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Shipping musical instruments internationally

If you want to ship a musical instrument internationally, you should make sure it is packed properly. Musical instruments are fragile and valuable, so before placing an order, choose appropriate packaging and measure your parcel. Getting your musical instruments around can be challenging, especially when moving abroad. Instead of travelling with them, consider shipping musical instruments internationally. However, since musical instruments are expensive and delicate, and usually hold sentimental value, it is important to pack a musical instrument for shipping carefully. We fully understand that musical instruments are the type of things that need special care and treatment when being transported, and so we will gladly offer you the best advice for shipping musical instruments in Europe.

Cost of shipping a musical instrument

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Before placing an order, you should learn how to pack a musical instrument for shipping. The cost of shipping musical instruments depends on its dimensions – measure your box and insert its dimensions below to check if your parcel qualifies as a standard shipment.

If your parcel fits the standard dimensions, then the cost of shipping a musical instrument will be displayed directly on our website. If the box exceeds the standard dimensions, you can request an individual offer tailored to your shipment. In both cases, the final cost of shipping a musical instrument internationally will be affordable.

Shipping musical instruments in Europe

Ship a musical instrument to more than 30 European countries

We know how precious your musical instrument is to you. Our experts will advise you how to pack a musical instrument for shipping, in order to keep it well protected during transit and avoid any damages. We will help you pick an affordable and secure courier service too. Eurosender partners with many renowned and reliable shipping service providers, which enables you to ship musical instruments in Europe in just a few simple steps.

How does shipping musical instruments in Europe work?

Shipping musical instruments internationally is simple and affordable. All you need to do is:

  • Pack a musical instrument for shipping,
  • Measure the parcel,
  • Check the collection and delivery address to make sure both can be located easily,
  • Book the shipping service on our platform or request an individual offer.

If you need more tips on how to pack a musical instrument for shipping, check our blog.

In the price of a standard shipping service, there is already basic insurance included. Your musical instrument will be insured for the value of 200 EUR, free of charge. It is also possible to extend the insurance coverage for only a few euros. If you are not sure which insurance option to choose, or you simply need more assistance with shipping a musical instrument in Europe, you can always get in touch via our online chat.

Ship your musical instrument with Eurosender

We all enjoy music in some ways. If you happen to be both a passionate traveller and a music fan, Eurosender can offer you an alternative. Travelling with your precious instrument and carrying it with you can be tiring – choose to ship your musical instrument with Eurosender instead, to any location you are heading to. So, whenever you plan a stay abroad and cannot imagine it without playing some music, consider shipping a musical instrument internationally. The only thing left to do is to plan a collection, pack a musical instrument for shipping and place an order online.