Permanently moving abroad

Moving abroad is a big step in your life and you will want to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Probably there are plenty of things that you want to transfer to the new location, including things like pieces of furniture.

It can be a hassle to organize alone the entire relocation. From finding the best option to move your things from one country to another to packing everything up, moving abroad is definitely not an easy task.

At Eurosender, we can definitely help you tackle at least one of the issues. We can help you by coordinating your move and plan everything accordingly: from making the list of items that you want to bring to the new location, to the best advice about packaging. Our team of experts is prepared to assist you in every step of your relocation.

After you make the list of items that you want to transport and pack them thoroughly, it’s time to plan the shipping. It’s here where we can prove that we have hands on experience in helping people transfer their packages safely to a new location.

You can tell us more about your international moving needs and we will provide you with some of the best international shipping quotes with no added costs. Since you are going to transfer some of your most valuable belongings from one country to another, you will want to make a thorough research of all the available options.

We got you covered. We know that paying for your own relocation can be burdening in terms of prices. So we do the research and we choose the most affordable courier company that has a high quality standard of services.

Our shipping experts will inform you about the insurance that applies to your shipment and they can also advise you about the right insurance package that you may want to buy. It is critical to have all the shipments insured because despite everyone’s efforts, sometimes things can take a wrong turn.

Here at Eurosender, our main focus is to offer the most affordable prices for parcel and pallet shipping in Europe and provide convenient solutions for relocations: easy booking for door-to-door shipping services, access to high quality services provided by some of the most renowned international courier companies, storage facilities, tracking systems and permanent customer assistance.