How to find international internships | Paid internships abroad

Many university students and graduates are looking for internship programs to enrich their CV and improve their overall skills. Student internships and internships for graduates, not only help young people find a permanent job in the future but also offer them the opportunity to acquire important skills to survive in a modern work environment. International internships, in particular, can be very beneficial since they qualify the trainees for the international job market.

Are you looking for student internships, paid internships abroad or any of the different internship programs, such as the Erasmus internship program? Eurosender has gathered some important information you might need before you embark on the search for the right internship position.

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How to choose an internship offer

Finding the right internship position | The important steps:

Finding international internships, student internships or internships for graduates might be challenging in the beginning. That is why you should take the following things into consideration.

  • Student internships vs. internships for graduates. Before you start your search, you need to clarify what kind of internship you are looking for. Student internships usually occur during the summer. Sometimes, there are positions available during the winter or spring semesters, however, the working hours are significantly reduced. Graduates, on the other hand, have the ability to work full-time and at any time of the year.
  • Paid internships vs. unpaid internships. There is another thing you should consider before you start searching for an internship position, and that is whether you are willing and/or able to work without pay. Paid internships abroad (or in the same country) are obviously more popular among students and graduates. However, the number of these positions might be limited. In certain countries, paid internships are not common and the trainees will need to seek funding from an Institution.
  • International internships vs. domestic internships. Before you start searching for a position, you should clarify whether you want to work in your country of origin or abroad. International internships will offer you, not only qualify you for the international job market but will also offer you a cultural experience. At the same time, international internships can be quite costly and require an advanced level in foreign languages. If the internship position is not in the EU, you need to prepare yourself for a long bureaucratic procedure that, of course, might be worth the effort in the end.
  • Internship programs vs. independent internships. Many students and graduates prefer taking part in an internship program (e.g. Erasmus internship, AIESEC internship) rather than searching for a position on their own. That is because, in certain cases, the Institutions that organize these programs may find the right position for each student/graduate and provide them with guidance as far as the bureaucratic procedures go. In other cases, the student/graduate will still have to search for a position, however, they get access to funding. That means that they have more chances to be accepted since the company/institution that hires them does not have to pay anything. At the same time, young people have the freedom to choose between countless internship positions around the world (paid or unpaid), without taking part in an internship program. In such cases, the student/graduate should be extra careful and research the validity of the company on his/her own.

Things to consider before choosing an internship

International internships | Paid internships abroad

If you choose to do your internship abroad instead of domestically, there are some other things that you should take into consideration:

  1. The bureaucracy. Whether you are part of an internship program or not, you will be required to gather a set of official documents (birth certificate, diplomas etc.). These procedures can take a lot of time. Therefore, we advise you to start dealing with them as soon as possible.
  2. The translations. Unless you move to a country in which they speak the same language as you, you will need to translate the majority of the documents. This is more costly than you might think and also requires a lot of time. We recommend choosing an official translator and gathering all the necessary signatures and stamps (e.g. Apostille).
  3. Passport/residence permits. Before you move, you need to be informed on whether you need a passport to travel there and if/when you need to get a residence permit. If you are moving from one member of the EU to another, you will most probably be able to travel with your identity card. You will also be required to obtain a residence permit after a few months of staying there. However, reporting your address to the local authorities should occur as soon as possible. Since you are moving to a new place for work and you are getting paid/have access to funding, this process is a piece of cake and should not stress you out.
Popular internship programs | Erasmus Internship | AIESEC Internship

If you are looking for an internship program, you should consider these two popular programs:

  • Erasmus+ – Apart from the Erasmus program for exchange students, the European Union also offers the program Erasmus+. That program provides grants for a wide range of activities. These activities include the opportunity for students to undertake work placements abroad (Erasmus Internship).
  • Global Talent – AIESEC is the world’s largest non-profit youth-run organization. Among other things, it offers the program Global Talent. This targets young people who are looking for paid internships abroad (AIESEC Internship).
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