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Get your load moving with our fast and reliable pallet delivery services operating all over Europe. Whether you have recurrent shipping needs or only a one-time solution, turn to Eurosender for unbeatable pallet delivery prices in Europe. Use the tool below to get an instant quote and send your pallet in only a few minutes.

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When to use our pallet delivery services?

To send a large number of packages at once

When items are too bulky to be sent in packages

For moving furniture and large household appliances

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Optimised solutions for palletised freight services in Europe

Gain an edge on the competition. Optimise your shipping processes with our fully digitalised logistics hub. Our tool empowers you to organise shipments faster and easier.
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Our pallet shipping services in Europe

Solve all your shipping needs in one place with our wide range of economy solutions for European pallet delivery. We will always find you the best quotes for pallet shipping within Europe on both domestic and international routes:
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Solutions to make your palletised freight distribution smoother

Besides offering various solutions for sending a pallet within Europe, we also organise additional services.

Pallet storage services

  • Warehousing solutions powered by trusted logistics providers
  • Short- or long-term pallet storage services for loads of any size or shape
  • Fulfilment solutions organised upon individual requests

Express pallet delivery

  • Same-day collection within 2-3 hours is available via Van Service
  • Express pallet delivery solutions with shorter transit time
  • Direct pallet shipping service in Europe, without stop-overs


Why book pallet delivery services with Eurosender?

Instant quotes for pallet shipping

Real-time tracking via our online tool

Insured transport, scalable to your needs

Expert assistance in your language

What types of pallets can you send in Europe?

With Eurosender, you can send pallets of any kind when shipping to Europe. All you have to do is insert the total dimensions of your shipment (cargo + pallet), and we will find you the European pallet transport service that best fits your needs.

Euro or ISO pallet delivery
While euro pallets are the most popular type in Europe, we also organise the shipment of ISO or any other type of pallet
Wood, plastic or steel pallets
Even though the majority of pallets transported in Europe are made of wood, you may choose the material that suits you best
Oversized pallet delivery
We offer instant quotes for shipping pallets of almost any size – the price will be adjusted based on the dimensions of your cargo


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European pallet shipping – destinations we cover

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Pallet shipping services in Europe

Does Eurosender offer pallet delivery services only in Europe or also other routes?

Our biggest focus is to offer pallet and freight transport services in the European market. We cover all European countries, including the UK and Turkey. For deliveries within the EU, we provide instant quotes for European pallet delivery services.
Requests for shipping pallets on intercontinental routes are fulfilled with fully tailored quotes. We rely on a network of local and international logistics providers to fulfil all your shipping needs.

Can I book a pallet delivery to a residential address?

Yes, it is possible to schedule the pallet delivery to both residential and commercial addresses. However, some couriers may charge an additional fee for delivering pallets to residential areas. At Eurosender, you can schedule this service at no additional cost, but please keep in mind that, even though most of the time, the driver is happy to assist you in loading and unloading the cargo, they are not obliged to do so. Inform us beforehand if you require additional assistance for the collection or delivery of your pallets. We will then make arrangements with the logistics provider to make sure everything runs smoothly while shipping your pallet.

How does Eurosender find the best courier for my European pallet delivery?

Yes, we will find the best price for you in an instant! In fact, we were one of the first companies to offer an instant price calculator for pallet shipping - no registration required.
When booking your pallet transport service through our platform, our proprietary algorithm instantly compares the quotes offered by different providers. It makes a comparison of couriers and carriers that offer pallet shipping services in the route you selected and identifies the best match for you based on the price-to-performance ratio. All of this in a matter of seconds! Get your instant quote now.

What is the fastest pallet delivery service available?

If you need a fast pallet delivery service in Europe, we recommend booking the Van Delivery Services. With this solution, your goods will be directly transported from pick-up to delivery in the shortest time possible, without any stops or diversions. Van Delivery is our signature service, and it is the best solution for cases when you have urgent shipping needs.
If you have specific requirements, please reach out to us, so our agents can prepare an express solution for you to send your pallet to Europe.

Does Eurosender or the logistics provider provide a pallet for shipping?

When booking an economy pallet delivery service, it is the shipper’s responsibility to provide the pallet and prepare it for transport. You can use a new or second-hand pallet as long as it is still in good condition and has the correct dimensions to support your load. Pallets can be easily found in most hardware stores, specialised pallet shops or online.

How much does it cost to deliver a pallet?

The cost of sending a pallet depends not only on the route you wish to ship but also on the dimensions and weight of your load. Pallet delivery costs are calculated based on the total size of the shipment, which should include the complete dimensions and weight of the cargo + pallet. To find out how much it would cost to deliver a pallet through Eurosender, select your route on our booking tool and input the details of your load. Our prices are always final, without hidden costs or additional fees.

How much can you ship on a pallet?

An average wooden pallet can usually hold up to 1,600-2,000 kg, but this number can vary greatly depending on the type and condition of the pallet. If you have a very heavy load to ship, it may be safer to spread it across a couple of pallets to make sure they are all safely packed for transport.
When booking your pallet delivery on our platform, all you need to do is book the pallet collection service and pack the cargo. You will be able to input the size and weight of your pallet shipment when booking the service.