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International Surfboard Shipping Services

If you are planning a vacation to enjoy surfing the ocean and the sea, we recommend shipping your surfboard at least two working days prior to your departure.

Surfing in the ocean requires high levels of adrenaline and makes for the perfect holiday scenario. But given their sizes, surfboards are difficult to carry along when travelling abroad. Next time you are planning a trip with your surfboard, you should think about sending your surfboard separately as a shipment to its destination. With our surfboard shipping services, your board will arrive just in time for you to catch the right wave and enjoy the sunny weather.
Surfboard shipping in Europe

Cost to Ship a Surfboard
Get a Quote in the Shortest Time Possible

The price to ship a surfboard in Europe depends on the size and the weight of your item. Measure your surfboard and check the dimensions for a standard shipment. If your surfboard is bigger, fill in our online form and we will prepare an individual offer for you. Our team of experts in big shipments will find for you the cheapest way to ship a surfboard and provide you with a quote in the shortest time possible.

Shipment Size Checker
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How does the surfboard shipping work?

All you need to do in order to send a surfboard securely is to:

  • Find the right packaging (either a cardboard box or carton to cover it) and measure it,
  • Make sure that the delivery address is easy to locate in case it is a sea resort,
  • Book the shipping service or request an offer in case the surfboard doesn’t qualify for a standard shipping.

For more advice on how to properly pack a surfboard for shipping, check our blog.

We know that passionate people feel the excitement the most when they’re using their own equipment. We understand the important of having your surfboard protected, so when booking through Eurosender, your shipment will be insured for a value of 200 EUR. However, if you would like to insure your surfboard for a higher value, get in touch with our shipping experts and they will instruct you on the option to choose from.

Ship a Surfboard internationally
Shipping in More Than 30 European Countries

Hitting the beach with your surfboard and enjoying the highest waves on the beaches of Spain, Portugal or France can make for a brilliant holiday. Don't worry anymore about how to get your surfboard there. We know the requirements of courier companies best and are able to give customers the right advice on how to pack a surfboard and prepare it for shipping.