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Shipping Musical Instruments Internationally

Getting your musical instruments around can be a challenge, especially when they’re moving internationally and across borders. When moving, you should consider sending musical instruments to their destination. Since musical instruments are expensive and delicate things, usually with a huge amount of sentimental value, it’s imperative to pack musical instruments safely for shipping. Eurosender will give you the best advice for shipping musical instruments nationally or internationally. Our experts will tell you how to avoid any damages and how to keep them well protected through transit. We will help you pick an affordable and secure courier service too. For extra protection, we offer additional insurance. We have partnered with many well-renowned and reliable shipping service providers for different routes in the EU. We completely understand that musical instruments are the type of things that need special care and treatment along the way and so we’ll assist you in knowing how to prepare it for its journey.

Cost of Shipping Musical Instruments

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Check the dimensions of your musical instrument, enter it online and we’ll simulate a price. Bigger shipments, we take care of, by making an individual offer.

Shipping Within the EU

Shipping in More Than 25 European Countries

Book your shipping online and we’ll organize everything for you. Have your musical instrument packed and ready for shipping and we’ll take care of the rest.

Ship your Musical Instrument Without the Hassle

Carrying your musical instrument along with you can be tiring, but instead you can choose to send your musical instrument ahead to any location you’re travelling to. The shipping rates are affordable and will allow you to follow your passion without breaking the bank.

How Does it Work?

Shipping a musical instrument is a simple solution to save money and avoid any over-the-counter extra fees at check-in. If you’ve found the right instrument abroad and want to buy it, there is no need to worry, because we can ship it back for you.

Eurosender offers access to door-to-door international courier services for various items.