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What stops you from moving to another country for several months or even forever? Indeed, many people ask themselves why not to explore new opportunities overseas and settle down in a dream country. However, some factors related to relocation may seem discouraging and one of those concerns the availability of affordable expat relocation services. Luckily, here is Eurosender to offer exceptional reliability and the best prices for relocation services for digital nomads, seasonal workers, and expats generally. We have already helped thousands of enthusiasts who once decided to embark on a journey for a new life. The Eurosender platform allows booking shipping services for expatriates in a few simple steps. In this article, you will also find useful relocation tips for expatriates and temporary migrants who need to move their belongings to their new home.

More about shipping services for expatriates

After you secured a job in a new country or agreed upon the intra-company transfer, it is time to think of relocation and compose a checklist of things you need to take with you. Unfortunately, transporting everything to your new home, especially when it is located overseas, is practically impossible. However, shipping services for expatriates provided by the most reliable logistics companies in the world are available on our platform. Due to an immense number of orders, Eurosender has the high bargaining power to make deals with global logistics giants as well as local transportation companies to get the best prices for relocation services for digital nomads, seasonal workers, and expats in general.

Eurosender converts expat relocation services to positive experience rather than a nightmare. We offer appealing shipping services for expatriates that are specifically crafted to their particular needs.

Relocation and Removals

Many people want to immigrate to the countries with strong economies in search of better employment opportunities and work-life balance. Moving a house abroad might be challenging, but Relocation&Removal service powered by Eurosender allows shipping multiple parcels and bulky items to a chosen destination. Check out our dedicated pages for moving to popular among expatriates countries such as Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom, the USA, Spain, and others. You will be able to find relocation tips for expatriates and detailed instructions on how to book removal services there. Contact our logistics experts for more information via and get the best deal for moving a house.

Dedicated Van Delivery

If you need to ship lots of belongings across the continent, a dedicated van delivery service might be the exact type of expat relocation services you need. That way, a van will be booked specifically for you and no other customers to take your shipment to the place of destination. Dedicated van delivery service is extremely fast as there is only one consignor and one consignee in this case. Contact our logistics experts for more information via and get the best deal.

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Affordable and fast relocation services for digital nomads

Being a digital nomad is a style of life when an expert just needs a stable internet connection to fulfil daily tasks. Once you start your journey, it becomes tough to quit. Digital nomads often use shipping services for expatriates to securely relocate their personal belongings, bikes, musical instruments, camera equipment, and electronics. In case you are planning your next move, we will arrange relocation services for digital nomads for you and offer the lowest rates as well. Consider that it is highly advisable to place an order at least 2 working days before your intended pick-up date to make sure you will be at the pick-up address when a courier comes to collect your stuff.

If you are not a digital nomad but still need to ship your belongings for other purposes, check out our pages on shipping services for individuals and student parcel delivery services.

Shipping for seasonal and temporary migrants

Moving abroad for work, even temporarily, requires some travel arrangements. Save your time, money, and effort on shipping by taking advantage of affordable expat relocation services. If you need to ship a parcel to a hotel where you will be staying or send a suitcase to a student dormitory, Eurosender is always there as well. Also, you can dispatch your packages to a port in case your temporary work will be on a cruise ship or send belongings to an urban area and enjoy storage services if needed.

Benefit from relocation services for digital nomads and seasonal migrants with Eurosender

Relocation and Removals

While expats usually immigrate to the countries with strong economies, seasonal and temporary migrants might relocate to resort areas which accept millions of tourists each year. Thus, you can check more information on our pages dedicated to moving to Bali, Malaysia, Mauritius, Thailand, and many other countries.

Van Delivery Service

If you need to transport your personal belongings, furniture, household items, and other bulky things by road, this service is exactly what you need. In case your shipment does not occupy the entire space in the truck, you also do not need to worry about that. We can arrange a shared dedicated van on your request to reduce costs.

Comprehensive packaging instructions

We provide detailed instructions for packaging and shipping nearly for anything. You can check general guidelines and comprehensive instructions for packaging and shipping musical instruments, furniture, electronics, alcohol, food, clothes, and other items.


Every shipment processed through Eurosender is automatically insured. You can also opt to choose additional insurance package upon necessity.

Constant support

Our logistics experts and support team agents provide assistance to our customers in 15 languages. They will guide you through every stage of the shipping process, starting from booking to delivery.