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Renfe (National Network of Spanish Railways) is a state-owned train company that allows locals and foreigners to travel across Spain. Check all the details of Renfe luggage allowance and restrictions to know what you can bring on board and prepare for a trip with our guide. Find an alternative solution to transport all the suitcases and deal with extra luggage when travelling on Renfe. Eurosender luggage service is here to help you to enjoy your journey on Renfe to the max.


Luggage allowance on Renfe trains: how many suitcases can you take?

Renfe baggage allowance policy states that each passenger can bring up to three pieces of luggage with them. These can include briefcases, purses, laptop bags, suitcases, trolley bags and cases. Spanish Railway’s baggage policy can be summarized as the following:

  • 3 pieces of luggage
  • All of the bags should weigh up to 25kg
  • All of the bags should be 290 cm in total
  • Each suitcase should not exceed 85 x 55 x 35 cm


Travelling on Renfe trains with luggage service

Carrying heavy baggage from train to train may be exhausting. That is why Renfe, in collaboration with Correos, offers door-to-door luggage service for tickets for AVE and Long Distance trains. With this service, you can ship up to 3 pieces of luggage, either suitcases or special luggage. In case you decide to book it, take into account that Renfe luggage restrictions will be different in this case:

  • Weight up to 25 kg
  • Height up to 150 cm (250 cm for skis)
  • Width up to 70 cm
  • Depth up to 50 cm
  • The dimensions of a suitcase should not exceed 250 cm

The service must be requested up to 2 days before the train’s departure date. Renfe states that your luggage will be picked up from the indicated address from 4 to 1 days before departure and will be delivered to the destination in 1-3 days.

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Alternatives to transporting luggage on Renfe trains

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Can I bring my bike on a Renfe train?

Conditions of transporting bikes with Renfe depend on the type of train.


Renfe baggage allowance policy states that on board AVE, Long Distance, Avant and Trenhotel trains folded or disassembled bikes are allowed, as long as they are stored inside a bag, and they are up to 180 cm. In this case, the bikes will be considered to be part of your baggage, and you will only be able to bring two more pieces of luggage. For certain trains, you may need to purchase a free bicycle ticket.


For Mid-distance, Short-distance and Feve trains, the Renfe baggage allowance policy allows bringing fully assembled bicycles (one per person). On Mid-distance trains, you will need to pay an additional fee for trips of over 100 km. Unfolded bikes usually travel in a specific area, and thus the number of bicycles to be taken on each train is limited.

Renfe luggage allowance: musical instruments and sports equipment

When travelling with Renfe, you can carry musical instruments and sports equipment as long as they meet established dimensions.

  • Renfe baggage allowance policy allows musical instruments whose dimensions do not exceed 30 x 120 x 38 cm. Musical instruments should be stored in a case and they will be part of your baggage allowance.
  • Renfe sports equipment policy states that ski, golf and sports fishing equipment are allowed on board. Your equipment will be considered special luggage and can be accompanied only by one piece of hand luggage that does not exceed the following dimensions: 55 x 35 x 25 cm.

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Frequent questions about Renfe luggage allowance policy

Are pets allowed on Renfe trains?
According to Renfe pet policy, small animals are permitted on trains as long as they do not create any problems for the other passengers. Small dogs, cats, ferrets and birds should be kept in a pet container that does not exceed the dimensions of 60 x 35 x 35 cm. Also, the pet itself should not weigh more than 10 kg. The owners of the animals should carry all documentation concerning their pet’s health condition and should make sure to keep the container clean during the trip. Also, it is worth noting that, although on certain trains, pets travel for free, in others, a 25% reduced ticket should be purchased. In this case, you should check the rules that apply to the specific train you are about to book a ticket for. Guide dogs and assistance dogs may travel free of charge, accompanying their owners. Pets cannot travel if the purchased ticket includes a bus in the route.
What are the luggage restrictions on Renfe trains?
Besides weight and dimensions restrictions Renfe has limitations regarding the items transported. Here are some of the things you cannot bring on board Renfe trains according to the luggage policy:
  • Knives;
  • Other sharp and puncturing objects that can be dangerous;
  • Firearms (except those having permits and ownership documents);
  • Weapons (authorized professionals can carry weapons if they can provide professional membership card);
  • Explosives;
  • Flammable, toxic and chemical substances;
  • Ammunition (except for some types).
Can I transport bikes through the Renfe luggage delivery service?
Yes, you can ship special luggage through the Renfe door-to-door delivery service, including bikes, scooters and sports equipment. The bicycle should be disassembled and packed. The final dimensions should not exceed 120x90x40 cm. If your bicycle does not meet these requirements or you travel on the Renfe train which does not have the option of purchasing luggage delivery, you can choose Eurosender for safe delivery of your bike and other sports equipment. Check the price in our booking tool!
How should I prepare my luggage for sending it before travelling on Renfe trains?
When using door-to-door delivery services for travelling light on Renfe trains, it is essential that you pack suitcases, musical instruments and sports equipment. Check our guides to get detailed instructions about packing these and other items.
Note: Consider using cardboard boxes as the final packaging for suitcases. Some couriers may refuse to collect your suitcase if it’s not packed in a cardboard box. Inform yourself about the proper luggage packaging before travelling on a Renfe train.
When will I receive my luggage if I decide to send it through the Renfe luggage service?
With Renfe luggage service, you can receive your belongings in 1-3 days, depending on the route. Need your luggage urgently? Use our Express service and get your items delivered in 24 hours within Spain!
The information above is the result of online research conducted in June 2021. For more information about the Renfe luggage allowance policy, we strongly recommend checking the train company’s official website.


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