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Excess luggage

When travelling between different countries, there is always a lot of things that people need to take with them. Most of the time, travellers are compelled to buy additional luggage, especially when using low cost airlines. Even though the price of a flight ticket may seem affordable at first, the airlines proved to be an expensive option to transfer your luggage to another place. At the same time, carrying a suitcase around can make the travel unpleasant.

Our recommendation is to ship your suitcase with us and not only avoid extra charges at the airport, but also save the time spent at the check-in counters.

Thanks to Eurosender, national and international shipping rates are lower than standard airline or courier fares. You don’t need to compromise on the number of suitcases and items that you want to pack. Whether you’re going on holiday, you’re planning a business trip or you’re simply moving to a new country – shipping your suitcase is a far better option than taking it with you.

At Eurosender, our main focus is to simplify the ordering process and offer a streamlined booking experience.  Let us take the worry off of you – you can easily leave everything in our hands.

You can now book door-to-door courier services and have your suitcase delivered wherever you need it. It can be your residential address, your workplace, a hotel or any other holiday accommodation. By cooperating with different courier companies, we are able to cover any place in a chosen country - as long as it is a EU member state.

You can get an instant quote for the shipment of your belongings and the price displayed on the website is always the final one.