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Affordable relocation services for expatriates

At Eurosender, we have helped thousands of travellers and digital nomads to organise their move when embarking on a new journey. In collaboration with reputable courier companies, we offer efficient relocation & shipping services for expats around the globe. Book the shipping of a few boxes only or a full truck dedicated to your move and benefit from our useful relocation tips for expatriates and temporary migrants.


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International shipping services for expats

Eurosender converts expat relocation services to a positive experience rather than a nightmare. Our shipping services
for expatriates are specifically crafted to serve your needs in the best way possible.
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Shipping services for expats & seasonal migrants

Save your time, money and effort with our affordable shipping services for expatriates. We provide the right transport solution for every situation. With our door-to-door services, your parcel can be delivered at a hotel, a student dorm or even a camper van on the road! People who are location independents such as digital nomads or seasonal workers can also benefit from our expat relocation services and arrange the delivery of their personal belongings to any address they choose.


Van delivery service
Price from only 0.48 EUR/km
Direct and fast delivery, same day pick-up possible
Safest mode of transport for packed or unpacked items

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Moving services for expats – transport all your belongings at once

At Eurosender, we strive to make your move as easy as possible. Our expats moving services are suitable not only for transporting luggage, but also other personal items such as musical instruments, bikes, camera gear, etc.

Expats international relocation services

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Storage solutions for expats

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Avoid the excess baggage fees – International courier service for expats

After you secured a job in a new country, it is time to think of your relocation. Unfortunately, transporting everything to your new home, especially when it is located overseas, is practically impossible. However, we have a solution that is not only affordable but also convenient and effective. With our international express shipping services, expats are able to send multiple boxes and luggage to their new home without stress. Due to the high volume of orders placed through our platform, we negotiate the best prices on the market for relocation services for expats, digital nomads, and seasonal workers.


Who can benefit from our expats courier services?

Expats living abroad
Seasonal workers
Digital nomads
Temporary migrants


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FAQs – Shipping & Relocation services for expats

What is the fastest expats moving service available in Europe?
The Van Delivery Service is the quickest solution for digital nomads, seasonal workers or expats to organise their relocation. With this service, you will have an entire vehicle dedicated solely to your items, that will go directly from the collection address to the final destination. Get an instant quote directly in our booking tool!
Is it possible for nomads to organise an international relocation without fixed address?
Yes, when shipping with us, you can have your packages delivered wherever suits you best. We have already helped many digital nomads with their relocations by delivering their personal belongings to hotels, guest houses or even campsites! If you are staying in someone else’s place, just make sure you provide all the necessary information for the courier to reach you while placing your order, including the name on the doorbell.
Can expatriates send their musical instruments, sports equipment and other items through Eurosender?
Yes, we offer comprehensive courier services for shipping all types of items! With our courier services, expatriates can ship everything from musical instruments & sports equipment to furniture and household appliances. We provide solutions for transporting all your personal belongings when relocating abroad for a short or long period with our expats moving services.
Does Eurosender offer transport insurance for the expat’s relocation & shipping services?
Yes, every shipment organised with us has a basic insurance already included on the price, whose coverage may vary depending on the selected service. For extra protection, you can get an additional shipping insurance at low rates during the order process. Check our shipping insurance options!