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Van Courier Service for Deliveries in Europe

Move anything in Europe with a van dedicated only to your load. Direct van delivery with short transit times and no stopovers. Service dedicated to both businesses and individuals. Use the tool below to get instant van delivery quotes & professional assistance from experts in the logistics field!

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Why should you book our Van Delivery Service?

Direct transport of larger shipments across Europe

Increased safety with vehicle dedicated to one customer only

Same-day collection available for urgent shipments


Van Delivery Service: Pick-up and delivery times


Available Monday-Friday, and on weekends and holidays on request. Same-day collection is available with pick-up within 2-3 hours.


Deliveries are performed within the shortest time possible, with no stop-overs. Delivery times depend on your selected route, which may be up to 24-48h for shipments within Europe.

Load capacity of the Dedicated Van Service

  • There are no packing requirements. We still recommend protecting your items before transport, especially fragile goods.
  • Suitable for any type of load. Shippers use the van courier service for transporting a wide selection of goods: personal belongings, motorcycles, palletised goods and much more.
  • Longer items can be placed diagonally to fit the vehicle. Please ensure you measure the dimensions of your shipment carefully so that we can arrange the right van for transport.

Box van
465 x 165 x 180 cm or 13 cubic meters and 1000 kg capacity

Curtain-side van
410 x 210 x 230 cm or 19 cubic meters and 1000 kg capacity (with tail-lift only 700 kg)


Get moving quickly – Rent a van with a driver through Eurosender

Efficiency is our priority. We work with a vast network of van shipping companies & drivers all over Europe to make sure every major industrial site is covered for last-minute requests. Collections can be organised within 2-3 hours in most European locations, with a fast and direct van delivery to the chosen destination.


Instant quotes for Van Delivery!

Why wait days for a quote when you can book a Van Delivery Service within seconds? Our automated platform allows you to check the price and rent a van with a driver in just a few clicks. Our algorithm automatically checks the availability of multiple logistics providers on your route and calculates the best rates instantly.

Use our booking engine and book a van courier service – starting from 0.48€/km.


Simplify your logistics

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What to consider when booking a Van Delivery in Europe?

  • You should prepare your shipment for collection on the ground floor if possible or inform us if you require extra assistance for loading or unloading. This includes the use of forklifts, tail-lifts etc, which are available by request but may incur an additional fee.
  • Please bear in mind that the fares for using tunnels and ferries are not included in the final price.
  • It is possible to select multiple pick-up/delivery points during the order process.
  • In most cases, the driver or the main office of the van shipping company will call before arriving at the pick-up and delivery locations. However, they are not obliged to do so.


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FAQs – Van Delivery Service in Europe

What is the delivery time when booking the Van Service in Europe?
Transit times will depend on the selected route because they are based on the distance between the location of collection and delivery. You will get an approximate time estimation once you have booked the service. Van deliveries booked within the same country are usually executed in less than 24h, within the same day, depending on the time of collection. However, international shipments may take up to 24-48h to be delivered via van transport.
Please bear in mind that, in rare cases, transit times are subject to change due to weather and traffic conditions. If this happens, our logistics experts will contact you to inform you of the delay.
Will there be any stops during the Van Delivery?
No, this is a dedicated and direct van delivery service, which means your load will not stop in any warehouse or depot along the way. However, please consider that the driver’s working regulation includes a rest every 9h of driving.
How many pallets can I transport with the Van Delivery Service?
It depends on the type of van booked since we offer vans of different sizes and capacities. Our Van Service can fit up to 8 pallets at once, but we recommend reaching out to our experts if you are unsure of the dimensions.
How to pack the goods for shipping with the Van Courier Service?
With the dedicated van delivery, you do not need to package your shipment in any specific way. The shipper is able to accommodate the goods in the van however they like, packed or not. However, we still recommend protecting your goods for transport to avoid damage using moving blankets, straps and packaging materials. Packaging is even more important when renting a van with a driver to transport fragile or delicate items.
Is it worth booking a full van if I only need a small van delivery service?
Yes, absolutely. Many of our clients book our Van Delivery Service for small shipments to take advantage of the fact this solution is extremely fast and safe. The Van Delivery may also be the cheapest alternative for transporting a small load within a short distance, besides being very convenient due to the lack of packaging restrictions.
If you have any doubts, reach out to our experts, and they will advise you on the best solution when needing a small van delivery service.
Is shipping insurance included in the Van Courier Service?
Yes, every shipment with our dedicated van delivery is covered by CMR conventions and extended liability is also available. If you need additional information, please discuss the options available when booking the service.
Will the van courier driver assist me in loading my shipment?
The van courier driver is not obliged to assist during loading and unloading. If you require assistance or special equipment, please request this during the booking process. You can choose between partial and full assistance when renting a van with the driver through our platform.
Will the van stop at the borders when booking a Van Delivery Service in Europe?
Customs clearance procedures are only applicable for shipments that cross international borders. Since the European Union is a trade free zone, your shipment will most likely not have to go through customs procedures within this area.
Shipments crossing the EU-UK border will have to go through regular customs procedures. Please prepare all the necessary documents in advance when booking a dedicated van delivery to the UK to avoid delays.
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