What can you send?

Eurosender offers a large variety of shipping services; all from standard shipping service of cardboard boxes, packages, luggage, suitcases… to freight service of pallets and all other different types of items, furniture removal, vehicle transport, to relocation and removals service as well as dedicated van delivery service. Each service is adapted according to the needs of both private and business customers. Whatever you wish to send, count on us! At Eurosender, we have logistics specialists who will know how to arrange your shipping needs. Our easy-to-follow website allows you to find the information you are looking for or place your order in just a few clicks.

If you already know what you would like to send, you can directly place the order in the booking engine below:

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Eurosender offers the following shipping services:

All shipping services are available to both C2C and B2B customers around the globe.

Standard shipping service

Not sure which service is the best for you? Don’t hesitate, measure the dimensions of your parcel and insert them in the shipment-size checker below. If you have more than one parcel, you have to do it for each parcel separately.

Check the dimensions of your parcel/package

Each parcel you would like to send by using our standard shipping service, should weigh up to 40 kg and be within the following dimension limits:

  • Maximum length of 175 cm;
  • Length (in cm) + 2x width (in cm) + 2x height (in cm) < 300 cm (length plus two times width plus two times height should be less than 300 cm or 3 m all together). The length measurement should be the longest side of the package.

As standard shipping service you can send packages, parcels, suitcases, sports and duffle bags as well as luggage. Whatever your shipment will be, it has to be packed well and correctly to avoid any damage in transport. Check out how to ship your desired items and read packing instructions on our dedicated pages.


Send a suitcase

When you travel, travel with style – stress and hassle free! Send a suitcase of your belongings via Eurosender and pick it at the final location. This is far most convenient and affordable solution you can do to avoid extra costs for additional luggage while travelling by plane, bus or train. Persuade yourself, why is it better to send a suitcase when you’re flying with a low-cost airline. Shipping luggage via Eurosender is what many travellers do every day.

How to pack when you send a suitcase?

Make sure that all your items are properly packed and protected inside the suitcase. All pockets must be closed and fully zipped. Make sure there is no irregular or sharp edge. After packing, wrap your suitcase in a protective plastic film, including the handles and wheels. Plastic bags should not be used to protect suitcases. Note that the courier companies might reject any suitcase that isn’t wrapped in a plastic stretch.



Shipping packages and parcel shipping

Whether you are shipping packages or you have to arrange a parcel shipping, all the items have to be placed in a firm cardboard box, which has to be rigid and sturdy enough to support its weight and contents. It shall have no holes, tears or dents. All old labels have to be removed from the exterior as the courier driver will put a new label for your shipment.

How to pack your shipping packages?

If you have more items, you can wrap each item individually in foam padding, wrapping paper or bubble wrap to protect them extra and make sure they are safely placed inside the cardboard box. If you have any space left, fill it with styrofoam packing peanuts so that no item will move during transport. In the end, seal the box well with duct tape to prevent it open while in transit.



Shipping sports and duffle bags

If you are shipping sports and duffle bags, you have to put them into a cardboard box. Take into consideration, that the courier driver can refuse to pick up your bag if it is not properly packed and placed in a cardboard box. Any old label must be removed, as the driver will put a new label which will be needed for this present shipping.

How to pack when shipping sports and duffle bags?

Depending on whether you have more items, you can wrap each of them individually for extra protection. The bag has to be fully zipped and there shall be no sharp object which could peek through and cause any damage. The bag has to be then placed in a sturdy cardboard box, which will hold its weight. Make sure that the bag can’t move inside the box. If there is space left, fill in with styrofoam packing peanuts so that the bag is safely fixed.


Are you wondering when you can expect your shipment to be delivered? Check what is the estimated delivery time on your route.

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You can also track your shipment using our tracking tool. All you have to do is to insert the tracking number. Check our dedicated page to learn how does parcel tracking work and what is the meaning of different statuses you may encounter.

Are you wondering how much would you pay for what you would like to send? Get a free quote now! In case you already have a question or any concerns, don’t hesitate, but contact our friendly customer support team.

Freight service

Each parcel heavier than 40kg (on some relations even 30kg) or exceeding standard shipping service dimensions is treated as freight shipment at Eurosender. Whether you have a palletised shipping or you have to arrange a shipping of large bulky and/or oddly shaped items, sports equipment, music instruments, electronic devices, furniture removal of any kind, or whether you have to prepare a shipping of household items or vehicle transport, you are on the right page. Eurosender offers a wide range of freight service! Our logistics experts can help or advise you about different services, ranging from Less than truckload (LTL), Partial truckload (PTL) to Full truckload (FTL).



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Palletised shipping

Palletised shipping is recommended when you have to send a larger number of packages or large and heavy items. The service is, as all other Eurosender services, available to all; private and business customers.

At Eurosender, we offer instant pallet delivery and individual tailored based offers.


Instant pallet delivery

On most European routes we provide instant pallet delivery of Euro-pallets. Take a look and see the quote!


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How to pack for instant pallet delivery?

Each pallet must be carefully chosen. It shall not be broken or in bad condition. The pallet itself has to be sturdy, so it can hold the weight of all its cargo. It has to be well packaged and secured for transport.

All packages have to be in equal columns, not overlooking the pallet itself, and there shall be no gaps between them. Gaps could cause movement which could lead to any kind of damage of the shipped goods. Make sure your packages are packed tightly, which will enable them to sustain the jolts and shocks during transport.

If your packages are of different weight, place the heavier ones on the bottom of the pallet and the lighter ones on them. In the end, wrap the cargo in stretch foil for additional protection of the shipped goods.



