Everything you need to know about the shipping insurance

When using courier services, shipping insurance allows you to safely send your parcels abroad. Just as you insure your house or car, insuring your parcel is definitely beneficial, regardless of the types of items you are sending. Eurosender offers you many options for cheap courier insurance, so you will worry less about the safety of your parcels.


Why should I choose insurance for packages?

Convenience & peace of mind – you want to make sure your shipment is protected against all risks;

Low rates – we offer some of the cheapest prices for shipping insurance;

Simple booking – you can add the preferred insurance option when you book the service.


How does the shipping insurance work?

We understand how valuable some items can be for our customers and we want to make sure that they avoid any risk of losses. This is why, at Eurosender, in order to guarantee the safety of every package shipped through our platform, we offer free basic shipping insurance of up to 200 EUR.


I bought additional insurance but my claim was rejected. Will I still receive compensation?

In case your claim was rejected by the courier company for different reasons, you will not be entitled to receiving reimbursement, regardless of the value of the insurance chosen during the ordering process.


When does the shipping insurance apply?

The insurance will apply in the unlikely event of damage or loss of the shipment. Please note that the declared value of a package or the shipping insurance value is the maximum coverage. The amount to be reimbursed will be decided only after the selected logistics provider conducts an investigation and determines the admissibility of the claim and sets the value of the losses.


Does the additional insurance apply for any type of shipment?

The insurance applies for any shipment that does not contain any prohibited items. Bear in mind that the insurance is not applicable if the items that are fragile. For a complete list of items that are not covered by the insurance, please see section 10.4 from our Terms and Conditions.


Does the shipping insurance apply for the entire order?

The insurance for the standard shipping service applies to every package. If your order consists of multiple packages, our basic insurance of up to 200€ will apply for every single parcel.


Can I select additional insurance only for certain packages in my order?

No. If you have booked an order which contains multiple packages, you will need to add additional insurance for each of your parcels. You cannot select additional insurance only for certain parcels in your order. If you want to insure only certain parcels, you will need to place separate orders.


How can I increase the value of the insurance coverage?

Eurosender offers different parcel insurance plans, thus you are able to purchase additional insurance for your package. If your shipment is worth more or if you are sending valuable items, you can protect them by adding extra insurance of up to 1.000€, 2.000€ or 5.000€.


You can add package insurance at the Safety step, during the ordering process.

The additional shipping insurance is provided by ERGO Versicherung AG, our insurance partner and one of the largest insurance companies in the EU. ERGO is part of Munich Re, a reinsurance company with over 50 billion EUR in yearly revenues.


What are the shipping insurance costs?

When using Eurosender services, you are able to select from different insurance options.

  • 200€ coverage – free of charge
  • 1.000€ coverage – 12.99€ per package or per shipment (freight), depending on your order
  • 2.000€ coverage – 17.99€ per package or per shipment (freight), depending on your order
  • 5.000€ coverage – 24.99€ per shipment (freight)
  • More than 5.000€ coverage – on request, valid for freight shipment and pallets
I just finalised my order for shipping services. Can I still add shipping insurance?

For now, selecting additional shipping insurance is possible only during the ordering process. Therefore, you will NOT be able to add package insurance after your order was paid and confirmed. If you wish to increase the insurance coverage of your parcel, please don’t forget to do it right at the time you are booking the shipping service.


My order contains multiple packages. Do I have to buy the additional shipping insurance for every package?

Yes. In case your order contains several packages, once you choose additional shipping insurance, it will apply for every package in your order. Therefore, the extra shipping insurance does NOT apply per order, but per parcel.

Moreover, the same shipping insurance coverage will apply for each package. This means that if you choose package insurance of up to 1.000€, the same insurance coverage will apply for all the packages within the same order.

The price for each shipping insurance will be added to the total amount of your order.


Does the shipping insurance plan apply also for suitcases?

Yes. If you are shipping a suitcase, the same shipping insurance plan is available. The courier company that will transport your shipment cover your suitcase with a value of up to 200 € per package by default. If you wish to increase the value of the shipping insurance, you can purchase an additional one during the ordering process.


Are the damages of a suitcase reimbursed?

No. If reimbursement is granted, following acceptance of the claim, you will be refunded only for the value of the content. The suitcase is considered a packaging method and it is not included in the value of the shipment.


What type of items are covered by the shipping insurance?

The shipping insurance is applicable to any shipment that does not contain forbidden or restricted items. Moreover, please note that the additional shipping insurance does not substitute the appropriate packaging and it won’t apply to parcels that are not packaged in the recommended way.


Insurance of a freight shipment

Freight shipments are insured according to the provisions of the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR Convention).


Are there any options for additional courier insurance of a freight shipment?

Eurosender offers different shipping insurance options for freight shipment. Through our insurance partner, ERGO Versicherung AG, we can offer additional insurance of up to 1.000€, 2.000€, and 5.000€ per shipment at convenient prices.

We are also able to offer additional shipping insurance for more than 5.000€, scalable to your needs. In such a case, please contact us and we will tell you what are the options.


How do I buy the shipping insurance for pallets?

If you are booking the pallet delivery service directly on our platform, you will be able to add additional insurance at the Safety step, in the ordering process.


I have requested an individual offer. How do I add shipping insurance?

When requesting an individual offer, please inform our team about the value of your shipment and the desired insurance coverage and we will tell you what are the options.


Does the shipping insurance apply for each individual parcel or for the entire shipment?

The insurance applies to the whole shipment. So, if you are shipping a pallet on which you stack multiple packages, the insurance applies to the entire shipment and NOT to each individual package.


What can I do if the package I receive is damaged?

If the package you receive has signs of deteriorations and damage, you will have to report the damage directly to the courier driver and together, file a damage report. The report has to be signed by the driver and left to you.

If your shipment is delivered damaged, we recommend signing with reservation any proof of delivery.