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Eurosender B2B

Eurosender B2B provides high quality shipping services at affordable prices to businesses throughout the EU. With Eurosender B2B, you can significantly reduce shipping costs without compromising on the service itself. Through Eurosender, you gain access to a highly optimized logistics network comprised of Europe’s biggest courier companies (such as DPD, GLS, Seur), allowing you to ship packages from anywhere in the EU with renowned couriers at significantly reduced costs.

Eurosender has a selected courier that offers the best price to service ratio for each individual shipping route within the EU, saving you the hassle of comparing and identifying the best rate and courier.

Apart from being cost and time effective, Eurosender B2B is designed for maximal ease of use and efficiency. Our highly responsive support team is also on hand to help resolve any problems should they arise.

Eurosender B2B offers account holders a coherent interface that combines all pertinent shipment details, providing an overview of all orders, shipment status updates and individual package tracking.

All shipments sent with Eurosender B2B are automatically insured for the value of up to 200€, while reduced rates for additional insurance (for coverage up to 2000 €) are also available.  In case of damage or loss, Eurosender will take care of the entire insurance claim procedure on your behalf.

To gain access to Eurosender B2B special rates and discounts, register your business now.


How to Register for Eurosender B2B:

By registering for Eurosender B2B, you will create an account that will allow you to order and track all of your shipments in one place in an efficient and concise manner. Note that registration will not result in a legally binding contract.

Any business can register for Eurosender B2B by filling out the online registration form (link). Eurosender staff will then review your application and contact you with a proposal on rates and discounts we can offer you, given your order quantities.

Disclosing relevant tax residence details will make your application more complete and allow Eurosender staff to adjust final prices accordingly. If your business has a valid EU VAT identification number, no VAT will be charged.

After you complete the registration process, reduced prices will automatically apply to all orders made through your account. You can still make and track orders prior to completing your company registration, however in that case standard Eurosender rates will apply.

Payment for Eurosender shipping can be either by PayPal, credit card or bank transfer. Your order will be processed and a courier service booked once payment is received.

All packages are insured for the value of up to 200 €, however additional insurance with coverage of up to 2000 € is also available.


How are max. dimensions calculated?

  • Maximum length of item is 175 cm
  • Length (in cm) + 2x width (in cm) + 2x height (in cm) < 300 cm (length plus two times widths plus two times height should be less than 300 cm or 3 m all together).


Check your dimensions: 

Preverjanje dimenzij vaše pošiljke
Niste prepričani, ali se bo vaša pošiljka obravnavala kot paket ali kot tovorna pošiljka?
Vnesite dimenzije v spodnja polja in preverite: