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Ship your bike in Europe

Eurosender can help any passionate cyclist to ship a bike internationally. Fares for non-standard shipment are usually high, so you may need an alternative. Luckily, Eurosender offers cheaper options for international bike shipping. Your bike will be shipped door-to-door by the chosen logistics company, based on price and reliability of the service.
Bike shipping service in Europe

Cheapest way to ship a bike
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Before shipping a bike, you should pack it properly and measure the size of the box. Insert the dimensions below to check if your parcel qualifies as a standard shipment.

Shipment Size Checker
Not sure if your shipment qualifies as standard shipping or freight?
Check by entering the measurements below:

If your bike is suitable for a standard shipping service, you can check the cost of shipping a bike in Europe directly on our website. If the box exceeds the standard dimensions, you can request an individual offer tailored to your shipment. Our freight department will send you a quote via email. In both cases, the final cost of shipping a bike will be the lowest possible.

International Bike Shipping
Bike shipping service in more than 30 European countries

If you enjoy active holidays, you may want to take your bike with you on vacation. You will soon find out that shipping a bike is actually a lot more affordable and convenient than travelling with it. Eurosender offers some of the cheapest rates for international bike shipping, so that you can ride your bicycle anywhere in Europe.

However, shipping a bike internationally requires some planning. Book the service in advance to guarantee that your shipment reaches the chosen destination on time for your holidays or an important cycling competition.

How does the bike shipping service in Europe work?

Shipping a bike internationally from your doorstep is simple and affordable. All you need to do is:

  • Pack your bike and get it ready for shipping,
  • Measure the box,
  • Check the collection and delivery address to make sure it can be located easily,
  • Book the shipping service on our platform or request an individual offer.

If you need more tips on how to pack a bike in a box for shipping, check our blog.

Your bike will be insured for the value of 200 EUR, free of charge. To protect your bike even more, extend the insurance coverage for only a few euros. If you are not sure which insurance option to choose, or you simply need more assistance with packing and shipping a bike in Europe, you can always get in touch via our online chat.

Eurosender service for international bike shipping in Europe

Since there are many famous bike trails in Europe, any avid cyclist will sooner or later face the problem of shipping a bike internationally. We are well aware of that, that is why we offer an alternative to travelling with your sports equipment. By choosing Eurosender, you can minimise the cost of international bike shipping. What is more, our experts can help you choose the best method of packing and shipping your bike. The only thing left for you to do is to pack your bike in a box, measure the shipment and place an order online on our platform.