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Discover the best way to send parcels to Hull from any location with Eurosender! We compare thousands of quotes in seconds to find the best suitable courier service for parcel delivery to Hull. Use our booking tool below to check the cost and safely send your parcel to Hull.

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Send a parcel to Hull with best courier services

Need a reliable courier service for sending a parcel to Hull fast and for less? Eurosender makes it simple for you. Our platform compares thousands of rates from various courier service providers, guaranteeing you the most cost-effective option for parcel delivery to Hull.

Just enter your details in our user-friendly booking tool and get an instant quote for parcel delivery to Hull. At Eurosender, we prioritise quality, ensuring your parcel arrives safely and securely to Hull.


Express parcel delivery to Hull

Are you in a hurry to send a parcel to Hull? Then look no further. Eurosender offers Express Delivery, the fastest way to send a parcel to Hull. With this option, your parcel will be delivered by plane within 24 hours for packages shipped within the EU and 72 hours worldwide.

Same-day collection might also be available on your route, allowing you to send your parcel to Hull even faster. Be sure to book early to take advantage of this option.


Send larger parcels to Hull with Eurosender

Need to send parcels heavier than 70kg to Hull? We've got you covered! While our Standard and Express services handle shipping parcels up to 70kg to Hull, we understand that bigger needs sometimes arise. If that is your case, don’t worry, we offer solutions for shipping larger and heavier parcels, including sending multiple parcels to Hull at once.

Explore our courier services to find the most efficient way to send larger parcels to Hull quickly and securely.

Ship large parcels

Packing a parcel for successful delivery to Hull

Choose a resistant box slightly bigger than your item

Use cushioning materials to fill any extra space

Seal the box with tape, securely on all sides

Attach the shipping label on a flat surface, if required

Check our packing guide

What items can you send in parcels to Hull

While most courier services allow a wide variety of items that can be sent in a parcel to Hull, here are some popular choices along with our packing guide to help you get started!
  • Barrels
    See guide
  • Desk
    See guide
  • Printer
    See guide
  • Wheels and tires
    See guide
  • What are you not allowed to send in parcels to Hull

    When sending a parcel to Hull, it's important to be aware that most logistics companies maintain a list of items that are considered restricted or prohibited for shipping. Check the most common prohibited items before sending a parcel to Hull:


    Tobacco products



    Perishable goods

    Fragile items

    Toxic and flammable products


    Check the list of prohibited items


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    Don’t compromise on outdated logistics processes. We offer modern digital management solutions for simplifying parcel delivery to Hull. Get access to vetted logistics providers for the delivery of your goods.

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    We make sending parcels simple

    At Eurosender, we help businesses and individuals organise deliveries in the easiest way possible.

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    How much does it cost to send your parcel to Hull

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    FAQ on how the service for sending parcels to Hull works

    What is the cost of sending a parcel to Hull?

    The price for sending a parcel to Hull depends on the package dimensions, the shipping route, and the selected service. Our intelligent algorithm ensures you receive the most cost-effective option for both local and international parcel delivery to Hull, guaranteeing you never overpay.

    To get an instant quote, simply input your shipping details in our booking tool. This system efficiently matches your requirements with the best courier service for parcel delivery to Hull.

    What is the fastest courier service available for sending a parcel to Hull?

    If you need to urgently send your parcels to Hull, opt for our Express Service. This premium option is ideal for both international and domestic shipments that require the shortest delivery times to Hull, as your parcel will be delivered by plane.

    To further expedite the shipping process, we recommend preparing all the necessary customs documents in advance, ensuring your shipment is processed and released swiftly. This proactive approach is crucial for fast parcel delivery to Hull, helping avoid delays at customs.

    What is the delivery time for sending a parcel to Hull?

    The transit time depends on the type of courier service to Hull you select. Choose our Express Service for the fastest parcel delivery to Hull, with parcels arriving within 24-72 hours. For more flexibility, our Standard Service delivers parcels to Hull within 3 to 7 business days, depending on the chosen route. Alternatively, the Regular Plus option may reduce this time even further, making it an efficient choice for sending your parcel to Hull.

    Each option is designed to meet different shipping needs and timelines, ensuring your parcel reaches its destination promptly.

    What is the maximum weight allowed when booking a courier service to Hull?

    Each courier company has its own regulations concerning the size and weight of parcels that can be delivered to Hull. At Eurosender, we offer different limits for parcel delivery to Hull based on the service selected. Our Standard Service accommodates parcels up to 30kg in weight and 300cm in girth (calculated as the longest side + 2x height + 2x width).

    For larger shipments, our Regular Plus and Express Services permit higher limits, accepting parcels up to 70kg and maximum dimensions of either 240cm or 300cm. For additional details, please visit our shipping dimension pages to ensure your parcel conforms to the specified requirements.