International Rail Freight Services

Rail freight forwarding is the most cost-effective solution for transporting bulky and heavy items across long distances. Trains are typically used for transporting raw products such as coal or steel. At Eurosender, we can organise the transportation of your goods by rail freight or other efficient shipping services.

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Why choose to use rail freight transportation?

Short transit times for long distances connected by railway corridors

Environmental-friendly transport with lower fuel consumption

Increased predictability of deliveries due to strict rail freight timetables


International freight transportation for businesses

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Pros and cons of railroad transportation


Advantages of rail freight

  • Possible to transport very large shipments at once
  • Lower fuel consumption makes rail freight more eco-friendly than road transport
  • Low price for long-distance transport
  • Well-organised transportation resulting in accurate rail freight quotes
  • Delivery time is not influenced by traffic or weather conditions
  • Transport by rail is the safest way of transporting goods by land


Disadvantages of rail freight

  • Slower booking process compared to transport by road, which is fully automated
  • Shipments by rail cannot be fully door-to-door, as they require integration with another service to reach the delivery address
  • Expensive for short-distance transport
  • Low flexibility due to strict routes and timetables
  • Border stations may cause delays as there is usually a change of the train operator

How to book rail freight transport with Eurosender?

Eurosender organises railway transportation based on individual requests.

Send us your shipping requirements and our logistics experts will prepare a tailor-made offer.

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When to ship by rail freight service?

There are several situations where transport by rail freight is the best option available.

  • When shipping inland from a port.
  • When shipping large quantities in bulk.
  • When looking for high-speed delivery over long distances. (Only air freight is faster, but not suitable for large shipments)
  • When shipping raw materials such as coal, metal ore, iron, steel, etc.
  • When looking for greener shipping alternatives than road transport.

How are the costs of rail freight calculated?

The price calculation of transporting cargo by train depends on the following factors:

  • Dimensions: Size and weight of the goods to be transported
  • Distance: Rail freight forwarding is cheapest for long-distance shipments
  • Pick-up and delivery: Another transport service is required for connecting the railway station to the pick-up and delivery addresses
  • Type of item: Rail transport rates may vary depending on the nature of the goods being transported
  • Insurance: Additional insurance can be purchased for extra protection of the cargo
  • Customs clearance: Fees may apply for international rail freight shipments


Frequently asked questions about Rail Freight Forwarding Services

What is rail freight and what can freight trains carry?

Rail freight refers to the transport of cargo by train through a network of railroads and stations. Various wagons are collected behind a locomotive that travels through rail freight corridors, which are railways dedicated to the transportation of cargo and not passengers. Freight trains can carry any type of items, from furniture or cars to raw items such as grains or iron. There are trains specialised in different types of cargos, allowing both domestic and international transportation of goods via rail.

What is the procedure for sending goods by rail transport with Eurosender?

At Eurosender, all rail freight services are organised based on individual requests. If you wish to have goods transported by train, send us your shipping requirements, and one of our logistics experts will send you a customised rail freight quote. Alternatively, you can get immediate quotes for booking international deliveries by road or air transport through our booking tool.

What are the most common goods transported via rail?

Rail freight forwarding is mostly used for transporting heavy materials such as steel, wood and coal. Some companies also take advantage of the extensive rail freight corridors in countries like the USA or China to ship bulky items such as cars.

What are the main benefits of rail freight vs road or sea freight?

Low prices and short transit times when shipping bulky items through long distances are some of the best advantages of rail freight vs road or sea freight. For example, transporting goods by train from China to Europe can be 50% faster than by sea freight. However, air freight is still the quickest transport service. If you are looking for fast international delivery, book our Express Service and receive your goods in 24-48h.

Is it possible to ship furniture and household goods by rail?

Even though it is possible, the rail freight quotes for shipping such items might not be worthwhile. Even though furniture and household items are bulky, they can be comfortably transported on a pallet through our freight service, which would be a more affordable solution. When moving goods within Europe, you can also opt for the Van Service where you will have an entire vehicle dedicated to solely to you. For tips on how to pack your furniture and household appliances for shipping, please read our packing guides.

Is it possible to ship a car by train?

Yes, shipping a car or other vehicle by train is certainly possible, but it might not be the most affordable alternative. When comparing the costs for shipping a car via rail vs road freight through short distances, the latter is a more cost-effective solution. If you need to organise the transport of a vehicle abroad, contact our logistics experts, and we will arrange the best and most affordable courier service for your route.