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Will the courier call me before delivery?

Even though we collect phone numbers from all of our customers, we cannot guarantee that the courier will call you before delivery, as it varies by country and courier service provider.

If the couriers decide to call the recipient, they can only call local phone numbers, so please provide us with a local number in order to enable phone communication with the courier.


What is the expected time frame of delivery?

The couriers deliver packages based on a prescheduled route. Therefore, we cannot guarantee a specific timeframe of delivery. You can track your item or contact the local courier for more accurate information about delivery.


Who will deliver my package?

Your package will be delivered by the courier service provider chosen by Eurosender for your route. We collaborate with the largest European couriers (such as UPS, DPD, GLS, SEUR, Parcel Force, ACS and many more) who will transport and deliver your packages, suitcases and pallets.

At Eurosender, we choose the courier which offers the best price-to-performance ratio for each specific route.

Eurosender constantly monitors performance of all couriers to allow best performance on each of our routes. We are constantly optimizing and improving our network of courier companies in order to offer you the highest quality of service possible.


Where will my package be delivered?

Your package will be delivered to the address which you indicated while placing your order on Eurosender.com. If no one is present at the given address, the selected courier service provider can deliver your package to an alternative address (neighboring address, local post office or delivery point).


What if I am not at the specified address at the time of delivery?

If you are not present at the specified location during the time of delivery, you should receive a notification from the courier company that in most cases will allow you to arrange a new delivery attempt in the upcoming days directly with the courier. However, in some countries, the courier service providers guarantee only one delivery attempt. After the first attempt is made, the parcel is stored in the local depot of the courier company and the customer can pick it up from there.


Do I need a local phone number for a successful delivery?

Drivers and local logistics centers can only call local phone numbers, so you are strongly advised to provide us with a local number in order to allow a smooth communication.

If you do not have one, please provide your international phone number, so that Eurosender can still reach you in case of any problems with your order.

Please note that the courier drivers primarily speak the language of the country where the delivery is made. Eurosender cannot guarantee that the drivers of the selected courier service provider speak an international language.


Can I change the delivery address after I already placed the order?

After your order is processed and the information have already been forwarded to the selected courier service provider, we cannot guarantee that the requested changes will be possible. In any case, you can contact us at help@eurosender.com and we will check if, at the time of your request to change the address, the modifications can still be made.


How can I track my shipment?

All of our shipments have a corresponding order number and a tracking number. You will receive your order number immediately after you book the service, and your tracking number in a separate e-mail, along with tracking instructions. We will forward you the tracking number as soon as the courier service provider has assigned one to your shipment, and has sent it to us.

You can use the tracking tool available on our website by entering either the order or tracking number, or you can directly follow the tracking link provided in the confirmation e-mail.


What if my shipment is delivered damaged?

In the unlikely event that your shipment will be delivered damaged, the customer, along with the driver of the selected courier company, shall write a report on the damaged shipment they received, including photos and detailed description of the damage. 

The customer is required to notify us within 48 hours of receiving the delivery. In those cases, Eurosender offers customer support for submitting complaints to the courier service provider and by guiding you along the claims procedures, free of charge.


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