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Eurosender is your global logistics partner, offering customised transport and warehousing solutions for individuals and business owners. Combining our expertise and a vast network of logistics companies, we provide efficient door-to-door shipping, storage and distribution services internationally. We will find the best option for you, no matter what size is your load or how long you need to store your goods.

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Transportation, warehousing and distribution services

Expand your business to new markets and benefit from third party global warehousing, fulfilment and distribution services. Set up your free business profile and get immediate access to exclusive features that will allow you to scale-up your logistics operations.
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Shipping services to warehouses and temporary storage facilities

Eurosender offers a range of shipping services to and from storage facilities within Europe and internationally:
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How to request storage or warehousing services
through Eurosender

Step 1: Check the estimated delivery time if you count on receiving the goods on a specific date.
Step 2: Specify your storage needs in the notes field when booking a shipping service. Alternatively, you can contact us and send your requests for warehousing services.
Step 3: Provide all the required information, including the number of days needed for storing your goods.
Step 4: Our logistics agent will contact you within just a few hours and provide a quote for temporary or long-term warehousing service tailored-made for you.

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The right service for your needs: Temporary storage facility or warehousing

No more complicated and overwhelming searches when looking for the best cost short- or long-term storage solution. When requesting the service, we select, amongst our vetted logistics partners, the most convenient temporary warehousing solution for your requirements. The storage and warehousing service will be arranged in the storage facilities of the selected logistics provider who will handle your shipment.

Advantages of booking shipping and storage services with Eurosender

We offer diversified logistics services to take out the complexity of your supply chain so you can focus on growing your business. Whether you need temporary storage services, shipping and fulfilment solutions for your online store or complex warehousing and distribution services, we’ve got you covered!

Short-term or temporary storage
Your shipment will be picked up and stored in the selected courier company’s warehouse
Vetted international couriers
Get access to our network of trusted logistics providers
Online booking
Get a quote in just a few steps for shipping and storing your goods
Real-time support
Our highly trained team will assist you every step of the way

Door-to-door storage and moving services

We offer a range of services specialised in relocations for students or individuals moving within any European destination. For your convenience, our shipping, storage and moving services are door-to-door, which means your belongings will be picked up from your old house, stored in a safe facility and later delivered to your new home. Simple as that!
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FAQs regarding shipping, storage and warehousing services

How is the price calculated for international shipping, storage and warehousing services?

The cost of short- or long-term storage services depends on many factors such as the pick-up and delivery destinations, the number of volumes and the duration of the storage service. Every temporary warehouse storage request is arranged and quoted individually according to your needs. After sending your request, we will send you a quote in only a couple of hours.

However, if you want to know the cost of shipping to or from a storage facility, you can instantly find out by using our booking tool.

What type of goods can be stored with our warehousing services?
At Eurosender, we can find a solution for storing almost any type of item – from packages to cargo and anything in between. Through our cooperation with a vast network of logistics providers, we arrange temporary business storage, freight warehousing, short- and long-term furniture storage, and much more! Simply send your request, and we will find a solution that serves your needs.
What goods can be stored in temporary storages or warehouses?
You can ship and store almost everything, including but not limited to clothes, furniture, electronics, sports equipment, musical instruments, and many other things. However, dangerous or perishable goods are not recommended for shipping and storing by most courier providers.
Can I choose the storage facility for my goods?
The storage facility selected to you is chosen based on the most convenient option available and will be offered by the logistics provider responsible for your shipment. We always check the warehousing solutions provided by our partners to choose the best storage service for you. Otherwise, you can contact our agents and check all the options available shipping, warehousing and storage.
Can I get a temporary warehouse space for rent?
Yes, thanks to our vast network of logistics partners, Eurosender provides multiple services for business and individuals, including temporary warehouse space for rent. Send us a request via an Individual offer or contact us directly and our experts will provide you with all the information you need.
Does Eurosender offer short or long-term storage for furniture?
Yes, our warehousing solutions are perfectly suitable for short- or long-term furniture storage. If you need temporary storage between moves, reach out to us, and our experts will arrange all the necessary details for you. Since all of our international warehousing solutions are custom-made, we can organise a short- or long-term storage of your furniture for as long as you need, at the best cost!