Luxury Car Transport Service for High-End Vehicles

High-end auto transport solutions for prestige & luxury cars

Luxury car transport services require a great amount of care and attention. With years of experience in logistics within the automotive industry, we know exactly what you need when arranging a prestigious car transport service. To make sure your vehicle will arrive in pristine conditions, we collaborate only with transporters that are fully vetted and certified. Tell our experts what you need, and we will tailor a solution to match your needs.
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Why choose Eurosender for high-end auto transport

Enclosed transport for increased safety

Fully insured vehicle shipping service

Fast delivery with tracking included


Luxury auto transport in enclosed vehicles

The enclosed vehicle shipping is our most premium solution, offering greater automobile protection in a dedicated and covered delivery service. For this reason, it is the most recommended solution for transporting prestige, exotic and high-end cars. Your vehicle will be transported directly to the desired location in the fastest and safest way possible.

Types of prestige cars we transport

Our luxury car transport service is used by individuals, manufacturers, and dealerships to move vehicles that are unique and highly valued. Here are a few examples of situations in which we have organised high-end auto transport services:

  • Supercars transport for international collectors.
  • Shipping film and promotional vehicles to events or movie sets.
  • Transportation of newly bought luxury cars from the store to the owner.
  • Delivery of race cars to events or back to storage.
  • Transport of vintage prestige cars that are no longer functional.


Fully tailored luxury car shipping quotes

Our luxury car transport services are always organised on-demand, based on the requirements of each order. Depending on the type of vehicle you wish to send, special arrangements can be made, and we can schedule the pick-up and delivery on the most convenient date and time for you.

Request your luxury car shipping quote, and we will reach out to you in a couple of hours. Quotes are non-obligation and entirely free of charge.


How to prepare your prestige car for transport

We recommend going through the following checklist when booking a luxury auto transport service.

  • Clearing: Remove all personal belongings from the vehicle
  • Condition check: Check the fuel and fluids levels and take notes of the overall performance
  • Documentation: Prepare all documents required, especially if it is a sale
  • Proof: Take photographs of your car before the transport to serve as evidence

We work with the best exotic car shipping companies

At Eurosender, we make safety our number one priority. When building up our network of transporters, we carefully vet each luxury auto transport company we work with. Through this lengthy process, we ensure that every prestige car transported using our platform will receive the best care possible: high-safety standards, discreet drivers and a smooth shipping process.

Get immediate access to the best exotic car shipping companies through Eurosender.


FAQ – Luxury car transport service

How much does it cost to ship a luxury car?
Every luxury car shipping quote is fully personalised to your needs and therefore, its price always varies based on your personal requirements. We calculate the shipping price based on the type of vehicle being transported, the pick-up and delivery locations, the urgency of the delivery, and any special requirements.
Check how much does it cost to ship your luxury car with us by requesting a no-obligation quote.
How long does it take to transport a prestige car?
The duration of the vehicle delivery will depend on the distance between the collection and delivery locations. We only work with luxury auto transport companies operating via road transport, which means your delivery will be done via trucks or vans. With the dedicated service, high-end auto transport services within Europe may take between 24-48h.
Can I choose the date and time for the luxury car transport service?
Yes, when you book the shipping service, you will be able to send us your desired date and time for pick-up. We will then take over communication and arrange everything with the exotic car shipping company on your behalf, so you don’t have to spend your time dealing with the logistics side.
Please note that arranging a collection or delivery on a specific timeframe may be subject to surcharges.
How does the shipping insurance work when booking high-end auto transport?
You can rest assured that all our vehicle shipping solutions include transport insurance. Since each luxury car shipping quote is arranged individually, the insurance will depend on the type of vehicle being shipped and the type of service chosen. While booking the service, you will be able to check with our logistics specialists all the insurance options available for your luxury car transport service.
What type of additional services does Eurosender offer?
We understand that the business of luxury car transport services requires tailored solutions because every vehicle is unique. We pride ourselves in always going the extra mile to find solutions for any problem, regardless of how complex it may seem.
Some examples of additional services we can arrange are secure & covered warehousing, loading ramp for low clearance vehicles, longer vehicles for transporting antique cars that typically have different sizes, and much more. Reach out to our experts to get a fully personalised quote for shipping luxury cars.