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International Snowboard Shipping Service

Get your next winter break off to the best of starts by enjoying the icy slopes and snowy retreats of Europe with your own snowboard equipment. We all know how difficult it is sometimes to take all your personal sports equipment with you when travelling abroad. When you are planning your next snowboard vacation, consider using courier services to ship your snowboard to the mountain resort. It’s less stressful and less costly than checking it in at the airport and it’ll save you the time spent waiting at counters. Check the delivery address thoroughly to make sure the courier won’t have any troubles locating the address and/or the exact place within the address where he is inclined to make the respective pick-up/delivery. The only thing you will need to do is ensure your snowboard is packed appropriately for travel and the package is accurately measured. If you need extra advice on how to pack a snowboard and ship it to its destination, our experts are at hand to do so. We advise you to educate yourself about the place you are going so that you can make the most out of the time spent in the mountains. Worry no more because Eurosender provides access to snowboard shipping services, carried out by top international courier company providers, at far more convenient prices than standard courier fares. And your equipment will arrive just in time for you to enjoy the holiday.

Cost to Ship a Snowboard

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Check online how much it costs to ship a snowboard to any country within the EU. Given its rather large dimensions, it might not fit within the dimensions of a standard shipment That’s why it’s important to check thoroughly before. We’ve got you covered anyway because we will prepare a competitive individual offer for you that won’t affect your travel budget.

International Snowboard Shipping

Shipping in more than 25 European countries

Courier services can be of a great help when it comes to having your winter sports gear delivered to your vacation spot. However, it is preferable to book your snowboard delivery in advance and organize everything in a way so that your snowboard arrives at the destination before you. Take into account any winter weather conditions to make sure you won’t encounter any difficulties.

Ship a Snowboard in Europe Without the Hassle

The passion for the mountains and winter sports might have led you to different European mountains resorts. Next time you plan such a vacation, you should have your snowboard delivered directly to the mountain. Through Eurosender, this is a less expensive option. We recommend you plan everything in advance so that possible delays caused by the weather won’t affect your holiday.

How Does it Work?

If you’ve ever questioned how to ship a snowboard cheaply and easily, you might want to check out our booking process for courier services. It’s fast and secure thanks to our offer of providing at low prices. You can always reach out our team for advice on how to pack a snowboard and prepare it for shipping. Read more on how to make a booking.

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