What can you send

What can you send

Eurosender offers a wide range of courier services and freight transport for shipping different type of items and provides services according to the needs of both end-customers and business customers. Through Eurosender, it is possible to ship in Europe and other selected countries at some of the lowest shipping prices. Whether you are planning to send a parcel, suitcases or pallets, our easy-to-follow website allows you to do it in just a few minutes.

Are you planning to ship any valuable items or items that have a high risk of getting damaged? We strongly recommend you to protect them extra. We are able to provide you with different types additional insurance, suitable to your needs. In this way, your items will be better protected. Extra insurance is available during the ordering process at very low rates. Depending on the type of shipment, we can advise you on what are the best options to choose from when it comes to additional insurance. Contact us to find out more!

Note that it is not allowed to send anything fragile or that you wouldn’t be allowed to check-in when flying such as aerosols, illegal and restricted items (drugs, stolen items, weapons), dangerous and explosive items, glass, animals, etc.

If you have troubles determining if your shipment is suitable for the services we offer, get in touch with us.

1. Packages

Through Eurosender’s booking service, you have access to some of the most affordable prices available on the market for an optimal quality of shipping service for parcels and freight transport. The service is available for both private and business customers, anywhere in Europe.

In case you are planning to send a package abroad, the items have to be placed in a cardboard box and it’s important to choose the right one. It needs to be rigid and sturdy enough to support its weight and contents and must have no holes, tears or dents. Old labels should also be removed from the exterior.

How to pack

Make sure you wrap your items in a way to ensure their strength and safety in transportation.

You can choose to wrap your items individually in foam padding, wrapping paper or bubble wrap to make sure they are safe inside your box. Also, fill all the empty spaces in your box to avoid the contents moving around. Afterwards, seal the box correctly with duct tape.

2. Suitcases

Carrying one or more suitcases around might get very expensive for those who travel extensively, work or study abroad.

Sending your suitcases through Eurosender is the most affordable and convenient option. You don’t have to compromise on the number of suitcases, and you don’t have to carry them around. That way you can take your flight hassle and stress-free, in the knowledge that your suitcase is already on its way to its destination.

How to pack suitcases

Make sure your items are properly packed and protected inside the suitcase. All pockets must be closed and fully zipped.

After packing, wrap your suitcase in a protective plastic film, including the handles and wheels. Plastic bags should not be used to protect suitcases.

Note that the courier companies might reject any suitcase that isn’t wrapped in plastic stretch.

3. Pallets

This service is suitable for bigger packages and those parcels that are awkward or bulky enough to warrant transportation via pallet.

For private customers

Are you a private customer? You have the option to instantly book the shipping of a Euro-pallet from the engine located on our main page.

In this case, all your boxes must be properly placed on top of the pallet. The dimensions and weight have to be calculated together with the pallet and should not exceed the limits of a Euro-pallet.

Your shipment doesn’t qualify as a Euro-pallet, it is bigger or it has an odd shape? Eurosender can prepare for you a personalized offer, based on the specifics of your parcel and the chosen route.

For business customers

If you need to ship a pallet or a bigger shipment to one of your partners abroad and have no time to wait for a quote, you can directly create an account on our platform – free of charge – and check the prices for different routes. We made available instant quoting for big shipments on different European routes.

We are currently working on offering immediate price for any freight transport in Europe. Create your company’s account and check if, on your selected route, the instant quote is available.

What is an individual offer?

The individual offer is an online form to request a personalized offer for your package. You will need to fill it in with all the details concerning your shipment: the dimensions, weight, the content of the shipment and personal details including the address of pick-up and delivery.

After you submit the form, our freight department will send you an email with an affordable offer at the cheapest shipping rates. Afterwards, you can reject or accept the offer to start the shipping process. To request an individual offer, fill in the following form.

4. Sports equipment

With Eurosender, you have the option to send your sports equipment affordably and easily. You will not need to carry your equipment to the airport since Eurosender’s international shipping service is a door-to-door one.

What you can send

You can send any type of sports equipment, like:

How to pack sports equipment

All your items should be in a sturdy cardboard box and packed in a way that prevents the items from shifting inside the box. If possible, consider dismantling some items such as bikes in order to fit them better in a box.

In case you cannot fit your items into a cardboard box, they will need to be wrapped in cardboard and then protected with duct tape.

Please note that packages tied together are not accepted. If you distribute the equipment in separate boxes, the shipping service has to be requested for the total number of packages.

If you are a first-time shipper or you simply need more information about what is the right way to prepare your parcel or pallets for transportation, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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