Eurosender and Happy Erasmus San Sebastián

Are you a young Erasmus or simply a student living away from home?

We know how hard it is to pack all your belongings and send everything to your new place or bring them back home. That's why we have created a SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE available for you: use it on your next order!


Planning to go on Erasmus but have no idea how all your belongings will fit into a suitcase?

Don't worry, that's exactly why Happy Erasmus San Sebastián has partnered with Eurosender to help send all your stuff to an Erasmus destination safe & sound, and better yet, at an affordable price!

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Happy Erasmus San Sebastián makes it easy


3-12 months abroad with Erasmus student exchange programme

Happy Erasmus San Sebastián office serves as a drop-off point for your luggage!

Happy Erasmus San Sebastián was born to make all international students feel at home

Second self


Study.Party.Explore. with Happy Erasmus San Sebastián and forget about everything else.


Visit and get the best support for your next exchange student semester in just a few minutes.

Happy Erasmus San Sebastián is a student association, focused on helping new Erasmus students to feel comfortable in San Sebastián. They organize different activities, such as trips, parties, courses and travels.

And remember: Erasmus is not one year in your life, but your life in one year!

Happy Erasmus San Sebastián office is open from Monday to Thursday 11am-6pm and Friday from 12am-6pm.