How to Ship to College Dorms and Student Accommodation

How to write a college dorm address to send packages to your uni accommodation

Eurosender makes mail and parcel deliveries to student accommodation easy and affordable. Find out how to write a college dorm address correctly to ensure a smooth delivery experience. Whether you need to ship small items or large packages to university halls, we’ve got you covered with our student delivery solutions! Check how you can get a student discount when sending mail and packages to a college dorm.

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How to enter the dorm address for shipping?

Shipping books to a student dorm or sending packages to a college dormitory by courier is more complicated than to a regular address. If you are unsure how to enter your dorm address when shipping, ask your university or a representative of the dormitory to provide you with the exact address details, preferably in writing.

Also, before shipping, you can check the location on Google Maps to make sure the college address is correct. Below you can find a blueprint of the address field for shipping student care packages, letters and other personal items to a college dormitory.

  1. Country
    Choose the country of pick-up/delivery.
    Ex.: USA
  2. State/Region
    Select the state/region
    Ex: Kansas
  3. Receiver
    Provide the name of the university, including the building and room number. Insert also the name of the recipient. If you have limited space, you can insert abbreviations and the surname.
    Ex.: KU/McCarthy Hall/RM 5/John Walker (KU = Kansas University)
  4. Address
    Fill out the street name in full and the number. If the street name is long and you have limited space, you can use local address abbreviation formats.
    Ex.: Str. instead of Street
  5. Additional info – Optional
    Here you can add additional information. Bear in mind that the courier doesn’t always take this info into consideration.
  6. Zip/post code
    Add the zip/post code and double check if is the right one. Bear in mind that cities may have several local post codes for different districts.
    Ex: Lawrence 66044, Lawrence 66045, Lawrence 66046
  7. Town/city
    Add the full name of the town or city.
    Ex.: Lawrence
  8. Phone number
    Add the phone number, change the area code if needed.
    Ex.: +1(country code) XXX XXX XXXX

Courier service providers are not obliged to contact you by phone. In case they decide to do so, only local phone numbers will be contacted.
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How to enter a college dorm address when shipping with Amazon

Amazon provides only two lines for the address. For line 1, you can enter the street address of your dorm. For line 2, enter the hall name and the room or mailbox number.


What to consider when booking deliveries to university halls

Shipping to a college address requires a little preparation beforehand. Consider the following guidelines when sending parcels to student accommodation:

  • Package the items properly – Use a sturdy cardboard box and internal cushioning materials to minimise the risk of loss or damage. See our packing guidelines for tips on how to pack various items.
  • Provide accurate address details – Insert all address information when booking the shipment, including the building name/number and dorm room. This is especially important if it is a large campus.
  • Access requirements to the dorm – Before booking, check if there are any car park barriers or access codes to enter the premises. Find out if there is a reception desk or mailroom to receive the shipment.
  • Language barriers in foreign countries – Couriers usually speak the local language but not always English. Consider providing the contact details of someone who can communicate with the driver if needed.


Sending mail and packages to a college dorm with Eurosender

Whether you need to send a letter, a parcel or larger items, Eurosender provides you with reliable courier services at student-friendly rates for shipping to college dorms and student halls.
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Shipping or moving to student dorms and university halls

If you are relocating far from home for college, you can ship to your dorm or student hall cheaply and easily with Eurosender! We offer various courier solutions for delivering personal belongings to student accommodation almost anywhere in the world.
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Student discounts and other ways to save on shipping to a college dorm

Take a look at the advice below on cheap shipping to a student dormitory that will drastically decrease your expenses.

  • Eurosender provides instant quotes so that you get the cheapest delivery solution to your student accommodation.
  • Ship ahead of time so that you are flexible with the pick-up and delivery date as rates may vary daily.
  • Contact local student organisations to see if there are any discount programmes for (Erasmus) students to profit from cheap shipping rates to college dorms.
  • Eurosender has partnered with 54 ESN organisations from 18 different countries to provide students with various discount programmes including luggage shipping and furniture delivery. In 2018, Eurosender helped Erasmus students save a total amount of €100.000. If you are shipping as an Erasmus student, you can find even more information in our Erasmus student guides.


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FAQ on how to ship to college dorms and student accommodation

When shipping to a college dorm, is it considered a residential address?
Yes, when shipping to college dorms and student halls, these are considered residential addresses because students live in them. Shipping addresses can be broken down into two categories: residential addresses or commercial addresses. If you are shipping to a college dorm or private student halls, you can read more information about shipping to residential areas.
Do colleges search mail or packages before delivery?
In most cases, college dorms and university residences should not open mail or packages addressed to students. They may however decide to open parcels if they suspect forbidden content or if the parcel itself is damaged. Packages that are shipped internationally, for example from Europe to the USA, will be inspected by customs in any case. We advise checking the college dorm rules and customs laws for more information about restricted or prohibited items.
How do I address mail to a dorm room?
Make sure that you provide complete and accurate address information when sending mail to student accommodation. If you need to send mail to a college dorm or room, our Document Service is an ideal solution. You benefit from express delivery times of 24-72 hours on global routes and you do not need to purchase any stamps for this service. You can follow our guidelines above on how to write an address if sending letters or mail to a college dorm.
What is the best way to ship furniture to a student dormitory within Europe?
The best way to ship furniture and other oddly-shaped items to a student dormitory is to book a Van Delivery for direct transport within Europe. By reserving a vehicle dedicated only to your shipment, you will not only save time as there are no other stops along the route, but there is less preparation required in terms of packaging and labelling.
For bulky deliveries outside of the EU, we provide efficient transport through the Pallet Delivery service.
What is the cheapest way to ship boxes to college?
The most cost-effective solution for shipping boxes to a college dorm is to book a Standard Service. For an instant price for shipping boxes to college, simply select in the booking tool at the top of the page your route and the number of boxes you wish to ship.