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Study abroad

Whether you are going to study, to volunteer or to do an internship abroad, most likely there are some things that you just can’t leave home without. No matter where you move – as long as your destination is in the EU, we can help you relocate easily by offering door-to-door courier services.

We’ve all been there and we know that even when you settle down abroad, there will still be many packages to come. At some point, you will be interested in sending something back home as well.

Eurosender gives both international and domestic students a helping hand, offering them affordable shipping services. In this way, you can save money and enjoy your time abroad much more.

We offer shipping services from the most renowned and international courier companies. Whenever we decide to collaborate with a particular courier service provider, we always have in mind that it has to be reliable and assure the competitive prices on the market.

Moreover, we have already partnered with many student organizations across Europe in order to offer exchange students a solution to the problem they often face - having too much luggage. You can contact us to get a list of these organizations and see if and how exactly you can benefit from discounted prices that Eurosender is offering through them.

You can also ship your bike, surfboard, snowboard, or any sports equipment, so that you can make the most out of the time spent in a new place.

You can ask our team for any advice on how to properly pack your items or relocate easier. We also recommend to check our blog that is constantly updated with relevant information about shipping services and interesting travel destinations.