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European Union counts as world's largest economy

and with the improving economy represents numerous opportunities to fuel your dreams and escape abroad!
We know that relocating is a big step in your life and our service will help you to transport personal belongings to a new city and ease sending presents back home to your beloved ones.

Our suggestions and tips for best places to work in EU include:

  • Munich (Germany) has the strongest economy of any German city and offers great career opportunities in car, media and industrial sectors.
  • Milano (Italy) is the world's 28th largest economy. There are great opportunities for those who would like to work in financial and fashion related fields.
  • London (UK) despite it's unsettled weather represents great destination for anyone who would like to work in banking, service or trading sector.
  • Berlin (Germany) has a booming tourism sector and is a trendy place for everyone who would like to work in creative and innovative sectors.
  • Barcelona (Spain) offers unique opportunities to work in tourism, but also in fashion, power resources, media and food industry.
  • Stockholm (Sweden) counts as one of the world's cleanest metropolises, with significant growth of jobs in high technology, but also in services related fields.

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