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Are you a young Erasmus or simply a student living away from home?

We know how hard it is to pack all your belongings sending everything in your new place or bring them back home. Eurosender has a SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE available for you: use it on your next order!
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For more info:

How to make an easy student life


3-12 months abroad with Erasmus student exchange programme

1 new country with different cities to discover

About 100 new people to meet throughout your stay: both schoolmates and “partymates”

Second self


Book accomodation with MI CASA INN and forget about everything else.


Visit and find the best offer for your next accommodation in just a few minutes.

Erasmus means being constantly surrounded by those who were complete strangers not so long ago, yet the bonds you form are closer than ever before. And as friendships grow stronger, you are bound to fall head over heels in love at least once. That’s the beauty of it!

Mi Casa Inn is a pioneer in the concept of urban student residences, located in the centre of Madrid with the best connections to the most important universities in the city. Our goal is to ensure that any student or traveller has a unique and unforgettable experience in a young and international environment.

Despite the high quality of accommodation, we offer a set of exclusive services such as discounts at cool restaurants or flat rates for hairdressers. Also, students can enjoy many cultural, sports and leisure activities, taking advantage of everything Madrid has to offer.