Send soccer training kits abroad and domestically with courier services

If your outbound training session is approaching soon or maybe your football team is moving to another faraway facility in the nearest time, then you most likely have to ship soccer equipment internationally or domestically. If you are wondering about the cost to ship soccer equipment via courier, Eurosender will undoubtedly offer the most competitive prices on the market. Moreover, we will help you to send inflatable soccer field overseas in case you have training sessions for smaller teams or groups of junior football players. In this article, you will also find guidelines on how to pack football gear for transportation and how to send football boots via courier.

The cost to ship soccer equipment via courier

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Do you necessarily need to send soccer training kits abroad or nationally but do not know what is the price for shipping services? Well, it is affordable and easy enough to ship soccer equipment internationally with Eurosender. You can instantly check the cost to ship soccer equipment via courier in our booking engine above. Nevertheless, you need to check the following tips below before placing an order on Eurosender platform.

  • Before you choose the type of item to ship, wrap your football equipment and check the parcels you have. In case you have several packages for transportation, it would be better to arrange them on a pallet.
  • When your shipment is packed, it is essential to measure it properly and insert the dimensions in the Shipment Size Checker. In case you have oversized or heavy parcels, it is better to ask for an individual offer. The same goes when you send soccer training kits abroad in multiple packages.
  • Take your time when you ship soccer equipment or send football boots via courier. Estimate the delivery time on our website to find out what is the expected date of your shipment to arrive at the place of destination from the particular pick-up country. Meanwhile, you can also track your order status with a tracking tool online.
  • Secure your shipment when placing an order on Eurosender platform. Each shipment sent through Eurosender is insured for the amount of € 200 automatically. As football training gear and accessories are rather expensive, consider purchasing additional insurance before you ship soccer equipment internationally.

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Packaging materials you need to wrap football equipment properly

If you have ever visited a post office drop off point, you have noticed that all shipments are wrapped in cardboard boxes or other packaging materials there. This is necessarily done to protect each shipment during transportation. Before your shipment is heading off to another city or country, you need to pack it properly with the help of the following packaging materials.

  • Cardboard box – there are different boxes of various sizes, but you need to choose the one that particularly suits the dimensions of your shipment. If you have an old cardboard box at home, it is fine if you take it. Anyway, you need to double-check if it is sturdy enough and whether there are no dents or scratches there.
  • Football equipment bag – if you plan to send your personal football equipment with courier services, it is advisable to take an original bag or a specialized one you usually use to carry your stuff to the training session.
  • Cardboard scrap – the pieces of cardboard scrap might be essential when you want to separate fragile or solid items from each other. For instance, larger pieces of cardboard scrap would be needed when transporting training hurdles sets, agility rings, or agility ladder.
  • Cushioning materials – they are necessary to alleviate the tension of football equipment items when they are put together in the same cardboard box or bag
  • Adhesive tape – it is necessary to tighten packaging materials and secure the items.

Pack the items of football gear and soccer equipment securely

Whether you are planning to send personal training gear or need to ship soccer equipment internationally, you have to pack each item securely before transportation. As there is a variety of items of football and soccer equipment, we will provide a set of general guidelines here first and the more specific ones below.

  1. Before you send soccer training kits abroad, make sure that all the elements are at their places. Hopefully, you are not eager to discover that a t-shirt or a sock is missing when a parcel arrives at the place of destination.
  2. Secure any loose parts. Detachable parts should be either removed or secured before you ship soccer equipment internationally.
  3. Prepare the items for transportation. Cover the items with cushioning materials, either bubble wrap or crumpled paper, and secure them with small pieces of adhesive tape.
  4. Put the items into a cardboard box. You need to put plenty of cushioning materials on the bottom of the box first and put wrapped items of football equipment later. Do not overwhelm your package as a box could get damaged in case oversized or heavy items are nested in it.
  5. Close the box. Fill the voids and empty spaces in the box to prevent the items from shifting around it. Afterwards, close the box and secure all edges with adhesive tape.

Send inflatable soccer field overseas

Sometimes, it is essential to set the boundaries of a soccer field (especially for mini soccer games). In this case, an inflatable soccer field is exactly what you need. Before you send inflatable soccer field overseas or domestically, you have to prepare it for transportation.

  1. Deflate a soccer field. For that purpose, you will have to take a specific deflating device that can manage the task in half an hour. Otherwise, you will have to wait for ages before an inflatable soccer field is deflated due to its enormous size.
  2. Check if there are any odd parts. Double-check the surface of the inflatable soccer field before you fold it. Detecting and removing redundant or odd items prevents from any damages during transportation.
  3. Fold an inflatable soccer field. If you have detailed instructions on how to fold the field, do not hesitate to adhere to those guidelines. In other cases, try your best to fold an inflatable soccer field so it occupies as little space as possible.
  4. Cover an inflatable soccer field. If you have an original bag or case for the inflatable field, take it for the protection. Otherwise, take plenty of bubble wrap to fully cover the item.
  5. Pack an inflatable soccer field. Take a cardboard box of the appropriate size, cushion it, and put a folded soccer field inside it.

Send football boots via courier

Many of our customers are sending shoes with courier services regularly and they are satisfied with safe and fast delivery. If you want to send football boots via courier, you need to follow the guidelines for packing soccer and football shoes which are similar to those for conventional footwear.

  1. Clean your football boots or soccer shoes. It is necessary to inspect your shoes and detect whether there is any dirt before you send football boots via courier.
  2. Put some cushioning materials such as crumpled paper or small pieces of cardboard scrap inside each boot.
  3. Cover each item with bubble wrap entirely and secure it with adhesive tape.
  4. Put the wrapped items in the box. Take an original box or the one that suits the size of your soccer shoes and put the items inside it. Fill the voids and empty spaces by using more cushioning materials and make sure that the boots are not moving around the box.
  5. Seal the box and use adhesive tape to secure all edges so that the box does not get damaged during transportation.

The benefits of shipping soccer equipment with Eurosender

You obtain a range of benefits when you ship soccer equipment internationally or domestically by booking services on Eurosender platform

  • You get the best offer in terms of the price-to-performance ratio along with the best cost to ship soccer equipment via courier.
  • Each shipment sent through Eurosender is automatically insured.
  • You can easily pack and ship soccer equipment as we provide comprehensive guidelines and recommendations for that.
  • We only cooperate with reliable logistics partners known worldwide such as DPD, DHL, SEUR, Chronopost.
  • Our customer support agents are always ready to help you in 15 languages.

Do you want to ship other types of sports equipment internationally or domestically? Check out the range of our services in the list below and find the one that suits you best.

If you have any questions about how to pack and ship soccer equipment, feel free to get in touch with our logistics experts.

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