Best way to ship to a student dormitory

Are you a student looking for the cheapest shipping to a student dormitory? Whether you want to ship books or furniture to a student dormitory, Eurosender will find the most affordable and fastest shipping solution for your needs. Check how you can get a student discount for sending your belongings to a college dorm.

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Shipping services to student dorms for business

Are you a company looking for the best way to ship to student dorms? Let Eurosender take over your logistics processes and save time and money. Through our platform, companies can create their own logistics department exempt of costs and enjoy benefits such as:

  • Get experts advice from our logistics professionals, whenever you need it;
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The best way of shipping furniture to a student dormitory

Whether you need to ship such small items as your toothbrush and nail clipper or more bulky items such as your desk or fridge, Eurosender provides you with the fastest and reliable methods of shipping to a student dorm.


Packing: As you don’t want your items to get damaged along the way, suitable packaging is vital. Check out our comprehensive guide on packing various items, complete with an instruction video.


Insurance: When you use the services of Eurosender, your shipment is automatically insured with our Standard Insurance. You can purchase additional insurance for shipping furniture or musical instruments to a student dormitory.


Prohibited and restricted items: As you don’t want to start your semester with legal issues, please double-check that your shipment doesn’t contain any prohibited items.


Payment: At Eurosender we accept many payment methods to your convenience.


Important things to know before shipping to student dorm:

Pick-up: Planning the pick-up on the day of your departure is a bad idea. Do it 2 working days before you set out to your new destination.


Delivery: Who will accept your delivery? Will you be on the spot or is there someone else to receive the shipment? This could be a classmate, but often there is also an administrator or receptionist available that can help you out with this.

How to give the right college dorm address to the courier when shipping?

Shipping books to a student dorm or sending packages to a college dormitory with a courier is more complicated than to a regular address.

Ask your university or a representative of the dormitory to provide you with the exact address details, preferably in writing. Also, you may check on Google maps your location to make sure the address is correct.

Below you can find a blueprint of the address field for shipping books to a student dormitory.

  • Country
    Choose the country of pick-up/delivery.
    Ex.: United-Kingdom
  • Name & Surname
    Add the full name of the consignee.
    Ex.: University of England Dormitory, Edward Winslow
  • Address
    Fill out the street name in full and the number.
    Ex.: Downing street 135
  • Additional info – Optional
    Here you can add additional information.
    Keep in mind that the courier doesn’t always take this info into consideration.
  • Zip code
    Add the zip code, please double check if it’s the right one.
    Ex.: W12
  • Town/city
    Add the full name of the town or city.
    Ex.: London
  • Phone number
    Add the phone number, change the area code if needed.
    Ex.: +44(country code) 20 710 6000

Having the address field without mistakes is essential for a successful delivery. It’s better to be safe than sorry. So, when you have any concerns about the correctness of the address, feel free to contact one of our logistics experts that can help you out.

Find the best option to ship your items to a student dorm

Express shipping service: If you need an urgent delivery to a dorm room, get the express shipping service and your parcel will be delivered in the shortest possible time.

Standard shipping service: Ideal to send a suitcase, books, some clothes or even small furniture. Everything that fits within the dimensions given below applies for standard shipping.

  • Maximum weight of 40kg (30kg in some cases).
  • A maximum length of 175 cm.
  • Length (in cm) + 2x width (in cm) + 2x height (in cm) < 300 cm.



Freight transport: Shipping furniture to a student dormitory on a pallet is a good option when the item you want to ship exceeds the standard dimensions or when you have numerous items that you wish to send together.


Dedicated Van Delivery: Don’t want to waste time on the packaging? With the Dedicated Van Delivery service, you can fill an entire van with your personal belongings. The van will go directly from the pick-up address to your new dormitory, and you don’t have to share it with anyone.

Things to consider when shipping to a student dormitory

Missing room number: University campuses are often huge territories where one can easily get lost. Without a room number, it is hard to find the right place and the courier doesn’t have time to ask around.


Entrance to the campus:It could happen that the campus is not accessible for everyone by car or truck. If special permission for the courier is needed to enter the campus, this should be discussed before.


Language barrier: All the couriers usually speak the local language. When your language skills are not up to speed yet, be sure that you have someone with you who can help you out.


Phone number: When you move to another country, you often also change the phone number. Keep this in mind when you enter your phone number on the order form.


Student discounts and other ways to save on shipping to a students dorm

Take a look at the advice below on cheap shipping to a student dormitory that will drastically decrease your relocation expenses.

  • Eurosender has partnered with 54 ESN organizations from 18 different countries to provide students with various discount programmes including the delivery of furniture and luggage. Last year Eurosender helped Erasmus students save a total amount of €100.000.

Get in touch

  • Eurosender provides tailor-made individual offers that make sure that you have the cheapest solution for your shipping needs.
  • Ship ahead of time so that you are flexible with the pick-up and delivery date as rates may vary daily.
  • Contact local student organisations to see if there are any discount programs for (Erasmus) students to profit from cheap shipping to a student dormitory.


What are some of the things that people often ship to a student dormitory?

Besides gathering knowledge, students are also often involved in a wide range of cultural events. So, now that you know how to how to ship a suitcase to a student dormitory, it is time to look at some other things. Whether it is sports, music or any other activity, Eurosender has got you covered.

Are you thinking of becoming a successful university rock star? Ship your guitar or your drumkit and start conquering the world with your hits.


Perhaps you are more the type for classical music? No worries, with Eurosender you can also ship your piano, cello or violin and join the local orchestra.


Is sports more your thing? With Eurosender you can basically ship all your sports equipment. Ranging from golf equipment to horse riding to rowing equipment, you name a sport and we ship your equipment.


Want to start your own vlog about your new life on the campus? Take your camera and grip equipment and become Insta-famous or a new sensation on YouTube.


What is a student’s life without a little party every now and then? Time to get out those party hats and balloons! Beer or wine anyone?


Do you have any further questions about shipping to a hotel or hostel? Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and multilingual Customer Support team, which will be glad to assist you at all times.

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