Eurosender offers access to different types of courier services

Do you have a parcel, sports equipment or pallet to ship and do not know which type of courier service you need? Eurosender can provide you with access to different types of courier services. From standard shipping of packages and suitcases to freight transport. The selection of the right type of courier service depends on what your shipping needs are, how quickly you would like your shipment to be collected, and of course your budget.

We cooperate with the most reputable courier service specialists in the industry, like DPD, GLS, DHL, Kuehne & Nagel and DB Schenker. So, shipping with Eurosender is simple, quick and reliable!

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Several factors influence types of courier services a shipper can choose from and this factors also influence each other. One of them is time or how fast the pick-up and delivery should happen. The faster the delivery, the more expensive the courier service is.

The other factor is the type of goods that are being shipped. For example, when shipping fragile and valuable items the customer would want to choose the courier service that would ensure safe delivery. On the other hand, some products like food and other cold chain delivery goods also require special treatment, therefore standard courier services are not suitable for them.

Then there is also a delivery destination, which can influence the delivery time, while the size and weight of the shipment influence the price of the courier service.

So, which are the different types of courier services to choose from?

Standard courier services

Standard shipping is the most common and cheapest courier service used for shipping small to medium size packages up to 40kg. Delivery time usually lasts between 2 and 5 working days, depending on the destination. Size and weight of the parcel are the two parameters that form the shipping prices, which do not include packaging. So, the shipper needs to pack and protect the items according to our guidelines. When it comes to the size and the weight of the parcels, there are certain limitations that apply. If you decide to book the standard courier services on our platform, you can check the dimensions in the calculator below. This will tell you what type of courier services is suitable for your shipment.

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You can book a standard courier service straight in our booking engine. Select a pick-up and delivery country, a number of packages and their weight. After placing an order, we will take care of all the details about the shipping with one of the courier service providers from our logistics network. All you will have to do is to prepare your shipment for the pick-up.

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International courier services

Whenever a shipment is sent from one country to another, we talk about international courier services. For these type of courier services, the prices vary depending on the chosen route. With Eurosender you can ship your parcels to more than 30 destinations. International shipping is a useful service for students, expats and other people living abroad, who need to send gifts and other items back home. Use our shipping engine to find the best courier service for your destination.

International courier services are often used by retailers, who need to ship their products to the buyers around the world. When using international shipping, certain restrictions apply for some items, since countries have specific legislation for what can or cannot be shipped. Therefore, we recommend doing a research before shipping certain items that might be prohibited or restricted.

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Same day courier service

If you have an important shipment which you would like to ship as soon as possible, then choose same day courier service. Out of all the types of courier services, this is the quickest service of them all, but sometimes also the most expensive one as well.

Eurosender offers same day collection service to our business users who need to schedule a parcel pick-up in Portugal, Poland, Croatia, Romania or Slovenia. And very soon the same day courier service will be available also for our individual customers.


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Pallet shipping services

At Eurosender we also offer access to pallet shipping services for up to 4000kg. This type of courier service is quite used among business users who need to ship palletised goods. When shipping Euro-pallets you can book shipping service automatically in our booking engine. Simply select the number of pallets you are shipping and proceed with the order.

Freight shipments are automatically insured according to the CMR Convention, but you can protect your palletised goods with additional insurance.

Eurosender has partnered up with one of the largest insurance companies in the EU ERGO Versicherung AG, providing additional insurance options of up to 1.000€, 2.000€, and 5.000€ coverage per shipment at convenient prices. You can add an extra insurance during the ordering process.



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Overnight services

This service makes next day deliveries possible. It is suitable for those who would like their shipments to be delivered on the following morning/day. As the name of the service suggests, the goods are transported to their delivery address overnight. This type of courier service is great for last minute requests. However, next day courier services are not always available for all the routes, since the distance is an important factor in making an overnight delivery possible, as well as the means of transportation used.

With Eurosender domestic shipping services usually take 1 day to reach the delivery destination.

If you have to ship specially shaped items, no problem, aks for an offer and our sales team will get back to you with a tailor-made offer for your shipping needs.

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