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When booking a logistics service, you expect your shipment to arrive at its destination as intended. However, things don’t always go to plan which is why shipping insurance for international as well as domestic shipments is essential, giving you piece of mind. But not all types of transport insurance are the same and coverage will vary between logistics services, so it is important to know how your goods will be protected, and what additional shipping insurance options are available, just in case.

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Why book logistics services with shipping insurance with Eurosender?

Send your parcels, pallets, freight or any other type of cargo with insurance with Eurosender and benefit from:

Peace of mind knowing your shipment is protected by basic insurance included in the price

Unbeatable prices – Eurosender offers some of the lowest rates for additional shipping insurance options

Easy and hassle-free claims procedure – faster claims with additional shipping insurance


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What does the basic shipping insurance for international or domestic shipments cover when booking services with Eurosender?

When you book services with Eurosender, your shipment is protected by basic insurance included in the price. The amount of basic shipping insurance coverage, for international and domestic shipments will depend on the selected shipping service:
Standard shipments (parcels and luggage)
Up to 200EUR per parcel / suitcase

Express shipments
CMR liability of up to 18,9EUR per kg, based on proof of value

Shared Truck (LTL), or Full Truck (FTL)
CMR insurance up to 10EUR per kg of damaged goods, based on proof of value

Envelope service
Extended liability available


Additional shipping insurance options when booking with Eurosender

Eurosender offers some of the lowest rates for additional shipping insurance, which can be purchased during the booking process and apply to both international and domestic shipments. Additional insurance is provided by ERGO, and you can select from the following options:

1.000€ coverage
12.99€ per package or per shipment (freight)

2.000€ coverage
17.99€ per package or per shipment (freight)

5.000€ coverage
24.99€ per shipment (freight)

More than 5.000€
Available on request

For Express shipments, extended insurance is available for 1% of the value of the cargo up to 500.000 EUR for damaged or stolen goods. To discuss additional insurance options, contact our experts who will be happy to offer the right solution for your shipment.


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FAQ about shipping insurance with Eurosender

When does shipping insurance apply?
Shipping insurance for both international and domestic shipments applies in the unlikely event of damage, loss or theft of goods during transit. The declared value of the goods or the shipping insurance value is the maximum coverage. The amount you will be reimbursed is decided only after the selected logistics provider concludes their investigation and determines the validity of the claim.
Does shipping insurance apply to any type of domestic or international shipment?
Not all shipments are covered by shipping insurance, so please bear in mind that you will not be covered for damage, loss or theft of any shipment which contains prohibited or restricted items. See our terms and conditions for a full list of restricted items. Shipping insurance does not apply for high-value items, fragile, dangerous, illegal, perishable goods or items which are not packed properly according to our packing guidelines.
Does shipping insurance apply for the entire order booked with Eurosender?
When you send parcels with insurance through our standard service, the shipping insurance applies to each package and shipments with multiple parcels will be covered for up to 200€ per parcel. Additional insurance applies for standard shipments for up to the increased value selected per package and per shipment for freight shipments. See our section on additional insurance coverage options.
Can I select separate shipping insurance for different parcels in my order?
When you send multiple parcels with basic insurance in one order, it automatically applies to each parcel in your order. If you are sending multiple parcels in one order, you can select additional insurance which will apply to each of your packages individually, for the same amount (200EUR default cover per package, 1000EUR additional cover per package etc). If you would like to send multiple parcels with separate insurance, you will need to book each parcel separately as it is not possible to select additional insurance for certain packages only.
Can I add shipping insurance after finalizing my order?
Additional shipping insurance can be added during the booking process, but you can also add it at any stage before your order is confirmed. If you’ve forgotten to select additional insurance, contact us immediately by phone or email after placing your order and we’ll be happy to help.
Who will assess my claim and determine the amount to be reimbursed in the event of loss or damage?
Your claim will be assessed by the selected logistics provider’s insurance company who will determine the amount to be reimbursed after they have conducted an investigation to establish the validity of your claim.
I bought additional shipping insurance but my claim was rejected. Am I still entitled to compensation?
If your claim is rejected by the selected logistics provider for any reason, you will not be entitled to reimbursement regardless of the value of additional insurance selected or the value of the goods stated during the booking process.
Does basic shipping insurance of 200EUR for international and domestic shipments also cover suitcases?
Yes. The basic shipping insurance which is included will cover you for up to 200EUR per package for domestic and international shipments. Please bear in mind that insurance will only apply to the suitcase itself if you choose to ship it inside a box. If you pack your suitcase according to our guidelines, the suitcase will be considered contents inside the package, and insurance will also cover the suitcase.
If you wish to increase the value of your shipping insurance, you can purchase additional insurance during the booking process.
Will I be reimbursed for damage to the suitcase as well as its contents?
Yes. However, insurance will only apply to the suitcase if it is properly packaged inside the cardboard box. To avoid damage to your luggage, we recommend to pack each suitcase, or its contents into a cardboard box for better protection.
How does international freight shipping insurance apply to pallet shipments?
When shipping pallets by road, your shipment will be covered by CMR convention and any additional international shipping freight insurance added will apply to the whole shipment, not each individual pallet. This includes when shipping multiple parcels on pallets as a freight shipment.
If you want to apply insurance to each parcel, you will need to book it as a standard shipment.
If you wish to insure each pallet separately, you will need to place separate orders.
My transportation is insured but my items arrived damaged. How do I raise a claim?
  1. Inspect your shipment thoroughly in the presence of the delivery driver.
  2. Do not sign for the shipment if you believe it is damaged or partially missing. Claims that the driver left too quickly will not be accepted.
  3. File a damage report signed by yourself (the receiver) and the delivery driver.
  4. Report the event to within 48 hours of receiving your shipment, including your damage report and any photos or supporting documentation.
  5. You will receive additional documentation to complete, via email.
  6. Please provide all requested documentation via email as soon as possible. Eurosender will then submit them to the logistics service provider in charge of delivery. We will act on your behalf throughout the process and keep you informed via email as updates come to hand.
  7. Upon receiving the claim, the logistics service provider is obliged to conclude their assessment and provide a decision within 60 days.
Can I increase my insurance coverage for more than the maximum value of 5.000EUR?
Depending on your chosen route and service, you may be able to increase the value of your shipping insurance to exceed the maximum value of 5.000EUR. Please contact our team to discuss your shipping insurance requirements.
Are there different types of transport insurance available for businesses and individuals?
The amount of cover available for standard, express, van delivery or envelope services is the same regardless of whether you are shipping as a business or individual. Additional international freight insurance exceeding the maximum 5.000EUR can be added for businesses on request. When considering international freight insurance, please be aware that basic cover may not apply to personal items shipped through our freight service. Before booking a freight shipment for personal items, contact us first so we can find the best international freight insurance solution for your load.
Can I select additional shipping insurance for high value items?

Please be aware that basic or additional shipping insurance will not apply to items of high value, fragile items, dangerous, illegal or perishable goods. If you do choose to send restricted or prohibited items, individuals choose to at their own risk and responsibility.

If you are still unsure which shipping insurance option is right for your international or domestic shipment, reach out to our experts who can discuss your shipping and insurance requirements.