Get an estimated time for your delivery

The estimated delivery time

The estimated delivery time is the number of business days necessary for a shipment to be delivered.

To get an estimate, use our calculator and insert the country of collection and the country of delivery.

How is the estimated delivery time calculated?

To calculate the average transit time, all past shipments sent on your chosen route are taken into consideration. Although the calculations are done with the highest accuracy possible, the transit time may vary from case to case and is, therefore, not guaranteed.

Useful advice:

If you are moving out or plan to leave the pick-up location in the following days, it is important not to schedule the collection one day prior to your departure. This will allow changes, should anything occur.

Make sure that the pick-up location is easily accessible and there are no maintenance works in the area.

If your collection didn’t happen on the chosen date, check you tracking status to see if there is an update regarding any issue that might have occurred. In this case, please contact us.

Delays in the delivery of the shipment can occur due to external factors such as weather and traffic conditions. If you are experiencing a longer delay in the delivery of your parcel, please contact us.