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Job relocation

Nowadays, there are more and more jobs that require relocation every now and then. Whether it is a completely new job in a different country or you are asked to move away from home temporarily –  a relocation can be a challenge that often turns out to be both very stressful and quite costly.

If you move abroad for an undetermined period of time or for good, you may want to take most of your personal belongings with you, plus maybe even some pieces of furniture on top of that.

Some companies have certain relocation policies and offer assistance to their employees, coordinating the whole process and covering some of the expenses. But it may also happen that you will be the one responsible for all the arrangements and therefore, you will probably have a more restrained budget. In this case, you may need a helping hand and some advice on affordable solutions that are available to you, so that whatever goes out of your own pocket is spent wisely.

At Eurosender, we try to ease the transition for anyone who needs to relocate. We can arrange the transportation of any personal belongings, household goods and even furniture at reduced costs. At the same time, in case you need your goods to be delivered on a particular date, we can arrange storage facilities with the courier companies that we collaborate with.

What is more, you can ask our shipping experts any questions - they will be happy to give you instructions on how to place an order, where to find a proper packaging, how to pack your items carefully or when to purchase additional insurance.

Therefore, if you are either an employer who wants to include shipping services in the relocation plan for current or prospective employees or you simply move abroad to start a new job and you need to arrange all these details yourself – you should consider sending the goods to your new location through Eurosender.

We provide access to a wide network of courier companies and we offer low international shipping prices. With our affordable international household shipping rates, you will definitely save money, plus we will give you a final quote and no extra costs will be incurred. In this way, we keep stress and cost to a minimum.

We are optimized for package shipping and freight transport across Europe and we specialize in international relocation. Our experts can advise you on the cheapest way to ship your belongings - whether your job requires relocation to the UK, France, Germany, Poland or any other place in the EU, we are able to provide fast and secure shipping.