business. Increase your efficiency and keep track of all of your logistics processes in one place – while saving time and money.

PTL shipping for individuals

Partial truckload shipping is not just for businesses – discover how you can benefit too by booking PTL shipping with Eurosender! Ideal for moving house and shipping bulky items which won’t occupy the entire space of a vehicle. Request an individual offer now, and receive the best price for PTL transport in the shortest time possible.


Save on PTL shipping costs – how your partial load shipping quote is calculated

Our team of logistics experts prepare an individual offer for your PTL shipments, in the shortest time possible. PTL shipping costs are calculated based on:

Dimensions of your PTL shipment

Type of PTL shipment – whether it is a standard shipment and contains fragile, dangerous or perishable items

Distance from pick-up to delivery

Additional services, including insurance and extra services required during collection and delivery


Tips for preparing PTL shipments

We recommend to use stackable pallets when preparing your PTL shipment, as these will maximise the space inside the vehicle and are easier to maneuver

Take extra care to ensure your shipment does not exceed the size of the pallet. If so, additional charges may apply

Place heavier items at the bottom, and shrink-wrap each pallet

Use crates to transport machinery and equipment

Complete your PTL shipping documentation, including a Bill of Lading, providing the name of shipper, consignee, type of goods and packaging

For more detailed guidelines, please see our dedicated page.

How to book PTL transport with Eurosender?

Eurosender organises PTL shipments based on individual requests.

Send us your shipping requirements and our logistics experts will prepare a tailor-made offer.

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Frequently asked questions about partial truckload transport

What is the difference between PTL and LTL services?

LTL shipments usually contain 4 pallets or less, and usually involve more stops due to sharing the space with other shipments. LTL shipments are therefore handled more frequently, and can often be transferred to other vehicles during transit. PTL shipments are larger than LTL, almost always stay on the same truck during transport, are handled less (meaning less chance of damage or loss), and have a shorter transit time.

When booking on Eurosender, which PTL freight company will carry out the shipping service?

Eurosender only works with the best regional and international freight companies in the business and we match you with the most suitable PTL carrier to complete the job, depending on your requirements. Once you have provided us all relevant information regarding your PTL shipment, we provide you with a free quote via email, detailing which freight company will carry out your shipment and the price. You can either accept of refuse the offer – with no obligation to book.

How can you provide me with a competitive quote for arranging PTL shipping?

Once you have completed a request, depending on the size and type of shipment, distance and any additional requirements, our team of experts will check the price across multiple different carriers and only provide you with the best possible price which matches your specific partial truckload shipping requirement.

What information should I provide to receive an PTL shipping quote?

To book your PTL shipment, you simply provide the following details, either on our online booking tool, or by requesting an individual offer:

  • Exact dimensions of your PTL shipment – length, width, height and weight
  • Details of the content and value
  • Pick-up and delivery address including contact details of the receiver
  • Any additional services or requirements related to your PTL shipment, so we can tailor a solution and offer the best available PTL carrier for your needs

Do I need a forklift?

If you are shipping multiple pallets, you may be required to use a fork-lift for loading your PTL shipment. If you require the use of a forklift, please advise our experts during the booking process, so we may arrange this for you.

Will the PTL company contact me before collection?

PTL logistics providers will usually contact the customer to confirm the details of the shipment, prior to collection. Please make sure you are able to be contacted by phone, and your shipment is ready for collection before your PTL carrier arrives.