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Unlock exclusive discounts for shipping services on Black Friday!

Everything comes at cheaper prices on Black Friday, and so do the international shipping services!

We’re building a list of exclusive customers to whom we’ll send a generous discount for shipping services!

The only thing you need to do is to subscribe to our list. On Black Friday we’ll send you a discount code that you can use to book shipping services for any date in the future!

Why booking on Black Friday?

Whether you need courier services now or later in the future, this is a great opportunity to book the services!

You can place one order or multiple orders for standard shipping services, even if your pick-up date will be in June 2019.

If you change your mind and later decide for a different shipping date, you can simply contact us and we will change it for free.

Black Friday is not only about products but also about services:

We know that on Black Friday, you may find your favourite product in a different country. And if the retailer does not offer shipping services, you will need to arrange them yourself.

Here is where Eurosender comes into play! We’ve already helped many Black Friday enthusiasts to ship their products to their home countries.

Since around Black Friday everyone is on the lookout for the best deal, shipping services should not be an exception!

Eurosender is the leading European booking engine for ordering shipping services of various items such as suitcases, packages, parcels, sports equipment and more.

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Rules of the competition

  • The campaign ends on November 23rd 2018;
  • The campaign is designated for individuals - both individual who hold an account on Eurosender platform and the ones who are placing the order as a guest can subscribe to our list. All the subscribers will receive a discount code that can be used to book courier services on Black Friday;
  • The subscribers will be able to apply the discount code on order for Standard shipping services made on November 23rd 2018;
  • When placing the order, the subscribers can choose any date in the future, including all the available pick-up dates in 2019;
  • Later changes to the pick-up date are allowed and they will be made by the Eurosender team, free of charge, should the customer decide for a different collection date than the initially selected one (at the moment of placing the order);
  • The same discount code can be applied to multiple orders made on Black Friday;
  • The discount code cannot be aggregated with a different discount;
  • Any change to the pick-up date can be requested by writing an email to