Eurosender is the exclusive logistics platform for booking shipping services for companies operating across industries and striving to optimize delivery performance with courier services. We have designed and implemented comprehensive software to streamline logistics operations and conform to the specific needs of businesses by granting transportation services they require. Our innovative approach to enhancing the efficiency in the sphere of logistics is fruitful as any company can take advantage of affordable freight logistics solutions, including B2C and B2B freight delivery services, as well as standard shipping services. With Eurosender, it is easy to send a parcel, arrange pallet delivery, and even ship a container overseas to take your supply-chain management to the next level and reduce spendings on transportation needs.

The best way to optimize delivery performance with courier services

Eurosender helps you to save money and effort for finding the best shipping rates by providing business parcel delivery and affordable freight logistics solutions offered by reputable companies. Our advanced platform for booking shipping services for companies is easy to navigate and use once you decide to make an order. Furthermore, it grants a range of advantages to business users that need to dispatch any kind of shipment.

Free to use

You do not have to pay any monthly fees or make a contract to set up an account with Eurosender. Just use standard or freight shipping services whenever you have a need to.

Get instant quotes

After you select a shipping route, you will get immediate prices for B2C or B2B freight delivery services. In case you need to ship a container overseas, contact our experts and they will tell you whether we would be able to accommodate this service for you or not.

Get customized offers

In case you have bulky items or more than 6 packages to send out, we will make a tailored offer for you. In any case, you will enjoy low prices regardless of the volume of your shipment.

Regularly available backup freight forwarders and courier service providers

Depending on the type of your consignment, we choose the best freight forwarder for larger cargos. However, in case there are service problems of the primarily selected freight forwarder, we offer prompt solutions by temporarily shifting to a backup provider.

Apart from the tips concerning shipping process and delivery services, it is necessary to take care of the range of various factors.


Whether you need to send a small parcel to your customer or a pallet to your partner, taking care of packaging is essential. Check our basic guidelines for packaging different types of shipments here.

Customs rules and shipment restrictions

You need to take some time to research which kinds of products could be shipped easily and which ones are forbidden or not recommended for transportation via courier. Ignoring these guidelines might cause inconveniences with logistics service providers or your parcel can be simply confiscated at the customs.


Every shipment processed through the Eurosender platform is automatically insured. However, you should better explore a wider array of insurance options both for parcel delivery and cargo shipping.

Detailed guidelines

We have multiple pages dedicated to packaging and shipping different kinds of items. Check what you can send with Eurosender here.

What kind of companies can use Eurosender?

Shipping for sole owners

The Eurosender platform is dedicated to sole traders taking their first steps in the business world. We acknowledge that good business requires much effort to build it up, develop, and maintain. If you are a sole owner, take advantage of affordable freight logistics solutions and parcel delivery services powered by Eurosender. Our rates and services are a perfect match for those who do not have to use shipping services regularly and cannot establish beneficial contracts with shipping service providers directly.

Focus on growing your business while we take care of your shipping!

Shipping for SMEs

We have become the primary delivery platform of many SMEs in Europe and worldwide as we have enabled them to ship items to their partners abroad with B2B freight delivery services, import goods, and get supplies at some of the lowest rates. As plenty of SMEs do not use shipping services frequently and have no reasons to establish direct partnerships with logistics companies, the Eurosender platform comes as a sophisticated solution able to meet current transportation needs of businesses.

Optimize delivery performance with courier services in a few minutes!

Shipping for enterprises

We can offer alternative relations for those corporations that do not want to be constrained by a contract with a certain courier company, but rather have the freedom to ship different volumes whenever they need at the same low price. We make offers tailored for bulky goods and bigger loads owing to affordable freight logistics solutions.

Reduce the shipping costs and enjoy the flexibility of a contract-free shipping service!

Shipping for startups and newly founded businesses

Eurosender brings opportunities to new businesses that do not have high bargaining power in establishing contracts with logistics companies yet. In addition, we provide comprehensive guidelines on how to pack and ship various kinds of goods, what type of shipping service to choose, and how to reduce transportation costs. In addition, you can always contact our logistics experts for arranging shipping that corresponds to your current business needs.

Save money on shipping and invest them in your project!

What companies have already chosen Eurosender?

Our platform encompasses both tangible and intangible benefits for various businesses. Therefore, the word of mouth brings more and more companies from different industries that are eager to establish long-term cooperation with Eurosender. Those are not just unsubstantiated claims as more than 30, 000 companies have already registered on our platform and successfully collaborate with us. Those are the firms and enterprises performing in textile, construction, steel, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, food production, and other industries that have already benefited from using the Eurosender platform for booking shipping services for companies.

Indeed, we empower businesses to handle their logistics operations more efficiently, optimize delivery performance with courier services, and gain access to a wider array of transportation services. Thus, it is easy to send a parcel internationally and ship a container overseas. Sole traders, startups, small and medium-sized businesses, and large enterprises enjoy an array of benefits granted by Eurosender. You can get even more advantages when you set up an account on our platform.

How to work with Eurosender as a logistics provider?

Eurosender has established advantageous agreements with reputable logistics service providers known all over the world as well as local courier companies and carriers that have proved to offer reliable and efficient shipping services. Our platform uses the proprietary algorithm and advanced automation technology to assure top-notch efficiency of logistics services and transform the way the industry operates so that it corresponds to the demands of the digital era. Those logistics companies that want to improve their performance efficiency and strengthen their competitive advantage are more than welcome to partner with Eurosender by taking only a few simple steps forward.