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Cheapest shipping from Slovenia to Germany

If you need courier services to send a parcel, a suitcase or to ship your sports equipment from Slovenia to Germany, Eurosender offers you prices with up to 70% lower than standard courier fares. You will benefit from the same quality of service provided by renowned international courier companies which will collect and deliver packages of various sizes to any address, in the shortest possible time. Whether you are a one-time shipper or you look for an affordable solution to ship your parcels regularly, we can help you keep your costs as low as possible. Every parcel has an included cover worth up to 200 EUR and you can also protect your parcel with extra insurance for up to 2.000 EUR. Your package will be monitored and you can track its transit from the moment when it was picked-up. This gives you the peace of mind and you can rest assured that your parcel will reach its destination safely.

Up to 70% cheaper than going direct

Send your package, suitcase or pallet

14,99 €

How Package, Suitcase or Pallet Shipping Works?

simple order process


Book the shipping service for your package, suitcase or pallet.

fast pick-up and reliable delivery


One courier company will pick-up your shipment from your preferred address.

ship your package within EU countries


Track the progress of your shipment with online tracking tools.

door-to-door shipping service


Your shipment will be delivered at the specified address and we’ll e-mail you.

Ship packages from Slovenia to Germany

Ship packages from Slovenia to Germany

If you are looking to send a package from Slovenia to Germany, Eurosender can help you by providing quick access to cheap delivery services anywhere in EU. We serve both private customers and businesses and we help them ship packages from Slovenia to Germany. Our deliveries are carried out by top international courier companies. Therefore, wherever you are shipping, your packages will be safely and quickly delivered. Our online booking system for shipping packages is easy and quick. Based on your selections, it will give you an instant quote. The price shown is the price you will pay. As a one time shipper, you can send your package at similar rates that more regular shippers receive. We provide you with the lowest possible price and reliable service to ship your package from Slovenia to Germany. If you want to send a parcel from Slovenia to Germany, you only need to place the order online and we take care of the rest. We organize the road transport with one courier company and you will be able to track the progress of your package anytime after the collection. Moreover, we have a friendly and responsive customer support team ready to assist you by phone or e-mail anytime you might need.

Send a suitcase from Slovenia to Germany

Shipping a suitcase from Slovenia to Germany through Eurosender will save you the time you would spend looking for the best couriers' offers and will help you save money because our offer is budget friendly. The cost to ship a suitcase is instantly shown and for more security, you can choose additional insurance for a coverage of up to 2.000 EUR. Whether you travel for business or for vacation, we can help you send your suitcase ahead from Slovenia to Germany. This is the perfect solution to avoid the charges for excess baggage, mostly if you are traveling with a budget airline. The suitcase will be delivered anywhere you want by one of our trusted courier companies. We offer excellent rates for sending suitcases from Slovenia to Germany and the best quality because we have an extensive network of renowned carriers which can perfom the service. You can rest assured that the service is reliable because you will always be able to track the suitcase throught its journey and our customer care team is ready to help whenever needed.
Send a suitcase from Slovenia to Germany

Send a pallet from Slovenia to Germany

Send a pallet from Slovenia to Germany
Whether you need one time freight service or a regular service, Eurosender can be your reliable partner to send a pallet from Slovenia to Germany. We help you make big savings without compromising on the quality of the service. If your shipment is heavy, you should make sure you place the boxes and items on a pallet for an easier handling.
At Eurosender, we collaborate with a wide range of courier companies for freight transport and together with them we manage to move freight around Europe. We have a seamless pallet shipping booking system to ensure that we receive all of your request. Our freight department will prepare a competitive individual offer in the shortest time possible and we are confident that you will find our prices affordable. For more security, you also have the option to purchase additional insurance. Our customer support team has hands on experience and it can always answer your questions.

Pick-up in any place in Slovenia


If you need to ship a package, to send a suitcase or to organize a freight transport from Slovenia, we can organize the shipping for you together with the courier service providers that we collaborate with. A courier driver will pick up the packages from any city or location in Slovenia. You only need to prepare your package, suitcase or pallet and have the shipment ready to hand it over to the courier driver. After collection, you can track the progress of your shipment with the online tracking tools.

Deliveries to German cities


Whether you need regular deliveries of packages to your business partners in Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich or you travel for vacation to Germany and you want to send your suitcases ahead, with Eurosender you can book speedy and safe delivery services. The service is carried out by the largest courier service providers. The deliveries are done to any land and city in Germany.

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We offer some of the cheapest door-to-door shipping rates for various items within the EU.

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