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Eurosender for individuals

Eurosender serves individuals looking to send or receive parcels from abroad.

  • Makes travel easy – if you're going abroad and have lots to take with you, you don't have to compromise on the number of suitcases and you can avoid the airport hassle by shipping your things instead.
  • Send goods home – if you've purchased goods in a different country then you can ship them home.
  • Relocation – if you're someone relocating, we can offer services for relocation and removals.
  • Cheaper transportation – choosing international shipping instead of air travel to move your parcels is more convenient and less restrictive in terms of weight and dimensions.

Eurosender for companies

Eurosender offers affordable shipping for all kinds of companies who need to ship to business partners or who buy and sell products for the business abroad.

  • Newly founded businesses and startups – Eurosender brings opportunities to new businesses that don't yet have a high bargaining power in establishing contracts with logistics companies.
  • Small and medium enterprises – we support those companies who use courier services infrequently and because of that find it difficult to find reasonable rates directly from them. We've become the delivery platform of many European SMEs.
  • Sole owners – we know how much work is behind a good business and how hard it can be at times. We enable them to collaborate and connect with other partners abroad by offering them lower prices than they would get by going directly to courier companies.
  • Bigger companies – we can offer alternative relations for those corporations who don't want to be constrained by a contract with the courier company, but rather have the freedom to ship different volumes at the same low price.

Why create an account?

Company account

Creating an account on the Eurosender platform gives companies unlimited access to special shipping prices in Europe. Companies can receive immediate quotations for international standard shipping anywhere in Europe and now also for freight shipping around particular routes in Europe.The Eurosender platform brings no commitments and any company, big or small, can access and benefit from the low prices at anytime.Creating the account is free of charge.

Private account

With Eurosender profile you can file all your shipping details away in one place and even earn some money through our refferal program.

Use the plaform for:

  • Managing the import of goods for your business
  • Getting affordable shipping to partners abroad
  • Shipping materials to different branches of the company
  • Buying supplies for the business abroad
  • Shipping products to buyers abroad
  • Shipping samples of products along to trade fairs

Eurosender for students

Eurosender has partnered with many student organisations in Europe and sponsors some of the biggest international student events. We also offer services and discounts to students moving abroad.

  • Getting your luggage around – whether you're studying or working abroad, some year abroad locations boast complex travel arrangements. It's easier to to move your luggage from door to door rather than through airports and train stations.
  • Cheaper and more flexible transportation – by shipping your luggage you can escape the high costs of extra baggage when travelling by air and the extortionate surcharges applied if your baggage is over the weight limit.
  • Benefit from discounts – if you're going abroad on an exchange program, such as Erasmus, then you may be able to receive special discounts. You should contact your relevant Erasmus Student Network, to find if you qualify.

We have already partnered with over 200 organisations around Europe and have become a trusted partner in their daily activities. We are the main sponsor for many international events that they organize. We offer them logistics support, access to their members to even cheaper courier services and organize for them different workshops and training based on their needs.

Eurosender is open to sealing partnerships with other organisations in Europe. If your organisation would like to become one of Eurosender's partners then contact us with your details and we will get in touch about possible terms for collaboration.

Eurosender for NGOs

Eurosender values the work of NGOs and any engagement in humanitarian aid. We strive to help and support these organisations in any way we can, including assisting them with the logistics processes.

We've also given our support to private customers who want to send care packages to different humanitarian organisations in Europe. We are committed to providing services especially when there is a humanitarian cause concerned.

Whenever possible, we do it on barter. In exchange for our help, we ask in return for content sharing, with which organisations can receive special rewards.

  • Special agreements - we can offer discounts and/or make agreements with foundations or non-profit organisations.
  • Sharing content – through our online blog, we can support various campaigns and cover any stories or content that we find to be in support of a humanitarian cause.

If an NGO works through sending packages (with clothes or goods to help refugees or similar people in need) then they can contact us and we will tell them how we can help them, whether it be in delivering aid or sharing content.