Eurosender and Erasmus Life Porto partnership

Are you a young Erasmus or simply a student living away from home?

We know how hard it is to pack all your belongings and send everything to your new place or bring them back home. Eurosender has a SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE available for you: use it on your next order!


At the end of your exchange experience you might have a BIG "OH NO!" moment! What is it? Well, its "OH NO! I can't fit everything into my suitcases!"

But don't worry, that's exactly why Erasmus Life Porto has a strategic partnership with Eurosender to help send all your belongings back home safe & sound, and better yet, at an affordable price!

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3-12 months abroad with Erasmus student exchange programme

Erasmus Life Porto office serves as a drop-off point for your luggage!

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