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Exploring Flanders and Brussels Region with Erasmus en Flandes

Have you ever thought of travelling for Erasmus or your dream trip in a region that exudes in art, culture, culinary and even more? Now it has become easier to happen. Get to know and fall in love for the region of Flanders, in Belgium, through the hands of our new partners Erasmus in Flanders. More than that, if you’re a Spanish student, get the possibility of receiving a Scholarship to share your own experiences in the region!

Eurosender is an official partner and supporter of Erasmus Student Network. And is because we believe that this program brings unique experiences and is a gateway to the maturation and growth of students as human beings, that we launched our new partnership with Erasmus en Flandes. With it, we facilitate the allocation of students all over the world in the charming region of Flanders. And with our services, you can ship your belonging most easily and affordably, as well as start an incredible experience in the best way.

What is Erasmus en Flanders?

Erasmus en Flandes is a movement of an organization that disseminates and promotes the university, cultural and youth environment of Flemish and Brussels cities. Moreover, all of this is done from posts with true stories. And specifically written by experienced students who had an enchanting experience of doing Erasmus in this region. Furthermore, those who believe that the blog aims only at students who intend to exchange in Flanders are mistaken. It is also very informative and serves as a tourist guide for those who plan to visit. Besides, it provides a lot of information about cities that encompass the region of Flanders, such as:

  • Practical information
  • Culture and Art
  • Music and party
  • Cycling

Corresponsales Erasmus

The erasmusenflandes.com project is an initiative of the Tourism Office of Belgium: Flanders and Brussels in Spain. For this reason, if you’re a Spanish student who has already been granted an Erasmus scholarship to Flanders (through your university) be aware. Because you can participate in the annual “Corresponsales Erasmus” contest and become one of the writers of the blog. In total, they select 12 students to write for the blog throughout the year. Moreover, these students receive a monthly scholarship for the year they will be writing. To participate in the contest just send to practicas@flandes.net: Curriculum vitae, Motivation Letter, and a small video.

If you want to embark on this adventure and go to Flanders or want to visit any other place in the world, count on Eurosender. We send your belongings safely and effectively. Check how to prepare for Erasmus and how Eurosender have been helping the Erasmus students. And start getting ready for this remarkable experience!

Last modified: February 14, 2020

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