Platform for booking international shipping services for companies

Optimizing your business shipping

Shipping for sole owners

We know how much work is behind a good business and how hard it can be at times. Our services and rates are optimal for those who do not have a constant need for shipping services and cannot establish beneficial contracts directly with the shipping service providers.

Focus on growing your business while we take care of your shipping!

Shipping for SMEs

We support those companies who use courier services infrequently and because of that they find it difficult to receive reasonable rates directly from the courier companies. We have become the delivery platform of many European SMEs and we have enabled them to ship items to their partners abroad, import goods and get supplies at some of the lowest rates.

Optimise your business and let us organize the shipping for you!

Shipping for enterprises

We can offer alternative relations for those corporations who do not want to be constrained by a contract with the courier company, but rather have the freedom to ship different volumes, whenever they need, at the same low price. We make offers tailored to bigger loads and bulky goods as well.

Reduce the shipping costs and enjoy the flexibility of a contract-free shipping service!

Shipping for newly founded businesses and startups

Eurosender brings opportunities to new businesses that do not have a high bargaining power in establishing contracts with logistics companies yet. We provide full guidance on how to pack your shipment and our team of experts can help you understand and explore your business’ shipping options anytime.

Reduce your shipping spending and direct the savings to your projects!

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Everything in one place:
  • A coherent interface that helps you get an overview of your past and current orders
  • All details of your shipments, stored in one place
  • Easy access for any member of your team
  • Online tracking of your shipment

Eurosender, the perfect fit for your business

Place orders faster and save preferred details – save the information that you will be using in the future and save the time on filling in the ordering form
No monthly fee & no contract required – ship with us as much as you want, whenever you need
Same convenient rates regardless of the volume of shipments – enjoy low prices, no matter how much you send
Shipment tracking – monitor the transit of your shipment
Customer assistance - receive a quick answer from our shipping experts
Updates on the service – stay informed about the latest improvements
Instant quotes for freight shipping – immediate price for freight shipping on selected routes
Tailored offers – offers prepared individually for more than 8 packages or bulky goods
Rewards and exclusive offers – special prices for returning customers

Let us understand your business needs

What Eurosender can do for your business?

  • We help you save time and effort needed to identify and compare the best shipping rates and the most reliable logistics providers, giving you access to the services offered by the most trusted logistics operators in Europe;
  • We act on your behalf in any interaction with the logistics providers;
  • We offer shipping solutions by combining the capabilities of many logistics providers;
  • We give prompt solutions in case of service unavailability - any shortage can be easily solved by temporarily shifting to a different provider.

Join thousands of businesses that have made Eurosender their daily shipping platform.

Getting started

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