Tracking and transit

I ordered a shipping service for several packages. Do I get a tracking number for every package?

Yes, for every package you send, you will receive in your confirmation e-mail a tracking number. Before your pickup takes place, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with all the details concerning your order.

What does “estimated delivery time” mean?

Estimated delivery time is the time frame when the package will be delivered. Although not a common case, this means that your package can arrive at its destination either before or after the estimated delivery time.

An exact time cannot be given because it can’t be guaranteed that the courier will make the delivery at an exact time, for reasons to do with the courier company. Each courier has a route for which he is responsible, though, due to external circumstances, this can be changed at any point by the courier company involved.

What does it mean if the information in the tracking system doesn’t change?

The tracking system gets updated every time your parcel is scanned at a new depot or location. If the system displays the same message for a few days, it could be due to delays in updating the system. If the status in the tracking system remains the same for more than 48 hours, you will need to contact us. We’ll get in contact with the courier service provider in order to give you the latest information about your parcel.

I have many packages and only some of them were delivered while others are still in transit. What could've happened?

Sometimes it can happen that the parcels you ship are transported with different vans and thus, by different courier drivers. This is the reason why sometimes they are not delivered on the same day.

We recommend you keep on tracking the parcels which are still on transit for updates. However, if you notice any inaccurate data or if there is a big delay in the delivery of the remaining parcels, you have to contact us right away.