Najjeftinije slanje iz Belgije

Usluga na ovoj ruti bit će uskoro dostupna.

If you are thinking about spending your holidays in Malta, some planning might be needed. Eurosender offers you an easier solution than carrying your suitcase around. Book shipping services through our user-friendly website and our system will automatically show you the final price of sending a package iz Belgije to Malta.

Najniže cijene i izravne ponude (do 70% jeftinije od standardnih kurirskih usluga)

Podrška našeg tima za pomoć korisnicima

Jednostavan i besprijekoran sistem rezervacije

Preuzimanje i dostavu od vrata do vrata od ponedjeljka do petka obave naši najpouzdaniji logistički partneri

Posebne cijene za poslovne korisnike

Potpuno praćen i siguran transport vaših pošiljaka

Četiri online načini plaćanja – kreditna kartica, PayPal, bankovni prijenos i plaćanje korisničkim kreditima

Osnovno osiguranje u vrijednosti do 200 EUR uključeno je u cijenu, mogućnost dodatnog osiguranja po povoljnim cijenama

Uštedit ćemo vam brigu za uspoređivanje cijena slanja pošiljaka i za vas odabrati pružatelja logističkih usluga koji nudi najbolji omjer cijene i performansa.
Naručite slanje u nekoliko jednostavnih koraka, mi ćemo se pobrinuti za ostalo.

Kako djeluje?

Pošaljite paket iz Belgije

With Eurosender, both private customers and companies can send their parcels from anywhere in Europe to Malta in just a few easy steps. While saving you a lot of money, we also always choose a company that is best suited for the type of service you need. This way, you can be sure that your packages will be delivered in time as well as in one piece. You can use the super simple booking engine on our website to immediately see the prices for shipping on your selected route. With us, getting the best service for a particular price is a rule, even if you are sending a package iz Belgije to Malta for the first time. And the best part? The booking process is a child's play. Just visit our website, place an order online and you are good to go. In case you need to know more, our friendly customer support team is always ready to quickly respond to any of your queries and guide you through the process.

Pošaljite kovčeg iz Belgije

Do you want to send a suitcase iz Belgije to Malta but just do not have the time to research all the possibilities? Eurosender's booking engine immediately shows you the lowest possible price for a quick and reliable suitcase shipment while all our offers even include insurance. Having to pay an excess luggage fee at the airport probably does not make you particularly happy. But why bother when one can simply send everything, decide on the delivery location and save money? Together with our trusted logistics partners, Eurosender makes this an ideal suitcase shipping solution. All our international partners are known for their high-quality service and reliability, which means that the whole process is as stress-free as it can be. Besides an excellent shipment tracking possibilities, our customers also enjoy the services of Eurosender's quick and friendly customer support team.

Pošaljite paletu iz Belgije

Do you wonder if it is possible to send a pallet iz Belgije to Malta? We have all the right answers for you. With Eurosender's solutions for pallet shipping and the help of its reliable partners, getting a pallet to the chosen destination is as easy as it is cheap. On our platform, you can see the prices for certain transport routes right away. If you do not find the desired shipping option on our website, just get in touch with our freight department and our dedicated specialists will prepare a tailored offer just for you. A competitive price and low insurance fees are always on board. We also know that customers sometimes want to know a little bit more, be it about the shipping itself or about how to correctly prepare a pallet for shipping. For this reason, our experts are always at your disposal and ready to help with just about anything a customer might need.

Preuzimanje s bilo koje lokacije u Belgiji

Ako trebate poslati paket, kovčeg ili organizirati teretni prijevoz iz Belgije, mi vam možemo zajedno s našim logističkim partnerima potražiti najbolju ponudu. Kurir će preuzeti pošiljku s bilo koje lokacije u Belgiji. Vi samo morate pripremiti paket, kovčeg ili paletu za slanje. Nakon preuzimanja pošiljku možete pratiti online.

Deliveries in cities in Malta

Through Eurosender, you can ship packages or suitcases to Valetta, Mdina, Sliema or any other city in Malta. Enjoy your holidays without having to worry about the amount of stuff you can take with you. You can also use our platform to send souvenirs to your loved ones or to take your suitcases back home. Save time and money on shipping to Malta, let Eurosender simplify the process for you.