Individual request

When you have to ship pallets that are not corresponding to Euro-pallets, demand an individual request with all the details of what you are shipping (the goods, weight and dimensions), including your personal details and our logistic experts will prepare an individual offer for you which will be tailored to your requirements.

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Shipping sports equipment

With Eurosender, you can arrange shipping sports equipment affordably and easily. You will not need to carry your equipment to the airport, train or bus station and drag it along on all stopovers to the final destination because Eurosender offers you door-to-door domestic and international shipping service.


What sports equipment can you send?

When shipping sports equipment, check out our dedicated pages and learn more on how to pack and ship them correctly. Most sports equipment is of larger dimensions and it will qualify as freight service. However, if it corresponds to standard parcels when packed, you can send it using our standard shipping service and place your order directly online.


How to pack when shipping sports equipment?

All your items should be in a sturdy cardboard box and packed in a way that prevents the items from shifting inside the box. If possible, consider dismantling some items such as bikes in order to fit them better in a box. In case you cannot fit your items into a cardboard box, they will need to be wrapped in cardboard and then protected with duct tape. Please note that packages tied together are not accepted. If you distribute the equipment in separate boxes, the shipping service has to be requested for the total number of packages. If you are a first-time shipper or you simply need more information about what is the right way to prepare your parcel for shipping sports equipment, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Shipping music instruments and electronic devices

When shipping music instruments and electronic devices, we can organise affordable and reliable shipping service adapted to the item you would like to send. Often, these items are of more fragile nature and great value, therefore we recommend you to read the shipping instructions carefully and pack them correctly.

What music instrument or electronic device can you send?

At Eurosender, we can help you to arrange shipping any kind of music instrument or electronic device. Visit our dedicated pages if you’d like to send any item from the list below and learn more about the shipping itself. In case you have other instruments or devices to send, you are welcome to contact our friendly customer support for advice.




Shipping large bulky and /or oddly shaped items

If you have a package/suitcase/items that exceed standard shipping service dimensions neither qualify for instant pallet delivery, send us an individual request and we will arrange an individual offer for you, tailored to your needs. We will need all the details of the package/suitcase/items you want to send and your personal details. Our logistics experts will send you a competitive offer to the e-mail address you will provide. You can then accept or decline our proposal.

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Vehicle transport

At Eurosender, we can help you arrange vehicle transport, whether it is for a car, a motorcycle, wheels and tyres, or any other type of vehicle or only one of its parts.

To place an order for vehicle transport, please contact us at sales@eurosender.com and we will arrange all for you. Please note that when you contact us, mention that you are interested in vehicle transport.


Relocation and removals service

Relocation and removals service is aimed to all of you who may be moving to another house, relocating for work, changing your business premises, leaving for a student exchange and all who have to arrange a transport of several larger items or other belongings. You can send all you need to transport to the new location (furniture, personal belongings, household items, office stuff, sports equipment and much more).

All your items will be transported in a moving truck/van. They may share space with the belongings of other people.

To place your order, please send us an e-mail at sales@eurosender.com and mention that you are looking for relocation and removals service.


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How to pack for relocation and removals service?

Generally, you don’t need to do any special packaging. You can place your items directly in the truck/van. However, for extra protection during transport, we recommend packaging your items before the driver’s arrival. Use cardboard boxes, plastic bags, suitcases and other packaging material suitable to what you have to transport. If you decide to transport fragile items, please note, that it is your own responsibility to pack them accordingly for transit to prevent any possible damage.

Furniture removal and shipping household items

Furniture removal is closely related to shipping household items as the latter group is often part of the first one when customers are moving several items together. Depending on what and how many items you have to send, consider selecting relocation and removals service or dedicated van delivery service.

Find out more about furniture removal and shipping household items on our dedicated pages.

Dedicated Van Delivery service

When you need a fast solution to move several items at one time, we offer you a dedicated van delivery service as the fastest way to transport from one location to the other. The shipment will be transported directly with no stop-over in hubs of any courier providers and there will be no space sharing with the belongings of any other customer. You can transport furniture, office equipment, personal belongings, household items, sports equipment and much more.

To place your order, please send us an e-mail at sales@eurosender.com and mention that you are looking for a dedicated van delivery service.

How to pack for dedicated van delivery service?

Generally, you don’t need to do any special packaging, as you can place your items directly in the van. However, we recommend packaging your items before the driver’s arrival for their extra protection during transport. Use cardboard boxes, plastic bags, suitcases and other packaging material suitable to what you have to transport. If you decide to transport fragile items, please note, that it is your own responsibility to pack them accordingly for transit to prevent any possible damage.

Shipping insurance

Are you planning to ship any valuable items or items that have a high risk of getting damaged? We strongly recommend you to protect them extra. We are able to provide you with different types additional shipping insurance, suitable to your needs. In this way, your items will be better protected. Extra insurance is available during the ordering process at very low rates. Depending on the type of shipment, we can advise you on what are the best options to choose from when it comes to additional insurance. Contact us to find out more!

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Is there anything I can’t send?

Note that it is not allowed to send anything fragile or that you wouldn’t be allowed to check-in when flying such as aerosols, illegal and restricted items (drugs, stolen items, weapons), dangerous and explosive items, glass, animals, etc.

If you send any such items, you send them on your own responsibility. The insurance will not apply for any kind of prohibited items.

Shipping services for all kinds of customers

No matter who as a customer you are – whether you are C2C sending a parcel to your friend whether you are B2B shipping your business products – you are welcome to arrange your shipment via Eurosender. To make it all easier for you, you can create your personal account as a business or a private person (free of charge) and place your orders from one place.