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Plan your international relocation with Eurosender and find out all our solutions to move abroad and overseas. Our logistics experts prepared a detailed guide to help you pack and plan your house removal abroad. Use our booking engine to find the best door-to-door global removal and relocation service for your specific needs. Get a free instant quote or ask for a fully tailored solution for relocation abroad with the best international movers.



Why book Eurosender international removal services?

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How much does an international relocation cost?

The costs for an international removal and relocation service depend on various factors, including distance and quantity of boxes and items you need to transport. To know the cost for a moving service abroad or overseas you can use our booking tool. Insert the pick-up and delivery locations, select the service, and get an instant quote for your door-to-door international relocation.


How to organise your door-to-door international relocation

Eurosender is the best ally for moving overseas and planning your relocation abroad. Follow these simple steps to organise an international door-to-door relocation and transport all your belongings.

  1. Select the right service for your international removal.
  2. Get an instant quote and book the service.
  3. Prepare your items following our packing guidelines.
  4. Wait for the courier at your door on the selected date.


Our international relocation and removal services

Find the international moving service that best fits your needs. We offer a wide range of international shipping services for relocations.
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Dedicated van for your international relocation

Book a van with a driver entirely dedicated to your relocation abroad. Thanks to our vast network of reliable international door-to-door movers and experience in the logistics field, we are proud to offer a premium door-to-door service for your international relocation. An entire vehicle will be dedicated to your relocation, with no shared space or stopovers.

Our van service for international relocations and removals is available all over Europe. Book now!


How to prepare your items for an international removal service

When relocating, it is always important to pack and protect all your personal belongings to avoid damages and inconvenience during the transport. Follow our simple guides to properly protect your furniture, personal belongings and other items before moving abroad and overseas.

Check our packing guides written by our experts to explain how to pack different items for your door-to-door international relocation.


Additional services for your international relocation

Every global relocation service requires different solutions. At Eurosender, we are proud to offer many logistics services for every shipping need. Check some of our additional services that you can book to have a better and personalised international relocation and removal service.


International relocation and removal services for businesses

Join thousands of companies already optimising their logistics processes with Eurosender and benefit from our end-to-end global relocation and removal services.
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FAQ – International relocation and removal services

What are the costs of an overseas moving service?
The cost of a moving service abroad and overseas depends on many factors, such as distance, shipment dimensions, and service. If you want to know the exact cost of your international relocation, use our booking tool: we compare the offers of the best international movers to find the ideal solution for your specific needs.
What is the best international moving company for relocating abroad?
The best international moving company for your global relocation is the logistics provider that can offer the service that best fits your specific needs. With Eurosender, you can save the time of comparing the services provided by different international movers and find the best solution for your international door-to-door removal in just a few clicks.
Do all international relocation services include insurance?
When you book a shipping service on our platform, you always have the shipping insurance included in the price. The insurance value depends on the items’ value and the service you booked for moving abroad. You can also ask for additional insurance during the booking process to organise your international relocation safely and with no stress.
Where can I find the boxes to pack my belonging for my international relocation?
When moving abroad or overseas, you can reuse old boxes or buy new packing materials in hardware stores or dedicated shops to properly pack your items. When choosing the boxes and the packing materials, make sure to pick sturdy cardboard boxes and remove other labels from the surface. Read our dedicated pages for more detailed information on where to buy cardboard boxes and how to choose suitable packaging materials.
Where are the international relocation and removal services available?
Our international relocation and removal services are available globally. We offer different shipping and transport services for moving abroad in Europe and overseas. Thanks to our wide network of international movers, we can offer various shipping and moving services, from a dedicated van everywhere in Europe to tailored global solutions.
Check our relocation guides for more information.
Can I move my car when organising an international relocation?
Yes, you can book a car transport on our platform to move your vehicle when organizing your door-to-door international removal service. Our vehicle transport services are available in many countries and let you transport the car safely when moving abroad or overseas. Check our dedicated pages for more details about vehicle transport or car moving services.
How long does an international removal take?
The time for an international relocation and removal service depends on many factors, such as distance and type of service. The average time for an international removal within Europe is between 1 and 7 days. With our van service, you can organise urgent international door-to-door relocations in every European country in only 24/48 hours. A van will be entirely dedicated to your relocation, with no shared space or stopovers.