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Same-Day Courier Service – Urgent Collection and Delivery

Urgent International Courier Services – Same-day collection

Do you need to urgently ship a package and have it delivered in the shortest time possible? With Eurosender, you can arrange a same-day parcel collection for your urgent shipments being transported on most global routes. Choose from a wide range of shipping services available and select the fastest delivery solution during the booking process when you need an urgent delivery service.


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Why use our courier services with same-day collection?

Perfect for time-critical shipments
Earlier collection means earlier delivery
No additional fee for same-day pick-ups


How to arrange a same-day parcel collection

  • To send a parcel with a same-day collection, you should book as early as possible – no later than 12 pm
  • Same-day collection is available with the Flexi, Regular Plus or Express Services – depending on availability for your location
  • During the order process, you will be able to select the same day on the calendar when scheduling the collection

Once the order is placed, we will arrange the best possible urgent international courier service. You will receive an e-mail with details and instructions to prepare for your shipment; make sure to check it and follow the steps.
When booking a same-day courier service, you will be required to print the shipping label and attach it to the parcel yourself.


Same-day parcel delivery service

  • Use our Express Service for deliveries performed in up to 24h within the same continent
  • If you require a same-day delivery, please reach out to us via phone or chat so our experts can prepare a tailored solution
  • Your urgent shipment must be collected in the morning to be eligible for same-day delivery


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Differences between the courier services with urgent collection and delivery

At Eurosender, we offer three different solutions for same-day courier services in Europe and worldwide:


Available in specific routes, shippers can select the Flexi Service for a same-day collection when sending parcels in Europe. The delivery will be performed via road transport, with an estimated delivery time of up to 7 days for international destinations. Please have in mind that you will be required to call the courier and arrange the collection yourself.

Regular Plus

Available in Europe, the Regular Plus service is a premium shipping service with possible same-day collection. Delivery will be performed by road with short transit times. When using the Regular Plus service, shippers are required to print and attach the label to the parcel themselves.


Available globally, the Express Service is the fastest solution for sending urgent shipments worldwide. The average delivery time is between 24-72h, but deliveries are usually performed on the same day for routes within the same continent. With the Express Service, the goods are shipped via air transport in the shortest time possible.


What to have in mind when booking urgent international courier services


What is included when booking our same-day courier services

Instant prices for transporting urgent shipments worldwide

Access to a global network of reputable logistics providers

Simple ordering process, book your service in just a few clicks

Track your urgent shipment from collection to delivery


Find out how much does same-day shipping costs

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FAQs – Same-day pick-up and delivery services

I ordered a same-day collection, but my package has not been picked up. Why?
There are several reasons why this might occur:
  • If you have booked the Flexi Service with the same-day collection and have not contacted the courier, the collection will not be performed. When receiving the e-mail with the instructions to contact the courier, please do as soon as possible.
  • If you have placed your order after 12 pm or close to this time, it is likely that it was too late in the day for your parcel to be collected. Although we do recommend booking before 12 pm, unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee an exact time, as couriers must organise their route as early as possible. If your parcel has not been collected today, it will be collected at the earliest possible opportunity the next business day.
  • If you have booked early and contacted the courier directly for same-day collection but still encountered issues, please contact us by phone, e-mail, or chat.
In all cases, if your parcel has not been picked up, contact the courier or us as soon as possible to reschedule the collection for the following business day. Read more about our parcel collection services.
Do I need to print a label for my urgent shipment with a same-day collection?
Yes, when using either Flexi, Regular Plus or Express Services, you will be required to print and attach the shipping label yourself. You will receive instructions via e-mail once your urgent parcel delivery service is confirmed. Check our dedicated page for more information about the correct way of attaching the label.
Is insurance included when booking an urgent parcel delivery service? Can I purchase additional insurance?
Urgent shipments booked with the Express Service are not automatically insured. You can purchase coverage of up to €18.90 per kg during the booking process, based on the proof of value before transport. Read more about shipping insurance options.
How should I prepare my urgent shipment for same-day pick-up and delivery?
We recommend packing your items in a sturdy cardboard box with enough protection to keep it safe during transit. It is the shipper’s responsibility to prepare and pack the urgent shipment appropriately. To help you with that, we have prepared extensive guidelines about how to pack and ship several items.
How can I track my urgent shipment?
Once your order is confirmed, you will receive your tracking number via e-mail. Use our digital tracking tool to follow your urgent shipment from collection to delivery. Please be aware that tracking only becomes active after the collection.
Can transit times be prolonged?
Yes, the estimated transit times are an estimation and are not guaranteed. In some cases, the transit times can exceed the estimated time frame due to external factors such as traffic and weather conditions or problems on delivery such as absent recipient. To avoid any delays and make sure your urgent collection and delivery occur as planned, please be present at the address on the scheduled dates for pick-up and delivery, with the package ready.
If you have any issues, do not hesitate to contact us. You can send a message on the live chat button on the bottom right corner of the screen, and one of our agents will help you with your same-day delivery.
Is there any same-day freight solution for sending urgent cargo shipments?
For transporting urgent freight shipments, we offer the Van Delivery Service, where collection is possible on the same day. The Van Delivery is a direct and dedicated shipping service that you can use to transport almost any type of item, as long as it fits in the van. Performed by reliable same-day European couriers, your load will be transported directly from pick-up to the final destination, with average delivery times ranging between 24-48h. Check our dedicated page and use the booking tool to instantly calculate how much does it same-day freight shipping cost.
Which courier service delivers in one day?
If you are looking for one-day international courier services, we recommend using the Express Service with deliveries within 24h within the same continent.
When shipping domestically, most parcel deliveries will be performed in one day when booking either the Standard or Express Services. Find out how much does each of them cost with our booking tool.