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International Surfboard Shipping Services

Surfing in the ocean requires high levels of adrenaline and makes for the perfect holiday scenario. But given their sizes, surfboards are difficult to carry along when travelling abroad. Next time you are planning a trip with your surfboard, you should think about sending your surfboard separately as a shipment to its destination. Surfboarders always want to use their own surfboard in a new place, because they have become comfortable with it. It seems a difficult thing to pack and ship a surfboard but Eurosender will help you know how. Eurosender will provide advice on which courier services can perform the international shipping of surfboards. Eurosender has deepened its understanding on how to help you find the cheapest way to ship it, in a way also that guarantees the best insurance coverage. Our team of experts can also advise you on how to appropriately pack and ship your surfboard. With our surfboard shipping services, your board will arrive just in time for you to catch the right wave and enjoy the sunny weather. Head out for your summer holiday destination and your surfboard will be delivered to your hotel.

Surfboard Shipping Costs

Get a Quote in the Shortest Time Possible

Getting a quote for shipping a surfboard is not anymore as time consuming as it used to be in the past. At Eurosender, our team of experts in big shipments will find for you the cheapest way to ship a surfboard and provide you with a quote in the shortest time possible.

Shipping Surfboard Internationally

Shipping in More Than 25 European Countries

Hitting the beach with your surfboard and enjoying the highest waves on the beaches of Spain, Portugal or France can make for a brilliant holiday. Worry no more about how to get your surfboard there, because through Eurosender it can be done without spending a fortune. We know the requirements of courier companies best and are able to give customers the right advice on how to pack a surfboard and prepare it for shipping. Take time to set up the international shipping because your surfboard should arrive there before you.

Send a Surfboard Securely

Every person passionate about surfboarding has his own board to try the tides of the ocean. We understand that passionate people feel the excitement the most when they’re using their own equipment. So, we provide secure access to courier services and additional protection provided by our insurance cover.

How Does it Work?

With Eurosender, courier services for shipping a surfboard is as easy as with any other standard package. The size matters and depends on its final dimensions, with these it’ll be considered as either a standard or freight shipment. For non-standard (freight) shipments, we can prepare a competitive individual offer for you.

Eurosender offers access to door-to-door international courier services for various items.